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10' X 10' Pop-Up Canopy With Sidewalls, Blue
AmazonBasics 10' X 10' Pop-Up Canopy With Sidewalls, ...
AMAZONBASICS4.428571710 X 10 Pop-Up Canopy With Sidewalls, Blue


10' X 10' Pop-Up Canopy With Sidewalls, Blue

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AmazonBasics 10' X 10' Pop-Up Canopy With Sidewalls, Blue
  • Pop-up canopy tent with removable side walls and cathedral-style roof for maximum headroom; top provides 99% UV protection
  • Creates 96 square feet of shade; awning can be adjusted to 3 different positions; ideal for commercial or recreational use, including craft fairs, picnics, or outdoor sporting events
  • Sturdy, high-grade steel frame with white powder-coat finish to prevent chipping, peeling, rust, and corrosion
  • Sets up in secondsno tools needed; adjustable-height legs; includes wheeled bag for compact storage and easy transport
  • Measures 10 by 10 feet when set up; backed by an AmazonBasics 1-year limited warranty
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This is amazing! Top quality. We are still married.
by Valued Customer on August 12, 2018
Verified Purchase

�We camp with our horses all through the late summer early fall. We cant wait for the next camping and being able to set this up. The frame is painted with a baked on enamel. All fittings and hardware top notch. Only one issue with a small bungie type latch that was sewn incorrectly. Didn't affect performance. It will take two people for sure. And while the first time is a learning experience, my husband and I managed to stay married through it all. Everything that should glide and latch did so beautifully. The tarp is a heavy lined almost foil like on the interior to keep the heat out or warmth in. Looks amazing. This is not an average canopy by far. Durable black canvas roller bag makes it easy to move and put away. Vented sides for circulation if using with the sides, but you have the option of putting the flap down to contain heat. Velcro really grabs and holds throughout. My husband can't believe it retails for only $178 at the time of this review. Very nice! Cant wait for this fall!

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Roomy And Versatile
by Valued Customer on July 20, 2018
Verified Purchase

I appreciated the roominess and versatlity of this tent. It affords good protection from the elements especially the sun. Set up is definitely a two person job. Good instructions and marked parts would have helped immensely. But once you figure it out, it is not too difficult to do. Once assembled and staked it is reasonably sturdy. It comes with an unimipressive carrying case. The handles are rough and unpadded and the bag materiasl is flimsy but it does help to transport to different locales. Overall a surprisingly nice canopoy for the price.

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Well priced basic tent for light use - Not durable enough for constant use
by Valued Customer on July 07, 2018
Verified Purchase

We've owned two other 10 x 10 tents like this and regularly use them at art fairs - so we have lots of experience and know what to look for. This tent met our expectations as a very basic tent, but if you plan on heavy and regular usage, you might want to seek an alternative. The main problem we found with it had to do with a design flaw on the spring attachment on one of the corner latches. The spring mechanism is held in place by a very tiny set screw drilled into a piece of plastic. When taking the tent down, I pulled out on the latch with regular force and the whole mechanism ripped out of its holding. Basically, the set screw wasn't enough to hold it in place.I also don't like having all three walls connected in a single piece. I'd prefer they zip together so you can control which walls you have up. This is definitely a cost saving measure to keep it basic. But at least they all have openings to allow air to flow through. I also don't like the blue colored material. It has a cheap appearance and is not nearly as thick and durable as either of our other two 10 x 10s. Again, this is a cost saving measure. The feet are also very small and it doesn't give you much to step on when lifting the tent. And on setup, it really does require two people. Our other tents we could get up solo, but not this one. The mechanism/slides are just not fluid enough.Not everything is completely terrible with it. The price is definitely right, since you could easily spend $100 more on similar tents (though they will be better constructed). I do like the extra bit of shade you get with the adjustable awning. The bag is also large enough to easily accommodate putting it back in.WHO THIS IS FORAnyone who is looking for a well priced 10 x 10 tent for light to medium use at the occasional backyard partyWHO THIS ISN'T FORSomeone who will be using it heavily doing the art show circuits where it will see lots of set up/take downs. You're better off investing in a better constructed tent.

