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Convertible Rolling Camera Backpack
An Amazon Brand. ...
AMAZONBASICSConvertible Rolling Camera Backpack
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Convertible Rolling Camera Backpack

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An Amazon Brand.

  • Large camera travel bag with wheels quickly converts from rolling case to backpack; airplane carry-on compatible
  • Can hold a full DSLR body with lens attached; 11 additional configurable compartments for lenses, chargers, batteries, filters, and more
  • Padded compartment for a tablet or 17-inch laptop; front pockets, side straps for a tripod; 2 side pockets with space for memory cards
  • Wide-base rollerblade-quality wheels and telescoping handle for smooth mobility; convenient top handle for lifting
  • Adjustable padded shoulder straps easily tuck away when not in use
  • Rain cover included
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Top Reviews
Nice camera bag
by Valued Customer on August 03, 2018
Verified Purchase

I returned this item because I ordered it hy mistake, but I checked it out before sending it back. The bag had excellent space with many customizable velcro section strips. And a separate laptop pocket. The side pockets have inner pockets for small ite.a, such as SD cards, batteries, etc. The straps pack away nicely and the bag seems very well made. It is larger than I expected, but would still be appropriate for a carry-on on a domestic flight. It's too large for my needs, otherwise I would have kept it.

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Great for airport travel.
by Valued Customer on July 31, 2018
Verified Purchase

Makes flying with my equipment much easier. Love the compartments and knowing my equipment is safe and secure. Fits well in the overhead compartments on my delta flights.

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Great Bag - Still Going Strong After a Year
by Valued Customer on July 21, 2018
Verified Purchase

I've been using this bag for a year now and it's held up great. I've dragged this thing through dirt and gravel and brush and it still rolls fine.The fabric handle is reinforced and very sturdy. The telescoping handle is also very strong; I'm able to pick up the entire bag with it to get over stairs and curbs.You don't get a lot of secondary space inside of the bag, but there's plenty of room in the main area. I'm able to fit:- Two Camera bodies- Four prime lenses + hoods- Three flashes- Macro attachments- Cleaning supplies- Gaffer tape- Tons of camera and flash batteries and chargers.With that said, I can't fit anything else in the bag. If you have a couple of huge telephoto lenses, you'll run out of space quickly. But there's still plenty of space overall.Great bag!

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Great camera bag.
by Valued Customer on July 11, 2018
Verified Purchase

The wheels help when you finally get that much camera gear.Nice and sturdy, inside gives you lots of options.

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Great Camera Bag/Case!
by Valued Customer on June 21, 2018
Verified Purchase

This camera bag so far has been great. This is my main camera case and it goes everywhere I go. It seems to be built tough and made to last. Only time will tell. Compared to other big name brand camera cases I think it holds its own. Really nice and highly recommended

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Good idea, but misses the mark on the finer details. perhaps a future version will be refined.
by Valued Customer on June 18, 2018
Verified Purchase

Seems to be more of a knock-off than an innovative product. Lacking several key features, not enough storage for small items like SD cards or filters, and the side pockets are so tight they really are not useful to me, I'm very disappointed in the laptop slot. I had to add another protective sleeve so the cameras and or lenses don't scrape my laptop. I asked earlier buyers about this before ordering (see the Q And A section), but I think they may not have the larger pro-level cameras I have similar to having a battery grip. This makes the hot-shoe rub against the laptop care. I can't figure out why they just used a strap closure instead of a full flap to cover it. Further, it's not very well padded for the laptop either. It looks clean from the outside and nothing that identifies it as a camera case which I appreciate. It just looks like a typical roller suitcase.The hook and loop straps used so you can adjust the size of each lens storage areas do not run all the way to the back of the case, limiting size adjustments, again disappointing. The rear lens compartments on the bottom of the case slope inward, or upward. I assume to make room for the wheel axel but it pushes the objects stored there upward so you can only use it with smaller lenses or accessories. For example, a 50mm lens fits there fine, but a 16-35mm lens will not. The top of the case where most people would typically put the camera has the same problem. The outside of the case narrows at the top and looks great, but that narrowing inside causes the inside to slop upward and limits the room of the main storage compartment. My Canon 5D fits in fine without a batter grip but does not fit well with it installed. My Canon 1Ds MKII does not fit. In both cases, the hot shoe and prism area of the camera is pressed up against the laptop and they will scratch each other.You can see this in� the photo I uploaded.My only real concern is that on smaller planes or jerk gate agents are going to make me check it at the gate as it just barely qualifies as a carry-on. Smaller regional jest may not be able to accommodate it. I'll be taking it to the UK later this month instead of using my backpack style camera and laptop case. If my impressions after traveling with it for several weeks changes I'll update my review.I do like the orange interior.

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For the price this is an incredible bag. It
by Valued Customer on June 13, 2018
Verified Purchase

For the price this is an incredible bag. It can hold all of my equipment and more. My only wish is that the side bags were a touch more roomy.

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Five Stars
by Valued Customer on June 12, 2018
Verified Purchase

so happy I got this

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Great Product!
by Valued Customer on June 04, 2018
Verified Purchase

Love this!

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Great protection, perfect size!
by Valued Customer on May 31, 2018
Verified Purchase

I had the regular AmazonBasics dSLR and Laptop Backpack for over a year before I wised up and invested in this roller bag. I LOVE it for traveling with my camera and I even used it as my regular carry-on bag when I left my camera home for a vacation (it was a hard decision to leave it home LOL!). It holds SO MUCH and rolls like a dream. It is very well made. I love the AmazonBasics line!I love that I don't lose anything against the bright orange interior, but they could accomplish this with a less intense color ;)If it was a 'spinner' this would be more than 5 stars! It has ample room for all your gear if you need it for a shoot. The padding is strong and everything feels well protected. The stitching on the bag and overall appearance is high quality.I wrote all about the pros and cons with more pictures and info on my blog! Bottom line: BUY THE BAG :)

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Time will tell - just what the doctor ordered brand new.
by Valued Customer on May 30, 2018
Verified Purchase

Time will tell if this roller camera bag will hold up to use, but straight out of the box it's great. Just the amount of space and numbers of compartments I need for two DSLRs and five lenses from 10-14 to 100-200 plus a flash and the normal assortment of junk. It feels really sturdy and I have high hopes that it will prove robust. And of course the price is very compelling - less than 40% of the typical price from the 'photo luggage specialty' sources.

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Let the Wheels do the pulling
by Valued Customer on May 16, 2018
Verified Purchase

This bag makes it so easy, I have a problems with my back it takes so much pain away because I roll it

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