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Amiibo End Level Display
Show that you are a true Nintendo fan with this big, 8-bit style amiibo figure display. Built of 22 kowarenai blocks this officially licensed stand holds up to six amiibo figures and measures over 15 inches tall and 18 inches wide. It comes complete with a green goal pole and a base. Made from custom molded, interlocking plastic parts this ...
POWERAAmiibo End Level Display
Amiibo End Level Display
Amiibo End Level Display-2
Amiibo End Level DisplayAmiibo End Level Display-2
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Amiibo End Level Display

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Show that you are a true Nintendo fan with this big, 8-bit style amiibo figure display. Built of 22 kowarenai blocks this officially licensed stand holds up to six amiibo figures and measures over 15 inches tall and 18 inches wide. It comes complete with a green goal pole and a base. Made from custom molded, interlocking plastic parts this display stand works with all amiibo figures. It is the perfect accent for any old school gamer's game room or man cave. Proudly display your amiibo collection and make all your friends jealous with this unique and functional piece of Nintendo memorabilia.

  • Official amiibo Licensed Product
  • Displays up to 6 amiibo figures
  • Fits all amiibo figures
  • Over 15 inches tall and 18 inches wide
  • Retro 8-bit style
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Top Reviews
Perfect for a mario level display!
by Valued Customer on February 22, 2016
Verified Purchase

This thing is perfect! Look what you can make with it! All you people crying saying it's flimsy and can't hold amibos? You're wild! I have world of Nintendo action figures balanced on them! Hahah this thing is sweet! I'm going g to probably buy another !

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This is so awesome! We own two of these
by Valued Customer on October 20, 2015
Verified Purchase

This is so awesome! We own two of these. It's very easy to put together. If you own at least 6 amiibo, buy this.

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Cute novelty display for Nintendo fans
by Valued Customer on October 03, 2015
Verified Purchase

Okay, I have read the other reviews and I understand it is perhaps more flimsy than you might hope, but that's because each block comes apart so that you can customize the look - which I really like. I do feel maybe they could stay together a little better (like legos?) but as a lifelong Nintendo fan, I would probably have purchased this even if it wasn't an amiibo display. It definitely is quite large but I am going to modify the display to put a couple single blocks holding amiibos in front of the platform since each singular block holds an amiibo (except for the two blocks that hold the flag - the empty block should really have an indent to hold another amiibo) I really like the display. Yes, some improvements could be made, but overall it's a fun novelty item and I'm happy with it.

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Very cool stand, great quality and looks really cool in
by Valued Customer on January 31, 2016
Verified Purchase

Very cool stand, great quality and looks really cool in a game room! The blocks are actually pretty solid and it's fun to build despite how simple the process is. Keep in mind that it's bigger than it looks in pics, it took me a few times to figure out a good spot for it on my shelves but you'll know when you find it :) Also the instructions claim that not every amiibo figure will fit, for example my Green Yarn Yoshi without a base just sits in one of the holes on a block and I'm sure some of the bigger amiibos probably won't fit on the lower blocks but I'd assume they'd be fine on top.The verdict:For a good price right now ($15.96 at the time of this review) and the ability to add some spark to talk about in the game room or make for a great gamer gift.. Highly recommended guys and gals!

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Great Display!
by Valued Customer on March 01, 2016
Verified Purchase

This was bigger than I had expected but vey cute! Makes a great display and storage for the amiibos! I was reluctant to buy these Amiibos for my kids because I figured they'd just throw them around, but with this display they actually put them back because they like way it looks! Very nice! Great quality and great price too! It was half the price on Amazon than in Toysrus! I paid $19.99. Something to consider is the stance of the figure, because wider ones will push apart the bricks. In my collection, my bowser has a wide stance and pretty much only fits at the top without pushing a gap between the blocks, which go together like Legos.

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It takes up a lot of room, but at least it's orderly
by Valued Customer on January 18, 2016
Verified Purchase

My son has decided that he wants to collect as many amiibos as we will humor him with. And, he wanted to display them on my family room mantle. Unfortunately, it's easier to humor him on the topic than fight over it. Every time I move the collection, they end up right where they were. When the amiibos started taking over completely, I figured it was time to get this amiibo end level display. My son loves it because it reminds him of his favorite games. I love it because my mantle doesn't look like a hodge podge of characters trying to push each other off the cliff (mantle).It did take a bit of pushing to get the stand assembled, but a few good shoves and everything clicked into place. We have had a couple issues with some characters not fitting as well as they could. For example, Bowser has to sit at the very top. He's simply too big to fit on one of the steps. We ended up putting King DeeDeeDee and Meta Knight at the bottom for similar reasons. But, overall the display looks good, and is much more orderly than it had been. We are all happy.I figure we have room to add several more amiibos along the bottom before it's actually full. I'm not quite sure what will happen when he gets one too many amiibos and there is no place to add it! Then again, I think it's reversible. We could always add another one on the opposite end and treat them like bookends. Just a thought.

