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3.5Mm Male To Female Stereo Audio Cable - 12 Feet (3.66 Meters)
An Amazon Brand. ...
AMAZONBASICS3.5Mm Male To Female Stereo Audio Cable - 12 Feet
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3.5Mm Male To Female Stereo Audio Cable - 12 Feet (3.66 Meters)

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12 Feet

An Amazon Brand.

  • 3.5mm male-to-female stereo audio cable transmits audio in stereo format
  • Extends length of existing 3.5mm male-to-male cable (not included)
  • Works with any device equipped with standard 3.5mm audio jack or AUX-in port
  • Beveled step-down design; gold-plated plugs for reliable, static-free performance
  • Measures 12 feet long; AmazonBasics 1-year limited warranty
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Just don't be dumb like me and order it for an extension to
by Valued Customer on October 13, 2016
Verified Purchase

Cable works well as advertised. Just don't be dumb like me and order it for an extension to a Mic/headset combo. This cable supports output only.

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If You Pay For Wireless, You're Just Fancy lol
by Valued Customer on May 10, 2018
Verified Purchase

Works Great! This Thing Saved Me Some Cash Baby! I was about to spend a hundred or more on a pair of those Wireless Headphones with the base and all that, because my wife will fall asleep while we're ""trying"" to binge a series and then Pop Up ""Out"" that sleep asking ""me"" to turn down the volume on the series that ""we"" were just binge watching before she decided to fall asleep LMBO. Needless to say, after a couple times of this happening, I said to myself, ""SelfYou need some of those fancy wireless headphones so that you can continue to enjoy while the enemy sleeps"" lol. After searching the web, there just was no low priced option into this new, monogamous form of binge watchingThen right when I was about to drop the dough, I had an Epiphany! I thought, well, if it's just going to be ""me"" up late watching, she's in the bed sleep, not up walking around, why couldn't I search for some kind of Very Long adapter that will cover the 10 -12 feet from my TV to the couch. Ha ha haaaa.need I say more?

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No loss of audio quality!
by Valued Customer on December 12, 2016
Verified Purchase

Works awesome! I am very picky about sound quality and have multiple high end headphones. There is ZERO audio quality lost in the cord i received. I would definitely buy this again. I did see there was some people who said they had audio quality loss, but i bought this knowing amazon is a great company to work with and would refund me if i had issues. I have been really happy with AmazonBasic cables. They are cheap and very excellent quality! I love the look of this cable. Nice clean look!

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The Goldilocks length of cable, neither too small or too big! Just right!
by Valued Customer on August 23, 2017
Verified Purchase

I like to fall asleep listening to my audible books on my Kindle Fire every night. The problem is once I plug in my Fire, my earbuds don't reach. I bought a 15 foot cord that I had to rubber band it up because it was too long. After a few months it broke so I needed a replacement. This Amazon Basic Male to Female Stereo cable is the perfect length at about 6 feet. It's the exact Goldilocks length I needed, not too small and not too big.I was pleased at the heavy duty connectors on this and also the strong cable that looks to last a long time. My earbuds fit perfectly and I can fall asleep comfortably each night.I love being able to buy from Amazon Basics, they have great quality products and if there is a problem, the customer service is excellent too.Very pleased with this purchase.

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Great quality. Great durability. Great reliability.
by Valued Customer on June 09, 2018
Verified Purchase

Here's he scenario. I bought a new desk and put it in the middle of the study. My desktop ATX case has now been moved which means a whole new way of wiring my computer and speaker set up.The subwoofer needs three Stereo cables to reach my ATX case. Luckily this came in a three pack so I killed two birds with one stone.I picked these for what appeared to be their durability. Seeing as how they'll be stretched along the ground I need them to withstand the occasional foot traffic or rollover with a chair wheel. And they definitely have proven to be reliable thus far.They are your standard 3.5mm jacks. No loss in sound quality regardless of their length. They also fit securely in the ports, which is a big plus. Professional note: if your jacks fit securely it means they are better quality. Each portion of the jack separated by the thin black insulator gets the proper connection. If the jack is loose, you don't get that connection and instead you will have a loss in power, quality, and may end up damaging your devices (i.e., your speakers).I give this product four stars because if I ever need to order them again there is a very low chance I will search somewhere else for another product. I will revisit after several more months of use and re-rate it, but it does look like I'll upgrade it to a five star from what I've experienced already.