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Very nice pop-up canopy, not very nice travel bag unfortunately.
by Valued Customer on June 30, 2018
Verified Purchase

Pros of the popup canopy: - Easy to setup (requires two people though) - Withstands windy conditions well - The awning is a very nice addition with the ability to adjust to different angles - Canopy has Solid construction - Weighs about the same as similar canopies (not too heavy, not too light) - Comes with metal stakes and securing ropes - Really makes a difference on a hot, sunny day. It's delightful underneathCons of the Canopy - The travel bag is low quality (already has a small tear in it) - The handles on the bag need cushioning (they're painful to hold onto with the weight) - Could use a handle at the very top (hard to wheel around with current handles) - The canopy top attaches by velcro but not wrap around in the back corners. Would prefer wrap around like the front - Really requires three people to disassemble. Not impossible, but not as easy as setup to collapse all the side inAll in all, this is a very good canopy for the price. If the canopies you've used in the past were the ones that required all sorts of bars you had to connect to end pieces, you're going to love how easy this is to set up.Setup takes just a few minutes. - Pull the corners apart - Pull over the canopy top and attach - Attach the awning bar and secure awning top - Push up the top bars (there are three height settings to choose from) - Stake it, and you're doneOptionally, you can attach the side walls if needed.We had it out with winds between 10 and 20mph and the canopy did great. We had it staked in at the bottom and there was no worry about it blowing away.The difference under the shade was immense compared to being out in the sun. We love this shade with how easy it was to set up.The negatives mentioned however really hold back this canopy. I can see the handles on the bag wearing out over time and sun exposure. They should have made them of better quality. The other bags out there have much better bags. With that said, the other canopies are more expense.The canopy does say Amazon Basics on it. Wish that were a little smaller, but it's not as big a deal as the bag. I hope it lasts us. Take good care of it, and try to keep the bag out of the sun when not in use, and it will last longer and not break down/fray.

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Nice big canopy
by Valued Customer on June 29, 2018
Verified Purchase

best raised and lowered by two people. At 60+ pounds, it's definitely a stretch for a one person to handle.Good protection from the elements in a ""portable"" package.

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So Grateful They Make This So Parents Like Me (Who Get Sick from the Sun) Don't Have to Miss Out On So Many Kids' Activities
by Valued Customer on June 28, 2018
Verified Purchase

I moved from the Chicago area to Florida almost 4 years ago (I can't believe it's been that long already), but the problem is I get migraines and physically ill if I sit in the hot sun too long. I also have 6 kids plus additional children that I foster. That means going to the beach, parks, soccer games, etc. I've actually had to miss quite a few games and beach trips on really hot sunny days (and this is Florida so that is often) because I couldn't afford to deal with how sick it would have made me. This is the perfect solution. It keeps the sun from beating down on me and making me sick. I can relax in a chair in shade where there wasn't any shade available before. I can actually go to my kids' games and stay with them at the beach. And if it starts raining for five minutes (it does that often here, perfectly bright sun then pours five minutes and then it's sunny again) everyone can just huddle in the tent until the rain passes. I've seen canopies that were kind of like this at some of the games and places we take our kids but none have had walls or an awning like this one does. I really love it. It keeps me blocked from the sun and the ensuing migraines it causes me.The only downside to this is putting it up. It's definitely not a one person job. However, I don't think they could have made it so comprehensive as well as easy for one person to put up so I forgive the fact that it takes both me and my husband or my husband and one of my older children to put this up. I wish the directions had been more comprehensive, and putting it together the first time was a pain in the rear because it makes you guess what goes where. It is very tall, which is great. My husband and I can both stand in it without hunching over.The material also feels a lot more durable than I thought it'd be. The picture really doesn't do it justice. I thought, okay this will be a yearly repurchase because the material will definitely tear. Once it arrived I realized that wasn't the case. As long as you don't abuse it, the tent should last a long time. Definitely well made. So grateful they make something like this so parents like me don't have to miss out on so much.

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Very feature-complete very-reasonably-priced 10'x 10' canopy
by Valued Customer on June 26, 2018
Verified Purchase

This is a very deluxe version of a 10'by 10' sun shelter, such as we see all around at kids'sporting events, farmers'markets, etc. In addition to the usual overhead protection, this canopy also includes an awning for one side to solve the very common problem of angled sun rays ruining the shade offered by the canopy. Taking it a step farther, this canopy also comes with a full set of side walls for added protection against wind and rain.Putting the canopy up was definitely a 2 person task. In its carrying case, it weighs 61.4 pounds, and there's no way for a single person to stretch all four sides out enough to lock the scissor mechanism into the fully-open position. Putting it up the first time was quite confusing, as there's no indication as to which large piece of cloth is the side wall, and which is the roof. Naturally, I guessed wrong initially. The canopy also turned out to be a bit taller than expected, even in its lowest setting. On the bright side, that allows (5'9"") me to walk under it without bending over. On the other hand, it also allowed it to scrape our roof overhang, which punched a couple of small holes into the cover, which is of at least two layers that smell like polyethylene (the outer layer is blue and the inner layer is silvered.) Since we live in a desert, the added holes don't matter. Raised to the highest position the canopy is another foot taller.The canopy has 3 possible heights, and the front awning also has 3 settings: from angled to straight out. Ropes and stakes are also included for added stability in wind.Once figured out, this canopy goes up and down as easily as any I've used.This turned out to be just a bit too big for our small back yard, but will be much appreciated in other locations.Overall, very feature-complete and a good value.

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