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Demon DB-44 44Mm Tripod Ball Head Arca / RRS Compatible W Pan Lock DAC-X 1 Clamp
Desmond brand Arca compatible Head. Independent Pan Lock Knob. 50mm clamp with Bubble level. DAC-X 1 clamp accommodates Arca-swiss style plates. Dual drop notch. Clamp length: 50mm. Ball Diameter: 44mm. Base diameter: 58mm Height: 101mm. Weight: 460g (16oz). Max load: 30kg (66 lbs). Bottom thread: 3/8 with 1/4 adapter. ...
DESMONDDemon DB-44 44Mm Tripod Ball Head Arca By RRS Comp
Demon DB-44 44Mm Tripod Ball Head Arca By RRS Comp
Demon DB-44 44Mm Tripod Ball Head Arca By RRS Co-2
Demon DB-44 44Mm Tripod Ball Head Arca By RRS Co-3
Demon DB-44 44Mm Tripod Ball Head Arca By RRS Co-4
Demon DB-44 44Mm Tripod Ball Head Arca By RRS CompDemon DB-44 44Mm Tripod Ball Head Arca By RRS Co-2Demon DB-44 44Mm Tripod Ball Head Arca By RRS Co-3Demon DB-44 44Mm Tripod Ball Head Arca By RRS Co-4
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Demon DB-44 44Mm Tripod Ball Head Arca / RRS Compatible W Pan Lock DAC-X 1 Clamp

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Desmond brand Arca compatible Head. Independent Pan Lock Knob. 50mm clamp with Bubble level. DAC-X 1 clamp accommodates Arca-swiss style plates. Dual drop notch. Clamp length: 50mm. Ball Diameter: 44mm. Base diameter: 58mm Height: 101mm. Weight: 460g (16oz). Max load: 30kg (66 lbs). Bottom thread: 3/8 with 1/4 adapter.

  • Arca-Swiss / RRS compatible
  • Independent Pan Lock Knob
  • Max load: 30kg (66 lbs).
  • Ball Diameter: 44mm
  • Includes 1/4 inch Bushing adapter.
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Top Reviews
Decent head with minor QA And design problems; supplied DAC-X1 clamp no good at all. Mediocre value overall.
by Valued Customer on August 02, 2018
Verified Purchase

