$$72.30Camera & Photo \ Micro SD CardsMB-MP16DA/AM
16GB Up To 48MB/S EVO Class 10 Micro SDHC Card With Adapter ()
Save your precious memories - fast. This ultra high speed memory card is UHS-1 enabled, which means it captures photos and video two times faster than your typical microSD. With a transfer speed of up to 48 MB per second, you can spend less time transferring memories, and more time making them. ...
Samsung4.7941173416GB Up To 48MB/S EVO Class 10 Micro SDHC Card Wit


16GB Up To 48MB/S EVO Class 10 Micro SDHC Card With Adapter ()

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Item Specifications
16 GB
Hardware Platform
Micro SD Memory Cards

Save your precious memories - fast. This ultra high speed memory card is UHS-1 enabled, which means it captures photos and video two times faster than your typical microSD. With a transfer speed of up to 48 MB per second, you can spend less time transferring memories, and more time making them.

  • Capture faster
  • Transfer faster
  • A perfect partner
  • Amazing capacity
  • Full HD video
  • Up to 48MB/s transfer speed
  • Great for Cell phones, Smartphones, Android Tablets, Tablet PCs.
  • Great speed and performance for full HD video recording, high resolution pictures, mobile gaming, music and more.
  • Water proof, Temperature Proof, X-Ray proof, Magnetic proof
  • Compatible with devices with micro SDHC and micro SDxC slots.
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Top Reviews
Speedy Card!
by Valued Customer on December 26, 2016
Verified Purchase

Popped it in to my BLU R1 HD (16GB Storage, 2GB RAM, with Amazon AD), and it automatically detected that it was Samsung EVO and gave me options to use. I chose portable media storage, and I was able to quickly transfer my music files to the card (it was really fast!), and there were no problems playing the music from it. After using it for a week, the phone accessing the files (music and pictures) was snappy. Whether the phone was rebooted, power off/on, the SD card had no glitches.NOTE: For smartphones, Class 10 micro SD card is a necessity for speed. If anything less than Class 10, the speed suffers and apps often stutter or lag (I tried my Class 4 micro SD card on the phone, and it was slow). So if you own a smartphone and use micro SD card, check whether you are using Class 4 or Class 10 (or above). You will see the difference in speed. With Samsung EVO (Class 10), you are good to go!All in all, I am very happy with the product (given the price point - $6.99). Highly recommended!

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Good price performance ratio.
by Valued Customer on December 20, 2015
Verified Purchase

I got the 16 GB version for an ODroid C1+ (similar to Raspberry Pi 2). I wanted something cheap but decent performance and this was probably the best deal going. I may try a 32 GB model next time since it's only slightly more expensive.I ran Crystal DiskMark and I have attached the screenshot for the results.

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Great card for a great price.
by Valued Customer on December 04, 2015
Verified Purchase

Great microSD card. 16Gb fit nicely into my Galaxy S3, and transferred just as easily to my Note3. It's actually not Class 10, and is UHS-1, which is faster (I think double the speed), but without actually benchmarking the read/write speeds to it I couldn't confirm it actually goes up that high. I can tell you that over two phones, and over a year of use, I have never noticed a slowdown because of it.I've never lost files, and I've easily slid it into an adapter and written to my hard drive to make a special backup.The price for this card was much cheaper than some of the equivalent Sandisk models. I don't know why, something about the EVO brand perhaps, but its been a great little card and I'll definitely look at the 32GB version when I upgrade next.

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Great gift!
by Valued Customer on July 18, 2014
Verified Purchase

Got a new tablet for Mother's Day, so I did a factory re-install on my old Samsung tab 7. I wanted to give it to my g-granddaughter for her birthday, since she wanted one a lot, and always enjoyed playing on this one when I went back on vacation. Part of getting it ready for her was to get a new SD card. She won't be nine until October, but I wanted her to enjoy it this summer. Needless to say, she has already used it more in a month than I did in two years! This card has done an awesome job of storing all of her extra ""stuff"". We are both very happy with it. I really like, and trust, Samsung products.

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Basic Card, Slow Data Transfer, Works Perfectly, No data loss
by Valued Customer on December 06, 2015
Verified Purchase

This is a decent enough card. I use it in a Samsung Galaxy3 Mini that only has 8GB internal memory. I mainly save pictures and videos to it and a couple of games. I don't advise saving games to it or other applications because it is slow with a 48mb/s speed. Even so, it is not that horribly slow that I would stop using it. For the price and for my needs, it is a good enough card. I haven't received any errors, and have not lost any data. It seems to be working perfectly for quite a while now. At the time of purchase I was less knowledgeable about SD cards, and thought this was a good deal for eight bucks. Now I know that if you want more data transfer speed, look for something like the Samsung Data Pro class, with 90mb/s speed. The Evo only has 48mb/s which works for most picture and video saving, but again, is just slow.

