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Dry-Erase Whiteboard Eraser - 8-Pack
An Amazon Brand. ...
AMAZONBASICSDry-Erase Whiteboard Eraser-8-Pack
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Dry-Erase Whiteboard Eraser - 8-Pack

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8 Pack

An Amazon Brand.

  • 8-pack set of dry-erase whiteboard erasers; ideal for home, school, or office
  • Quickly removes marks made by dry-erase markers; for use with whiteboard, porcelain, and melamine surfaces
  • Plastic top and non-abrasive felt pad bottom with a soft pile that wont scratch board surfaces
  • Rectangular shape; fits inside a standard whiteboard pen holder for easy access
  • Measures 4.2 by 1.9 by 0.9 inches each (LxWxH); weighs 1.1 ounces; backed by an AmazonBasics limited 1-year warranty
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Top Reviews
Great for basic usage, may not be so great for someone who would use them a lot.
by Valued Customer on May 21, 2018
Verified Purchase

I give these 4 stars because of how thin the eraser is, however, if someone is looking for at-home or basic personal use, these would be 5 Star items. They work very well on regular white boards and don't smear any of the dry erase markers; we use brand-name Expo dry erase markers. The actual portion of the eraser is very thin so I would suspect that after steady, consistent use, they may wear out on the quicker side but for our type of us (chore boards and white board schedules), they've been great!

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Not a bad choice
by Valued Customer on April 17, 2018
Verified Purchase

These are a bit small but do the job. Also, my son tends to ruin or lose his white board erasers so having a few pspare ones tucked away will be useful.

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Good value
by Valued Customer on June 12, 2018
Verified Purchase

Does the job

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Five Stars
by Valued Customer on June 07, 2018
Verified Purchase

A very nice product at a very attractive price. Thanks A+

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Three Stars
by Valued Customer on May 31, 2018
Verified Purchase

They are ok

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Lightweight erasers; firm edges are good for erasing details
by Valued Customer on February 08, 2018
Verified Purchase

Servicable erasers. They're cheap and lightweight, but the do the trick, and the firm edges allow you to precisely erase slingle lines of lists on small whiteboards. They seem to be made of a lightweight block (styrofoam?) covered in velvet, then glued into a thin plastic case that covers most of 5 sides, leaving the fabric and a bit of all the edges exposed. These are much lighter/cheaper than erasers I've gotten with Expo sets, but they work fine. I have dozens of whiteboards in my buildings, so it's nice to stock them all in one go.They don't have any magical properties; they erase about as well as anything else, working well on new marks/boards and requiring more elbow grease on old marks/boards.(It's hard for me to accurately rate these without knowing the price, since the quality is fairly cheap, but they work as expected, and the firm edges/corners are a nice touch for detailed erasing.)

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Lighter And Smaller Erasers Does the Job!
by Valued Customer on February 14, 2018
Verified Purchase

I used one of these dry erasers on our whiteboard in French class today. It wipes the marker ink off fairly easily. It's smaller in size than the other erasers were have in class by a smidgen.I noticed the other markers on the bottom are losing some of the fabric. These markers have a different kind of fabric which shouldn't come off as easily.These markers are easy to grip. The main difference I noticed was the size is a tad smaller - so takes up less room where you store them with markers on ledge under dry erase board. And the fabric which has contact with the board which looks like it will last longer.These are lighter in weight, too. I'm pleased with them.

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Makes a great teacher gift!
by Valued Customer on April 12, 2018
Verified Purchase

The AmazonBasics Dry-Eraser Whiteboard Erasers work well. If you have a white board that already needs spray to clean it, these won't change that. For my large DIY whiteboard, it works if I draw and then immediately erase. But if anything is left up very long, I have to use spray to remove it. A new eraser didn't fix that, because I'm using a DIY whiteboard. However, on my smaller manufactured whiteboard, the eraser always works. This 8 pack is a convenient way to re-stock your office, church, or school with erasers for their whiteboards. Or if you have multiple kids with write-on/wipe-off books, boards, etc. it will reduce their tissue and paper towel usage.

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Work as advertised- multi-pack convienience for kid's dry erase workbooks, offices, schools
by Valued Customer on February 26, 2018
Verified Purchase

These are smaller erasers but they do the job and they are easy to hold. Due to their size, they will fit on my board's ledges so they stay convenient. When markers are fresh, they wipe it right off, but you do need spray if it is has been up a while and dried on. Then these have a textured enough surface to help get it off with just a bit of scrubbing.THere are 8 in the box, making this a good choice for people with multiple whiteboards or for schools/homeschools that use whiteboards or dry erase workbooks for kid's writing practice. I can't be sure of the price, but if these were the same or less than other multipack erasers, I would buy them again.

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5 star price, but low frills erasers
by Valued Customer on March 28, 2018
Verified Purchase

While I like to use the whiteboard and value a nice set of markers, I tend to take erasers for granted. These didn't change my overall impression of erasers, but they mean I always have one handy to use or give away at the office. They're very basic, but they get the job done.I'm not sure what a 5 star whiteboard eraser looks like, but for the price, these are a winner.

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Don't last long, but do a good job
by Valued Customer on March 16, 2018
Verified Purchase

Even though I know I should put an eraser pack in better view of its lifetime, I must confess I hoped for more out of these erasers. They don't last very long at all before requiring cleaning and even replacement. However, they do make a respectable work of cleaning the board, grittier than some erasers, and that's not a bad thing when it comes to really scrubbing out the marker.

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They look good and long lasting
by Valued Customer on February 18, 2018
Verified Purchase

�Practical set of whiteboard erasers. Works perfectly on my board at home. Very convenient and affordable. They look good and long lasting. Will keep posting updates.First use: February.Let's see how long they are good for. I am a school teacher, and I really hope this can replace the awful so expensive erasers that we use at school.

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