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Forerunner Bicycle Mount Kit
Attach your Forerunner to your bike to collect workout data while cycling. Great for multisport workouts. The Forerunner quickly attaches to the bike mount for a clean transition from running to biking. Compatible Products: Approach S1 North America Forerunner 110 Forerunner 210 Forerunner 310 XT Forerunner 405 Forerunner 405CX Forerunner ...
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Forerunner Bicycle Mount Kit

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Attach your Forerunner to your bike to collect workout data while cycling. Great for multisport workouts. The Forerunner quickly attaches to the bike mount for a clean transition from running to biking.

Compatible Products:

Approach S1 North America
Forerunner 110
Forerunner 210
Forerunner 310 XT
Forerunner 405
Forerunner 405CX
Forerunner 410
Forerunner 50
Forerunner 610
Forerunner 910 XT
Foretrex 301
Foretrex 401

  • Compatible with a variety of Garmin watches
  • Attach for a clean transition from running to biking
  • Quick and easy install
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The included zipties are unnecessary as the watch
by Valued Customer on May 30, 2015
Verified Purchase

I recently upgraded from a Forerunner 220 to a fenix 3 and was a little unclear about compatibility with different models of Garmin watches after reading on Garmin's website as well as on Amazon. I can clearly state that it'll work for just about any watch. It's a simple rubber piece that wraps around a handlebar. The included zipties are unnecessary as the watch, when wrapped around the mount, provides all the necessary pressure to keep everything in place. Plus, if you own multiple bikes, not using the zipties allows you to quickly move it from one bike to the other. It's a little bit inconvenient to wrap a watch around this thing, but we're talking about a few extra seconds and clearly isn't a big deal. I've included images of both of my watches on the handlebar of a straight handlebar Giant Escape. I'm confident that it will work fine on any handlebar and will not interfere with brake/derailleur cables. It's nothing fancy, but it doesn't need to be. It works well and is recommended.

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Nice mount when in use and clean when not occupied by a watch.
by Valued Customer on January 29, 2016
Verified Purchase

Great mount and does exactly what its supposed to do.Easily plops onto your bar and can be secured with the zip ties (2 provided not 4) Has nice nooks on the underside for the large end of the zip tie to tuck into and once cut just run a file over the end to smooth it out.Depending on your bar tape, cable routing might be tight. I removed my front brake line and ran it through the mount. Nice and clean and no issue at all getting it through or with the operation of the cable.

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I didn't like having my Fenix on my wrist when riding
by Valued Customer on January 24, 2018
Verified Purchase

I bought this to be able to mount my Fenix3 on my bike while I ride. I didn't like having my Fenix on my wrist when riding, and this is the perfect solution. It would really work with any watch, so I'm not sure why they market it for just the Forerunner series. The mount is rubber just snap it on over an empty space in your handlebars, strap your watch to it and your off I don't even bother with the cable ties. They aren't needed as the watch strap itself holds the mount in place and without the cable ties I can easily remove the mount if I don't want it on for some reason.This thing saved me from having to use a dedicated bike computer. I have Garmin speed and cadence sensors on the bike linked to the Fenix3 watch and use the Fenix GPS to track my rides. This mount allowed me to completely get rid of my cateye computer, which didn't have nearly as many features as the Garmin setup anyhow.It's a simple and awesome solution if you have a GPS sports watch and ride a bike.

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Zip Ties Not Strong, Slower Than Quick Release Kit
by Valued Customer on January 03, 2015
Verified Purchase

The first thing I noticed is that one of the zip ties broke during initial install. It appears they're ""quick release"" zip ties. Go to local hardware supply and get strong zip ties. Bring the included pair with you so you can match the width. The length is simply trimmed after installation; however, the longer the better for installation purposes.I don't feel the mount kit is strong enough unless I use the zip ties. A whole pack of replacement ties is very cheap, so don't fret about cutting them repeatedly to reinstall.The�Quick Release Kit�for my�Garmin Forerunner 920 x T�raises the bezel too high for every day use, so I use this mount kit. It's slightly time consuming to connect/disconnect the watch band to this mount, especially when you're tired from exercise. If I ever get good enough to really care about an extra 30 seconds (max) on my triathlon transition times I'll probably install the Quick Release Kit for races only.I had some confusion installing the mount kit. Some tips:- Install the kit with the ""Garmin"" advertisement facing forward.- Feed the zip ties starting in the rear (non-Garmin side), bottom position then over the top and back down. After cinching the zip ties, rotate/slide the zip tie clasp forward so it neatly hides in the front void.Would I buy it again? Yes. It's pretty cheap and it works.

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Just what I needed.
by Valued Customer on December 08, 2012
Verified Purchase

I'm a runner with a Garmin 210 who also cycles. I'm not anywhere enough of a cyclist to invest in a new GPS watch/ bike computer. I was disapointed when I went into the local bike shop with my watch and asked how they recommended mounting it on my bike for ease of use and they launched into a whole ordeal about what sort of bike computer I should purchase and how there are some tri-watches that have removable and bike-mountable watch faces. I don't need that. A Garmin rep at the Chicago marathon expo taught me how to change the display from minutes/mile (what I use as a runner) to miles/hour (how I like it displayed when I'm cycling) and then I found this on Amazon and I'm set. :) Cheap, easy solution. I also find I don't need the zip tie; once my watch is tightened around the plastic piece it's not going anywhere. This does EXACTLY what I wanted it to do.