[Review of Desmond Demon DB-44 ball-head, supplied with DAC-X1 clamp]Decent head, but with QA And design problems; DAC-X1 clamp no good at all. Cheaper heads can do better.I would recommend the cheaper, chunkier, Desmond DB-46 head. The DB-46 takes extreme loads/torques, comes with an excellent clamp that has levels useful for both horizontal and vertical alignment, and can be reliably used inverted without additional components. I would also recommend the smaller (than DB-44 and DB-46) - and even cheaper - DB-40 head, which is a scaled-down DB-46. The DB-40 does not have the extreme holding torque of the DB-44 and DB-46, but it has plenty for practical purposes. The only significant downside that I am aware of with DB-40 and DB-46 is that their clamps do not have alignment marks - though it's easy enough to create a centre mark with an engineer's square and a scribe, or paint.I have reviewed the Desmond DAC-X1 clamp on Amazon.com separately. I strongly recommend using a different, more conventional, clamp.Good points:- Ball has very high holding torque: in excess of 13Nm (10 ft-lbs). I didn't try higher torques, as they didn't seem realistic.- Fairly smooth ball action. I have a much smoother Novoflex CB3, but that is much more expensive.- Controls easy to use - deeply grooved knobs work with gloves on. But see also bad points.- Smooth, well-damped panning (but see below).- Degree scale is always visible - some ballhead designs hide the degree scale, except for a cutout in the base.To put the holding torque into context, suppose you have a Nikon 300mm f/2.8 with a D810 on the back. That's about 3.9kg. Don't put it on the ball head. Instead, put a 200mm Nodal rail on the ball head, so the nodal rail clamp is offset 150mm/6"" horizontally from the head, and the nodal rail clamp is pointing at 90 degrees to the head. Now put the 300mm foot in the nodal rail clamp. So the camera + lens is moved 150mm/6"" sideways, and the weight of the camera+lens is centred about 6"" to the side of the head. That's crazy. The torque on the head is about 5.7Nm/4.2ft-lbs. Easily within the capability of the DB-44 head. In fact even the smaller and cheaper DB-40 will hold this mess.Bad points:- Supplied DAC-X1 clamp has a defective design. Use another clamp.- When locking wheel is turned to fully unlocked, it may stick there, requiring extreme force to return to normal operation (see below).- Silicone oil, used to damp panning, may leak from between base and body, and then be spread across other camera gear you touch (see below).- Base design may not attach reliably to some tripods.- My example was supplied with a loose base (see below). My experience seems not unique.Other points:- The body cutouts for tilting the ball are limited to a fairly accurate 90 degrees. This means that it may not be possible to shoot with the clamp in an accurate vertical plane without adjusting the tripod legs to accurately level the tripod itself. Which is not easy or quick. An extra 2-3 degrees beyond 90 degrees would be helpful. This is a common problem with ballhead designs.Usage hint:- When packing the tripod away, make sure that the panning knob is unlocked, and the ball locking knob is neither fully locked nor fully unlocked. This is general advice, but particularly important for this head, because it can stick in ""unlocked"".Quality Assurance problems:- As supplied, the base would not lock: after tightening the locking knob for the base, the base would still rotate with a range of about 2 degrees total.- As supplied, a clear, highly viscous, (silicone?) lubricant leaked from between the (panning) base, and the body of the head.The leaking lubricant was the damping fluid for the panning action of the head. Excess damping fluid was leaking from the panning base. The (plain) panning bearing is not sealed in the design: excess damping fluid leaking from the base of the internal panning bearing has a free path to the outside world via the gap between the base and the body. In the long term, it may be desirable to remove the base periodically, and carefully clean away any excess damping fluid - and dirt which has entered between the base and the body - to prevent buildup of an abrasive paste formed from dirt and damping fluid.Viscous fluids leaking out of photographic equipment are undesirable. I don't want this stuff on my filters or lenses.I was able to fix the wobbling base problem when I noticed that the three flat-head bolts attaching the base to the internal panning ring were loose. Tightening these three bolts (2mm hex key) fixed the problem.I suspect that these bolts were torqued against a thick film of excess highly viscous damping fluid, and, between manufacture and delivery, the excess damping fluid slowly flowed out of the gap between the base and the panning ring, leaving the connection between the base and the internal panning ring loose.Design problems:- The supplied DAC-X1 clamp. See Amazon.com review.- The Locking knob can ""latch"" in the unlocked position, locking both the locking and friction rings in an unlocked position. Other heads I've tried with linked locking and friction controls also have a slight tendency to stick at fully unlocked, but in this case I was unable to un-stick the locking knob with my bare hands - I had to wrap a cloth around the locking knob for extra grip to un-stick it. Not what you would want in the field.- The base many not fix safely to some tripods. This is a relatively subtle point. The DB-44 base has a ring closely surrounding the tripod mount screw in the same plane as the outside of the base. If - on a particular tripod - the base is clamped against this ring, the tripod mounting may be unreliable, unstable, and prone to unscrewing itself. A more reliable design would eliminate this inner ring, so that the base is clamped further away from the central tripod mounting bolt, and - varying - sideways torques on the head are less able to tilt the tripod mounting. Some tripods - including Desmond's own DCF-432 - use head mounting plates which are recessed near the central head mounting bolt to avoid this problem.Illustrations:1) Head, as supplied, with DAC-X1 clamp (I include this because vendors sometimes change the product, without changing the Amazon page, perhaps to keep good reviews).2) Base of DB-44 ballhead, illustrating base ring close to mount hole.3) Base of DB-40 ballhead, for comparison, illustrating a more reliable base design.4) Mounting plate of DCF-432 tripod, which avoids the problem with the DB-44 base.

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Very well made and all adjustments are tight.
by Valued Customer on July 21, 2018
Verified Purchase

This is a great ball head. I put it on a slik tripod to use coyote hunting. It holds my Daniel Defense AR 15 rock solid. I haven't used any of the more expensive ball yards. But don't see how they could be any better. Two nights out with it and two coyotes on the ground. My old ball head had some slop when panning, this one doesn't have any. Best ball head I've found for the money period!

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Solid and looks great!
by Valued Customer on July 09, 2018
Verified Purchase

Very well made product. I was trying to decide between this product and a few others. I finally decided on this one after watching an online review by a popular photographer. I am pleased with how solid it feels and how well it holds my camera gear tight. I use it with a nodal slide, Canon 80d and a Tokina 11-16 f2.8. I haven't had any issues with it slipping yet. If anything changes, I will update this review.

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Good quality
by Valued Customer on June 17, 2018
Verified Purchase

Good quality. Smooth to operate. The only issue is, it does not come with manual.

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What a deliciously high-quality piece of gear for a terrific low price
by Valued Customer on June 04, 2018
Verified Purchase

What a deliciously high-quality piece of gear for a terrific low price! They cut corners/cost on something I care nothing about - PACKAGING- plain brown cardboard box. But inside, pure treasure. Huge upgrade vs. my old Vanguard SBH50 ball head. Why didn't I do this long ago?