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Love 'em - and you can LABEL them :)
by Valued Customer on January 11, 2015
Verified Purchase

The price is right - no errors, fast, solid warranty. Having a dozen or so 32gb cards in my bag or in camera at any given moment, started to wonder why they were all so big when I rarely go over 11-12GB per camera even when shooting weddings, so got a few of these 16gb cards and could not be happier. None of the read errors or slow reads due to file errors I've run into with the Sony cards. These are fast, and the plastic is WHITE so I can write on them with a fine point sharpie so I don't accidentally mix cards from one camera to another (formatting and indexing anomalies can ensue - don't ask me how I know)At least as fast as any other UHS1 card I've tried, and at the price and with the ability to write on them, I'll be buying more.

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Does what I need it to do.
by Valued Customer on November 06, 2014
Verified Purchase

I bought this to replace another SD card from another brand name company that died on me. It was the second one in a row so I thought I'd go with Samsung this time. I use this in my Samsung Galaxy Note 3.Pros1. It works. Popped it in and worked without any weird reformatting nonsense.2. It is fast enough for what I need it for. I don't know the exact stats (as they probably vary anyway) but it's fast enough for my use cases (music doesn't stutter, video doesn't skip or stutter, video taken with the phone camera doesn't skip or stutter) so I have no complaints.3. It's inexpensive.4. The bright colors clash with every surface in my apartment which makes it really easy to find when you drop it. I consider that a pro.Cons1. None yet.Unless this thing dies, there are no real problems with it. I'll update my review if it does die but for now, I would recommend it.UpdateI purchased a 64GB card for my HTC One M9. Works like a charm without any issues again. I'll update if things go wrong with any of my Samsung cards, but both cards I've purchased still currently work.

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Works seemlessly, easy to use
by Valued Customer on February 16, 2016
Verified Purchase

I bought this product so that I could move some files off my Samsung Galaxy's main memory to free some space. It was easy to install after viewing a YouTube on installation. Moving photos, apps, etc. to the card was time-consuming but hitch free. I found that some apps cannot be moved to the card, but I was still able to move enough apps and files so that my phone no longer runs out of space when downloading new emails. Once the card is installed, and files/apps moved to it, your phone shows a small icon on each app or file showing whether it is on the card or in the phone's memory. This is a great solution for those running out of space on their Samsung phones who do not want or need to upgrade to a completely new device.

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No plastic carrying case, but perfect other than that.
by Valued Customer on August 01, 2016
Verified Purchase

I ordered a small camera that required a Micro SD card. I did not know much about them other than the highest the class, the faster the card will process. Got on Amazon and saw this one for $7.99 and couldn't pass it up. Samsung (so it is name brand), put it in my camera and it worked like a charm. Comes with the SD adapter card. . . the on thing I wish is that it would have come with a plastic carrying card for the SD adapter card, which it did not. Other than that it was a great purchase and deal.

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videos for travel or data for work and works great for that
by Valued Customer on September 30, 2014
Verified Purchase

Not using it for cameras yet but to carry movie videos for travel or data for work and works great for that, but can't vouch for the the speed for high-end video recording. It uploaded files of 10 to 15 MBs instantly with no lag time. It downloaded a 1.05 GB movie file from my computer to the card in a minute And 20 secs. My Sandisk Ultra SDHC class 10 card took 60 seconds to download the same file. So upload speed is all I care about really and that was the same if not a little faster then the more expensive Sandisk. I'll update if there's any problem with durability or reliability.

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Review with use for a Samsung Galaxy S4.
by Valued Customer on November 14, 2014
Verified Purchase

First off, I'm very happy with my purchase. It came quickly and is genuine Samsung Evo merchandise. It was my first SD card I ever bought for a phone. I did have a small 2GB SanDisk micro-sd card, but it began to corrupt my photos after a few years so I figured I could splurge for a 16GB card.As soon as I inserted the card, I noticed it only had space for 14.68GB after being formatted. That is to be expected though. I really didn't get this card to store music, mostly just a large amount of photos and apps, so I didn't need the 32GB.Using the app ""A1 SD Bench"", I was able to benchmark the SD card at 15.20MB/s reading, and 7.78MB/s writing, so take that how you will. It took about 12 minutes to transfer over 1.5GB worth of photos. As long as it can handle being dropped inside my phone and not corrupt it, I think it was well worth the $10 for the card.

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Well balanced performance over a range of file types
by Valued Customer on July 05, 2015
Verified Purchase

Well balanced performance microSD card. Many are optimized for photos (in-frequent ""large"" file reads, and sometimes writes). This card is more balanced so read/writing lots of smaller files performs well too. This is important because I use these cards in Raspberry Pi devices so these cards are being used as mini SSDs. I have both 16GB and 64GB versions of these cards both sizes are excellent. If you are looking for something specifically for camera use you could get faster cards but you will sacrifice performance in more generalized storage use cases. If you are looking for memory cards to use in a cell phone, tablet, or other general storage device I would recommend these EVO series cards.

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