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This is It! No more wrestling with a bad cord
by Valued Customer on May 22, 2018
Verified Purchase

I chose this because the previous, cheaper one, I bought on here lasted only 6 months. I bought this for my Dad because on my last visit to him he said that the part that plugs in is not allowing a complete connection. So since I had bought him Amazon Basic HeadSet I decided to spend a little more money and stick with the ""brand"" he liked! It was delivered on his BornDay. He was so happy to be able to hear his television without the crickle interference sounds or wrestling to get there other cord to work! I also bought the warranty this time! So do that as well when purchasing!

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quality seems good. I don't think it's a defect since sound
by Valued Customer on January 01, 2018
Verified Purchase

It works but I pick upninterference from nearby battery chargers. Hmmm. May not be an issue for you. Otherwise, quality seems good. I don't think it's a defect since sound is consistent, jut with �breathing' from nearby devices can be heard at the amp.

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Really good quality for the price
by Valued Customer on March 07, 2018
Verified Purchase

Really good quality for the price, could tell the difference in my connection to my headphones immediately. Before cell phones, a jack was a jack for headphones and headphones ONLY. Many now have the cell phone mic included on the wire and this can sometimes cause the problems I believe I was having. (Having to wiggle the cord to get both left and right channels working) This extension was put up on my desk to avoid getting to my desktop below every time I used my headphones. I will purchase again and recommend to friends.

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You will not get a better value and it just doesn't make sense to buy
by Valued Customer on June 02, 2017
Verified Purchase

I take my hat off to Amazon as I am more than impressed with their AmazonBasics line of products! This may be considered a ""basic"" cable, but let me tell you it looks gorgeous and functions perfectly. You will not get a better value and it just doesn't make sense to buy from anyone else. Needed this cord to extend the plug to my 3.5mm headphones that are used to hear from the computer when talent is recording or listening back to a song in my home studio. THANK YOU AMAZON, you are truly a godsend!

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Nothing better out there in terms of price and quality
by Valued Customer on July 24, 2017
Verified Purchase

It's cheap, durable (although lighter in comparison with other more expensive extensions), and does the job exactly what you want it to do. Unless you want something made of gold, there is nothing better out there in terms of price and quality. I mean, this is basically just an extension, so what else does anyone need apart from that?I have yet to buy an Amazon basics item that disappoints. Amazon basics are affordable and meet a certain quality while being functional.

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This Works!
by Valued Customer on January 09, 2018
Verified Purchase

I bought a KOSS headphone extension only to be disappointed. The connection only worked on one channel most of the time. One had to fiddle with it turning this way and that. How was it that KOSS, a famous headphone maker, could make such an inferior product, do they not test their own stuff?Happily that is not the case for amazon prime, works perfectly and much better made than the KOSS product.

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Works great, no issues!
by Valued Customer on August 20, 2017
Verified Purchase

Works great, no issues! My TV is about 15 feet away from where I sit and watch, and the wall the TV is on is adjacent to a bedroom. In order to hear the TV, I had to turn the volume up such that anyone sleeping in the bedroom would hear it. I looked at Bluetooth options and wireless, but I didn't want the hassle of having to charge it like my wireless earbuds. I already had a set of headphones, but the cord is only about 4 feet. I added this extender and it stretches nicely across the room and provides perfect audio. When done, I just coil it up and put in in the entertainment center. Problem solved for very low cost and no battery/charging issues.

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