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Tension/Lock Knob interplay takes some getting used to - otherwise, very solid ball head.
by Valued Customer on March 04, 2018
Verified Purchase

Overall, I'm satisfied, though I've found the tension/lock knob interaction took some getting used to.The tension knob (large, blue outer ring) and the lock knob (inner, silver ring) aren't completely independent. I assume this is by design, though when I was first testing the head I was fairly frustrated with it.Here's what I mean:The short of it - it seems the tension knob can do plus/minus a rotation or two from the locking mechanism.- If the lock knob is completely disengaged to allow unfettered movement on the ball, tightening the tension knob as much as possible does almost nothing in terms of providing resistance on ball movement.- From the above point, turning the lock knob slightly towards lock position all of a sudden allows the tension knob an additional couple rotations (thus providing some resistence to movement).I'd read some reviews where the person indicated the tension knob appeared to do nothing. My guess: they had the lock knob completely loose.When the lock knob is slightly tightened/turned to lock, the tension knob functions as expected - allowing for movement of the head while still holding the camera in position if released.In terms of overall thoughts: I'm happy with it.- The panning motion is very smooth.- There's absolutely no motion, no play once locked tight - this was a complaint I had with my prior ball heads: there was always some amount of movement, however small, after locking the head.- Solid, sturdy construction.

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Needs a better manual or how-to video
by Valued Customer on February 08, 2018
Verified Purchase

I got one of these. Action was quite smooth, but it was unclear what, if anything, the tension adjustment ring was doing. I asked a question here in Q And A, seller told me to return it. He later contacted me to tell me that it was operating just fine, but they were refunding my purchase anywaySo, the issue was my understanding of how it worked. I'm sure I wasn't the only one. A bit more documentation, in the form of a paper manual or a youtube video is needed.What I'd wanted to do was to be able to set base tension so my camera stays in place when I let go, but can be moved to where I want. My only exposure to this was a RRS BH-40 which has a separate tension knob. I have no problem setting base tension on that ballhead - but it's about $250 more expensive (without clamp).

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Great New Design and Phenomenal Customer Service
by Valued Customer on October 20, 2017
Verified Purchase

I had purchased the first version and it did seize up a month out of warranty. However, they still replaced it, and with a brand new one, THIS redesigned model! Real estate shoots just started up again and jumped right in testing this new model. The new one works great and love the look with the silver ball. The knob tightens so much better that the other model. It tightens very well and keeps a 5D Mark IV and 16-35mm/4 rock steady. When the old model went out on me I bought the Manfrotto 496, but now the Manfrotto is my backup. This new DB-44 just feels smoother and easier to adjust. It also holds my heavy 70-200mm/2.8 steady for when I do portrait work. I have it paired on a heavier duty travel tripod so I can maneuver easily in houses for real estate work, and the pair just work great.

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by Valued Customer on June 19, 2017
Verified Purchase

LOVE this ballhead. The side knob does take quite a few tunrs to get it locked but once locked, it doesnt move AT ALL. I have shot all day overhead, with this locked in place on a Canon 5DsR with a 70-200mm 2.8L II. No jog. Perfect.

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Nearly identical to the much more expensive Markins Q heads
by Valued Customer on March 24, 2017
Verified Purchase

Almost identical in fit and finish to the Markins Q heads, which i own one of similar to this. Panning has a smooth silky feel to it, as well as the ball head itself. Doesn't need much torque to lock it down, though i wish they had made the large dial in rubber, so it's easier to grip like the Markins, but that's just a minor minor complain. Another issue is you can't open this and drop an Arca plate down into it, as the lips don't expand far enough open - you have to slide the plate under it and tighten. Aside from that, it's very solidly built and feels much more expensive than it costs. I'd definitely buy another product from Desmond again.

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Great value, works flawlessly.
by Valued Customer on February 17, 2017
Verified Purchase

I have purchased several items from Desmond, but this is the first ball head. It operates smoothly, has all metal construction and is great value for the money. As others have described, this items is comparable to other ball heads that cost nearly two times the amount. I paired this with a Sirui T-2205x. I have no problem having this combination fit into the bag that Sirui provided and there is still enough room to place additional items in it such as leveling base. It's not a light weight ball head, so expect that. Compared to the similar specd Sirui K-30 x , this ball head weighs 1.4 pounds and the Sirui, 1.10 pounds. It all adds up if you are wanting this for use in a backpacking trip. If this is not a concern, this this is certainly worth purchasing if you would like to save some money.

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quality product for the price point.
by Valued Customer on February 05, 2017
Verified Purchase

quality product for the price point. I use it on an Induro tripod for an olympus m43 body.

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