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16GB Playstation Vita Memory Card
Enjoy all of your digital entertainment with the 16GB PlayStation Vita Memory Card. Store your game saves, PSN downloads, and personal media on this memory card. ...
SONY16GB Playstation Vita Memory Card
16GB Playstation Vita Memory Card
16GB Playstation Vita Memory Card-2
16GB Playstation Vita Memory Card16GB Playstation Vita Memory Card-2
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16GB Playstation Vita Memory Card

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Video Game

Enjoy all of your digital entertainment with the 16GB PlayStation Vita Memory Card. Store your game saves, PSN downloads, and personal media on this memory card.

  • The Official PlayStation Vita Memory Card
  • Required for most game play on PS Vita
  • Store game saves, PSN downloads, and personal media
  • Save up to* 4-8 full PlayStation Vita games, 12 movies, 4,568 songs, or 3,200 photos
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I'm sure it a great product, but come on Sony
by Valued Customer on October 17, 2017
Verified Purchase

Honestly, this thing pisses me off. I love Sony products typically, but they really need to cut out that proprietary crap like Apple likes to do. These cards are overpriced and should be completely unnecessary. That being said, I didn't even really get to use this product very much because the PS Vita I was using refused to read it. I doubt that it was the card, probably just the fact that the PS Vita was an older one and just didn't want to work since they seem to have a reputation for being finicky and hackable. I sent the card back and returned the system to the store I bought it from and went with a Nintendo 3DS XL. At least it takes normal micro SD cards. I'm sure the product itself works fine though.

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This is a good Card But a lot of Hassle
by Valued Customer on December 13, 2014
Verified Purchase

As far as Memory choices for the PS vita or PS TVThere isn't Any. That's right you can only use Their specific memory and it is pricey even after the system has been out a while, Now i ran into a few problems Read on and i will explain.First I Ordered that PS TV Bundle it came with a 8gb memory stick also note i got stuck paying a extra thirty dollars for the bundle because amazon was temporarily out of stock..and there was only one new bundle left at the time for 130 seems like trickery to me but i got it anyways.. Did one day shipping it got here hooked everything up just fine but the moment i started using the supplied 8gb vita memory to download games such as sword art online and soul sacrifice delta i started getting errors and had to delete the games and then re-download them, The card worked for another 2 days with various errors.Then BOOM. It stopped working all together Tried everything. safe mode, reformatting which it would not let me doSuch a headache it was. So i contacted Amazon and they decided to give me a 20 percent discount which allowed me to put 7 bucks with it and get this 16gbNot MY Account has not Been credited yet but i am waiting, I Also kept the chat log in-case they say they did not agree to the discount. But i am pretty sure they will come through. But it was all a big headache and If you Get a PS TV Bundle Beware the memory card may be utter garbage. Maybe Sony had only surplus memory laying around and threw them in the bundle to save money because this New 16gb is working like a charm. I Hope it stays that way.Also note a 8gb card isn't really that good for downloading games won't hold much and also seen though this card says 16gb you only get 14gb but that's how it goes with all memory storage. I Hope this reviews helps someone Out.Also if you plan on using your pc to back up your games from your ps tv memory card be prepared to wait 50 minutes a game and a backup of everything takes about a hour and ten minutes but when you try to restore it to the ps tv it will take 7 Hours No Joke. i thought i had wrong stuff setup but not that is the standard time it takes for the ps tv

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Too overpriced, but does what it's intended to do
by Valued Customer on April 26, 2018
Verified Purchase

Honestly having to use proprietary memory for the Vita or PS TV is ridiculous, but a good business move for Sony. It's overpriced, but that isn't Amazon's fault. If you need expanded memory for either of those two units, then you have to go this route. It does what it means to do and does it well.

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An absolute essential for your Vita
by Valued Customer on February 10, 2015
Verified Purchase

For Vita owners having the biggest possible memory card for your system is essential - particularly if you are a Playstation Plus member as you will be downloading oodles of games over the course of a year and it's a great feeling to turn on the system and have a couple dozen games ready and waiting to be played.With current pricing (early 2015) the 16GB card offers the best bang for the buck. I still prefer having a 32GB card but in most cases the price will be more than double the cost of 2x 16GB cards. One quick word of caution - the Vita memory cards are TINY. If you plan on keeping it outside of your system for whatever reason they are very easy to lose. Just dropping it on a thick, carpeted rug can cause problems so keep them stored very carefully.

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You will want at least 16gb of memory if you're a serious vita gamer
by Valued Customer on August 27, 2014
Verified Purchase

The 4gb is not going to be enough space for your vita because your applications and free downloads alone will take up more space than you expect and unless you get this to play one in a blue moon for fun you are going to need more memory. 8gb is slightly pointless because it leaves you on the cusp of being able to download more, but you will find yourself needing to delete other things to make space for new things. If you plan on playing the vita, like, taking it seriously as a gaming device or console, you will need at least the 16gb. That will allow you to have about 3-4 games downloaded and some apps and saved data. If you want to put your whole song library and only play downloadable games and not worry about cartridges anymore, you will def want to look into the 32gb or higher memory cards.Also note that you can download a lot of free demo's, AND sometimes it's quite cheaper to download a game and purchase it directly of the playstation network ESPECIALLY if you have a playstation plus membership, in which case seriously consider the 32gb version. I know it's really expensive, but you don't want to have to pay for a downloaded game only to have to delete it later to make space for a new game you want to download. And there are lots of cool games and demos on this thing, I love the vita and in an ideal world I would have a 60gb memory card, but it's not an ideal world LOL so go with the 16gb or 32gb. Happy gaming!

