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8-Sheet Strip-Cut Paper, CD, And Credit Card Shredder
An Amazon Brand. ...
AMAZONBASICS8-Sheet Strip-Cut Paper, CD, And Credit Card Shred
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8-Sheet Strip-Cut Paper, CD, And Credit Card Shredder

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An Amazon Brand.

  • Strip-cut paper shredder with 8-sheet capacity (no need to remove staples); destroys credit cards, CDs, and DVDs (one at a time)
  • Shreds paper into 1/4-inch strips at a rate of 9.84 feet per minute
  • 2 minute continuous run time with 15 minute cool down time; Auto start and manual reverse to clear paper jams
  • 8-3/4-inch-wide paper feed; 3.2-gallon wastebasket
  • Measures 12.99 by 12.8 by 6.5 inches (LxWxD); AmazonBasics 1-year limited warranty
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Top Reviews
Great buy
by Valued Customer on December 04, 2016
Verified Purchase

Great for price. I shredded a box full of papaers last night and 2 credit cards. Worked great. No jams, didn't overheat. A little loud but doesn't bother me. It struggled with 5sheets. I didnt want to push it. 3 pages is good, goes right through. Recommend for simple home use of junk mail and the like.

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Heats up fast and you have to wait for 5-15 min to cool down. The paper feeding sensor did not work
by Valued Customer on February 04, 2017
Verified Purchase

Pros: Compact size and a lot of functions.Cons: Heats up fast and you have to wait for 5-15 min to cool down. The paper feeding sensor did not work, i have to start manually, a lot of noise.

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Get it
by Valued Customer on February 01, 2018
Verified Purchase

My old one died and I wasn't looking to spend a bunch of money, and I was actually on my way to purchase a manual crank one for $12 when I saw this one for just $7 more! LOVE IT! It can do 8 pages at once, and it has a button you can push if it's starting to get clogged up. Also, if you want to put it directly in the trash, instead of transferring it from the trash bin it comes with, you can remove the top and stretch it out to fit a waste recepticle of your choice.However, I use mine to make the PERFECT fire starter for my wood burning stove insert, in order to heat the chimney up quick so the fire doesn't smoke back into the house. I lay fatwood on top of the strips of paper and it starts them up and they in turn start the kindling up, which starts the pine up, which once it's glowing, I can toss my hard wood on top of. Fire starting has never been easier.

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Excellent shredder!
by Valued Customer on October 27, 2017
Verified Purchase

I've crunched through about 500 CD's/DVD's and several hundred papers and it is still working like it did on day one.If you get to aggressive or run it too fast for too long it will shut itself off for 8-10 minutes until it completely cools down. So be aware that if it suddenly stops and appears to be broken, feel the top to the left of the main switch. This area will be very hot, but not so much that it burns your hand. Turn it to off (the middle position) and let it sit for awhile. It's a safety feature, and it works very well, just be aware that it is not broken.The trash can it comes with fills up quick and could be larger, but I can't knock the shredder, especially since the right side as you are looking down on it expands so you can put it on a larger trash can such as a rectangular kitchen trash can.

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The PERFECT Addition to My Office!
by Valued Customer on April 20, 2018
Verified Purchase

I absolutely love the fact that I am able to shred multiple documents at once, at a quick-pace, which was a huge selling point for me, and the ability to do so, without removing staples, is even more convenient!While I have not tried the maximum of 8-sheets at once, it has been able to successfully shred up to six documents, at once, with ease, and incredibly fast. I also value the ability of having both an auto-start option, as well as manual reverse, to clear out any possible jams.In the past, I have had shredders that cost 2-3 times the cost of this one, and they didn't even compare to the level of quality that this offers. They actually burnt out, very quickly, as I have a high-amount of paperwork that needs to be shredded, continuously, throughout my work-week. While this paper shredder is able to accommodate the destruction of paper, and card stock, on a 2-minute continuous run-time, I also appreciate the ability to be able to effectively shred, and demolish, both credit cards, store cards I no longer use, and even CDs!In addition, I am also extremely impressed by the size of this paper shredder, as it's not too large, and fits absolutely perfectly within my printer-station, cart, among both my inkjet, and laser printers.Overall, I am thoroughly happy, pleased with my purchase, and also have the pleasure of being able to rely on the AmazonBasics 1-year limited warranty, should any issues arise. However, so far, I have had absolutely no issues whatsoever when using this product.I highly recommend this for anyone looking for a perfectly sized, sturdy, yet lightweight paper shredder for both home, and office, use. Also, for the price, this compares to even the higher dollar competitor paper shredders, and I feel this is such a fantastic deal!

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Works well enough.
by Valued Customer on December 26, 2017
Verified Purchase

The only reason I didn't give this shredder a five-star is because it shreds too wide, not thin enough. If you are shredding very important documents, I'd recommend a shredder that shreds into thinner pieces.