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What a great display and made a fantastic gift
by Valued Customer on January 17, 2016
Verified Purchase

One of the must have Nintendo fan Items out there, you will appreciate this Display. Yes the blocks come apart so you can stack them the way you want them, loose fitting so its easy to change the display especially for little hands. I got this as a Christmas gift for my 6 year old nephew and he loves the fact he can actually play around with the display he dismantles it and stacks it up, or creates his own obstacle courses for his Amiibos. Tons of fun for them. Its quite big at about 15 inches tall and 18 inches wide. His favorite amiibos have a cute display now for sure. The colors are very bright as well.

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by Valued Customer on September 05, 2016
Verified Purchase

While I wouldn't actually use this to store amiibo, the case itself is adorable and fairly well made.I bought it to use as a travel makeup case, so with that in mind, it does the trick.

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The best way to display your Amiibo
by Valued Customer on June 17, 2016
Verified Purchase

I own two of these and absolutely adore them. They're hands down the best way to display your Amiibo collection.Pros: - Modular, you can design them however you see fit (with the exception of the flag piece) - Wonderfully styled, evoking memories of the original NES game while having the vibrancy and color to suite Amiibo. - The blocks are a large size, so your collection suits the scale of the display.Cons: - Wider Amiibo (which seems to be most) may have trouble fitting on steps where there's a higher step. Similarly when you have blocks in a row, some Amiibo are large enough to prevent use of an adjacent block. - Takes up a bigger footprint than you'd probably expect, due to the size of the green base. - The piece with the flag is two blocks that can't hold an Amiibo, rather than a flag designed as a single block or to fit into an Amiibo slot. - They haven't come out with more variations of this so you can create entire levels (clear holders with brick or ? blocks!, displays without the flag, etc!)

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Great display for amiibos. Anyone who's ever player Super Mario Bros. will love this.
by Valued Customer on September 23, 2017
Verified Purchase

The POWER A amiibo End Level Display is a really awesome amiibo display solution. Granted, it's only really got spots for 6 amiibos (though you can get a 7th right next to the base of the flag), but it really looks great and has that wonderful Nintendo retro feel to it (anyone who's ever played the original Super Mario Bros. is going to love it). It's a great display piece and a wonderful way to show off your amiibos.Assembly is a snap, as the blocks basically go together like building blocks. You can customize it, if you wish, although I think the standard end level design is what most people will go with. It stays together pretty well, and while it jiggles around a bit while moving, it hasn't fallen apart yet (and this is being played-with by 5 and 7 year-oldsit was an early birthday gift for my oldest). Larger amiibos probably won't have enough room to fit on any but the top blocks (Bowser, I'm looking at you), but that's a minor quibble.Ultimately, this is just a great display for amiibos and a great gameroom decoration in general.

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by Valued Customer on December 26, 2015
Verified Purchase

Best price anywhere. My child loves it. At this price buying a couple amiibos was no issue for me. He enjoys being able to arrange the blocks in other shapes as he plays with his amiibos. He enjoys using the blocks in his stop motion videos. The flag moves which is really great for stop motion's and I MAY BUY IT AGAIN SO HE CAN MAKE MORE SHAPES. Some people wrote the product was not sturdy???? Are you going to stand on it? It is absolutely a good quality product for a child or teenager. If you bump into it it will fall down like any object would. So place it somewhere sturdy or glue it together. Even if you glue it, if you put it in a bad spot it will fall over as a vase would. Some people are just negative complainers. I am very happy with the product. Our chibi robo amibbo fit just fine as well as pika choo and the villager. It is fun with stikbots and all his little toys to play together with this.

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Awesome Amiibo Display Platform
by Valued Customer on April 21, 2016
Verified Purchase

I will admit I am in my forties and have camped multiple times out at various locations to secure the earlier, hard to obtain Amiibo figures. I did this for my son, who is an avid video game player. I know it sounds crazy, but when my son was just four years old, he was diagnosed with cancer. They told us he most likely would not make it to his 5th birthday.Cancer treatment was very difficult on my little child. And there were so many times when he was stuck inside a hospital room in isolation. It was then they we began allowing him to play video games.It was really amazing, because when he grabbed that controller, he wasn't a scared child being maimed, brutalized and poisoned by those he should be able to trust the most. Instead he was able to run, jump, and fly in a world that had no idea he was so very frail and fragile. And I believe that escape from a harsh and painful reality through playing video games helped save his life.So, Super Smash Bros is my son's favorite. It has all of his favorite video characters, so of course we had to buy all of the Super Smash Bros Amiibo characters. He has them is a very large glass display case when he is not using them. I bought this display to sit on top of the case and from times to time my son changes the amiibo characters he wants to display on it.The display is very sturdy and well made. I thought it was actually going to be smaller that it really is, but that's what happens when you are so terrified of math you ignore anything that basically has a number attached to it - like product dimensions.I like that the stand ties in with the game. It truly is a creative way to display those much anticipated figures we worked so hard to obtain!My son loves this stand and so do I. And I love that each time I walk in, I get to see new figures displayed in a place of honor.

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