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Good product, terrible price (now/again)
by Valued Customer on April 07, 2014
Verified Purchase

I had stuck with my original 4gb card and just bought games for a long time, waiting for a sale on this expensive memory. Then when they last had a ps vita price drop, I noticed these cards were $20. I bought one at the time thinking the new msrp was around $30ish, affordability being Sony's new plan for the vita. I come back now to find they are $60. I could have gotten 3 for that price. Oh well, I don't really need. It would have been a luxury, kind of like my freakin vita. Games are too expensive and I foolishly thought memory wouldn't be such an issue (the foolish part was me not realizing all the ps vita games with ps plus would fit on a 4gb). Wait for a sale, sony has a ""get your game back in gear with sony crap!"" kind of sale, best time to replace those worn out controllers and get new vita memory cards. And perhaps consider stocking up on 16gb cards when they're $20. They were shipped and sold by amazon by the way. Long story short: this is good, fast memory but it doesn't carry the cost of good, fast memory. It carries the extreme price tag of proprietary stuff, which it is that as well. Know this.

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A necessary evil.
by Valued Customer on December 27, 2013
Verified Purchase

When the Vita packs come with several games and when several games means ""download codes"" that can't physically fit on the 4GB card the vita ships with.Picked this up with it was $20 during the holidays and it was still roughly double the price compared to other 16GB storage mediums. The transfer speeds were nothing to write home about, I moved 1.7GB worth of MP3s (a fraction of my collection but if I want space for games) and it bounced around I remember at one point looking after a few minutes and the system said it still had somewhere around 38+ min to go. I had to restart a few times because the syncing system they use certainly isn't as intuitive as being able to just drag and drop my files. Was able to transfer over my save files from my PSP for the three downloadable games I have but that too involves jumping through some hoops.Bottom line, expensive and hardly speedy but if you ever plan on downloading more than one or two games to your Vita at any given time you will end up needing it.

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Can't live without them
by Valued Customer on February 15, 2012
Verified Purchase

A memory card is a memory card is a memory card. Right?Well not when it comes to Sony's PS Vita because it only likes Sony's own, proprietary kind. I can understand why bootlegging concerns compelled Sony to desgin Vita with a proprietary interface but I'm not happy with Sony taking advantage of us captive customers, charging us significantly more than the 'free market' of equivalent standard cards.These being said, the card performs well in our brand new game machine wonder. It was recognized instantly and it was easy to dump some content (music) and our first game saves on it. Taking the super-tiny square (0.5"" x 0.5"") out of the oversized packaging was no easy feat because the card is so thin and fragile but this 16GB storage extender made into the Vita safely and we're happy now.As for whether a memory card is needed or not, see my review title. You can't fully experience the Vita without a memory card because there seems to be very little internal storage. You can probably get away with a 4GB/8GB if you expect to buy most games on physical media and won't be using the Vita for taking pictures or storing hundreds of songs. If you expect to buy lots of games online, I'd go with the 16GB/32GB so I wouldn't worry about managing my storage, at least for a while.The memory card is great and it works flawlessly but I'm going to rate it as a 3-star (It's Okay) and not a 5-star mainly because it's so overpriced plus one additional slight demerit for it being relatively difficult to take out of the packaging._NOTETo help decide what size you need, these are Sony's estimates of what you can hold on a 16GB card: 4-8 full games 12 movies 4,568 songs 3,200 photos

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Yes, its expensive, but I would say its worth it.
by Valued Customer on April 16, 2015
Verified Purchase

I'm a sucker for my vita, and I want nothing but the best for it, and as a primarily digital distribution customer, I have lots of games for the system, which requires a high capacity memory card. This is my primary media for this. It will hold four, maybe five or six, large triple A games or it will hold 20 to 30 smaller indie games, depending on the size. The only caveat is that these cards are priced almost outrageously, but there isn't anything we can do as the cards are proprietary. Unless you have a huge desire for maximum space, which you can get in a 64 GB card for near $100 dollars, then this card will serve you well.

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Buy When On Sale!
by Valued Customer on May 01, 2014
Verified Purchase

As I write this, the Vita 16GB memory card is $50. I lucked out and got this when it went on sale for $20. There's no doubt it's worth it when it's only $20, and if you're a PlayStation Plus user like myself, a memory card of at least this size becomes essential due to the free games you get as part of PS Plus.BUT, that said, I can't rationally tell you this is worth $50, it's a ton to pay for only 16GB worth of storage space. If you just need something so you can save your games, get an 8GB, it's enough for a game or two at a time and plenty of save space. If this goes on sale for prices that bring it closer to that $1 per GB mark, absolutely get it. At normal prices, I can't recommend it.

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14GB, Not 16GB!
by Valued Customer on January 02, 2014
Verified Purchase

Ordered on sale. These memory cards at not worth the price of $35+ as listed but they are well worth the $20 I paid for them especially since they don't offer the full 16GB that is advertised. On my memory card I currently have:Gravity RushStranger's WrathUncharted: Golden AbyssSoul SacrificeHotline MiamiDBZ DemoTerraira DemoVarious save dataI have roughly 6025MB of memory left. If you are one to delete games and have physical copies, this isn't much of a problem at all. I do recommend getting PS+. They save your game downloads and you can install/uninstall as you wish on your Vita/account. This is a place holder for maybe upgrading to a 32GB or 64GB much later on but I just have to do my best to complete and delete games that come free on PS+.

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great product 0 down side
by Valued Customer on January 08, 2017
Verified Purchase

many years ago i bought this thing it was 15.6 gigs out of 16 not a bad size as we all know size verrys, id like to add i washed it in a washing machine and it still works fine so its built majorly tough never had one issue used it 100 x more than a standard user would .(if this review help at all pls like my review as it helps my amazon ranking)

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