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Very good investment
by Valued Customer on April 08, 2018
Verified Purchase

I just take a star away because the cuts are a 1/4 Width; I do not want to be paranoid, but do not throw the trash away at the same time, you never know if there would not be a very patient guy outside to reconstitute the whole document. That disturbs me a little bit, but I do not want to spend more than 30 dollars so I get what I paid for. Do not be mislead, but! This is a GREAT 8 SHEET (!) strip cut appliance for such a price. It does also destroy CDs and banking cards, and it is not only easy, but it takes not time. Delivery was really prompt, and the packaging had two pieces, the shredder, and the black and simple bin (capacity mentioned = between 3 and 5 gallons). I just had to put the shredder on the bin, nothing else: it took one second of my time. I plugged it and read the included user manual. It was not complicated to understand. I unplugged the appliance and took two drops of cooking olive oil on a piece of kitchen towel to slightly grease the blades: be careful to not cut yourself, but such a process will help you to keep it in good shape for a while. I tried just after to shred paper and it worked perfectly: I loved the fact there is a manual reverse to clear paper jams in case of it would be blocked (No more than 8 paper sheet at a time, remember!). I think it cut really well and in case of children would be tempted to touch this shredder I turn it off whenever I do not need it; moreover, it is good for the planet and your bill if you do the same for all your appliances. It is not the front side of this shredder that would disturb me, but the back where you will grease the blade. Keep in mind this is just put on the bin, not fixedand consequently, depending who touches it and how, it can be a positive or negative point. The bank card destroyer works well, but I would still throw a part of the wastes in a trash bag and the other part in another. I still have not used the CD destroyer so I will have to complete this review if I ever have to get rid of a CD. However, it seems you just have to pull a kind of drawer, insert the CD, close the drawer and like for the sheet, as soon as the machine will ""feel"" its presence, it will destroy it. All in all, this a good value for money reinforced by the fact that it is an Amazon Choice.

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Glad I got it
by Valued Customer on June 16, 2017
Verified Purchase

What's not to like. I'm not the NSA or the CIA so I don't need anything more than a strip-cut shredder, and cross-cut shredders are a true pain; lots of paper dust and fly-away shreds. The price is great, it works fine so far, it has a separate switch to ""help"" through the item shredded if the shredder stops for some reason (rare), and that's a feature I really like. It even looks good, nice shiny finish, and shiny is one of human civilization's few triumphs :)

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Not worth the price.
by Valued Customer on January 27, 2017
Verified Purchase

Positives: It's cheap. It does cut documents into ribbons, and can handle six to eight sheets at a time, although the motor labors above four sheets. It does cut CDs into three or four pieces (if that's not small enough for you, you can probably put the shards back through for another pass). It does cut up credit cards, sort of. The right edge support pulls out and extends maybe a couple of inches, so you can set the shredder on a slightly larger hopper, which you will absolutely need to do.Negatives: The shreds are full-length to the paper, and considerably wider than other shredders I've seen and used. A great deal of information is still legible, and it would take very little effort for a dumpster diver to reconstruct and tape together your ""secure"" documents. The shreds are very bulky, and the small hopper fills up too quickly to be of use. If the hopper fills up so the shreds touch the shredding unit, the motor just stops in the middle of a page, so you'll have to stop every dozen pages or so to empty the hopper or at least compress down the shreds somewhat. The document opening is 8.5 inches wide: no more. A full sized letter sheet will pass through without problems, but nothing even a tad wider. And if you have any documents printed sideways, this means you'll essentially cut right along the lines of text, accomplishing nothing. Try to cut a credit card across the numbers and magnetic strip (so no shard will have much information), and all you get is some lines scored across the card. In order to actually cut the card, you have to run it through vertically, meaning the entire set of numbers will all be on one shard, accomplishing little or nothing.All in all, this is not money well spent. Get a ""cross cut"" shredder instead, which cuts the shreds into vertical confetti. It's not only exponentially more secure, but less bulky as well. Then use scissors on your old credit cards, and snap those CDs in half. I'm told that microwaving CDs, although great fun to watch, is not a good idea. But it sure does destroy the data.

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A basic home shredder that is worth the price
by Valued Customer on July 27, 2018
Verified Purchase

This is a terrific compact home shredder. It does what it is supposed to do - no more, no less - for a decent price. It is about the size of a small to medium wastebasket and will fit easily on a desk, table, or counter. You probably don't want to put it on the floor unless you're a munchkin, otherwise you'll be bending over a lot. Indeed, the shredding unit sits on a wastebasket type receptacle. There's a retractable handle you can use to lift it off the receptacle when you need to empty it. There's also a space that lets you see how close to full the unit is. It is perfect for shredding your daily mail. It will fill up fairly quickly - within a couple of weeks - but is easy to empty. Alsothe shredded strips are about an eighth of an inch wide, so if you're concerned about someone going through your garbage and reconstructing your bank statements you might want to up your game to something else. Of course, you can always dump cat litter on the strips to keep folks honest. I like the compact disc shredder fixture. It's perfect for getting rid of CDs no one in their right mind would ever want, like anything from KidzBop or That's What I Call Music. It is just what I wanted.

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Not for long use
by Valued Customer on December 01, 2017
Verified Purchase

It shreds good if u put a single card or a few sheets , but not for envelopes and posts even if it has around 10-12 sheets it just slides in without shreddingThe worst part is the run time is not even 2 minutes and it shuts off for 15 minuets at least.Unless u want this for quickly shredding 1 or 2 sheets now and then , don't go for this else this is a good personal set

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Was packaged well and it works great for shredding everyday junkmail
by Valued Customer on September 25, 2017
Verified Purchase

Received on time with free two day shipping. Was packaged well and it works great for shredding everyday junkmail,ect. Credit card shredder definitely works. Good product, cheap, and has features that more expensive ones don't have. So overall for the price I would definitely recommend.

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