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Works great for Forerunner 305!
by Valued Customer on June 22, 2010
Verified Purchase

There are a few reviews on here that mention using this product with the Forerunner 305, but I wanted to make sure I posted a review to state specifically that yes - the Forerunner 305 fits on this perfectly (even though the description says Forerunner 405 and Forerunner 50).I initially looked at the Forerunner 305 Quick-Release kit, but the horror stories of the device popping out of the wristband or bike mount quickly scared me away. With this mount, you can keep your 305 on its original wrist-strap, and feel more secure on your bike as the strap is wrapped around the mount. Garmin should abandon that Quick-Release kit and just use this as their mount for all their Forerunners.One note - you do have to rotate the mount downward to see the 305 screen in an optimal position, but this hasn't affected the GPS reception at all.

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Easily attaches to my road bike; using with a Garmin fenix 3 watch
by Valued Customer on August 14, 2017
Verified Purchase

I use this on the handlebars of my road bike for when I'm on the bike trainer; I then take it off when I go out onto the road. I use it for a Garmin fenix 3 watch. So I didn't use the zip ties to tie it down because I only want to use it when I'm on the bike trainer; I wear my watch on my arm when I ride outside. It's well made and easily stretches to put it on your bike; it should also fit the Garmin fenix 5 series. I've actually seen this product cheaper on Amazon but without the GARMIN logo; appears to be the same thing.

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Doesn't work so well on smaller diameter bars
by Valued Customer on January 12, 2014
Verified Purchase

I have an aluminum road bicycle with a 1 inch diameter flat bar. I outfitted it with aftermarket aero bars, so there's not a whole lot of room to install a GPS mount, or at least when I do install something, the display isn't visible in the riding position. Nonetheless, this Garmin mount fits. Unfortunately, the polymer/rubber mount material doesn't grip the bar well enough and requires yanking on the zip-ties to get a really snug fit. Even then, it can still rotate with vibration and some force.That said, this allows an easy way for any GPS multi-sport watch to be mounted to a bicycle. I also have a Motorola Motoactv that fits on this mount kit with the watch band!What I'd change with this design is to make it slimmer and more narrow. My Forerunner 305 isn't exactly a slim watch, it is an odd shape that takes up some space, and this mount isn't the slimmest either.Overall: 5/5 stars, great value and an easy way to mount any GPS watch to your bicycle, not just a Garmin Forerunner.

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Keep your eyes on the road
by Valued Customer on September 08, 2016
Verified Purchase

This is a great way to mount your Garmin watch to your bike. When I am biking I prefer to have the watch on my handlebars instead of on my wrist. It makes it much easier to see your ride data without taking your eyes off of the road. I use it with my Garmin Vivoactive and it works great. I didn't use the zip ties to mount it to my bike because I like to take it off during triathlons and when riding at night so that I can mount my lights. Simply tightening the watch band around is sufficient to hold it in place.

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Does what it's supposed to do
by Valued Customer on July 06, 2012
Verified Purchase

There's nothing special to say here. This device gives your GPS watch a bulky enough area to simply strap the wristband around.My fiance and I are using it with our Garmin 205's. She has the smaller wristband and I have the larger, and this device works with both. As far as I can tell, there's absolutely no reason it wouldn't work with any GPS watch with a wrist strap. I did not use the ties to permanently attach it to the bike - it stays on just fine with the watch keeping it in place. And it's much nicer to have it on the handlebar than on my wrist.If you're doing triathlons and using the same watch for bike and run, and you're trying to shave seconds off your transition time, this probably isn't for you, as getting it off the bike can be a little annoying (but for my purposes, not annoying enough to justify the alternate device that is easier to transition, but that people complain the watch can fall out of). Also, if you're a serious competitor and care about the weight of your bike down to the gram, this probably isn't for you as it's a little on the heavy side.

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No rubber spacers
by Valued Customer on November 05, 2017
Verified Purchase

Works ok but 1) there's no easy way to make the zip-tie clasp disappear into the mount and 2) it doesn't come with spaces to mount on aero-bar computer mounts which are thinner than handlebars. I seem to recall the old version coming with rubber spacersSo, using my Easton aero bars and computer mount, I have to find a way to attach this thing.

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Quality but larger than expected
by Valued Customer on October 29, 2015
Verified Purchase

So I was looking for something to attach my garmin watch to a computer mount built into an aero water bottle holder. I was hoping that this would work since I don't like the garmin quick connect. Unfortunately this is a lot larger than expected and doesn't fit on my mount. I even tried it on my road bike bars and it barely squeezes in with the cables and wrap. I think it's a quality made product that would work in the right situation but it's too large for my needs. I would make sure you have a decent sized open area on your bars if you plan to use this.

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