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Headset Headphone With Mic Compatible With Xbox 360 Wireless Controller, White
Insten Headset Headphone With Mic Compatible With Xbox 360 Wireless Controller, ...
INSTENHeadset Headphone With Mic Compatible With Xbox 36
Headset Headphone With Mic Compatible With Xbox 36
Headset Headphone With Mic Compatible With Xbox-2
Headset Headphone With Mic Compatible With Xbox-3
Headset Headphone With Mic Compatible With Xbox-4
Headset Headphone With Mic Compatible With Xbox 36Headset Headphone With Mic Compatible With Xbox-2Headset Headphone With Mic Compatible With Xbox-3Headset Headphone With Mic Compatible With Xbox-4
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Headset Headphone With Mic Compatible With Xbox 360 Wireless Controller, White

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Insten Headset Headphone With Mic Compatible With Xbox 360 Wireless Controller, White
  • Dual overhead phones for stereo sound quality. Volume control. Mute Switch. Light weight adjustable headset for comfort.
  • Discuss gaming strategy with your teammates, trash-talk your opponents or just chat while playing your favorite games like Call of Duty or Halo.
  • Adjustable noise canceling microphone for crisp clear communication. Leave voice messages to your friends and family with Xbox live message service.
  • Take your Xbox Live experience to the next level by plugging this headset with adjustable microphone onto your Xbox 360 controller.
  • Immerse yourself in the complete gaming experience. Color: White. Note: Controllers not included, Headset only. NOT compatible with: Microsoft Xbox, Xbox One.
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Top Reviews
Good headset for the money!
by Valued Customer on September 29, 2016
Verified Purchase

Great headset, even better price. I think I paid like 6 bucks for these things lol. I got so tired of wasting 15 bucks twice a year on the microsoft brand headset and said screw it! I'm only gonna buy a cheap headset from now on.Turns out this headset is WAY better than the microsoft brand headset that comes with the xbox. It sounds better, the mic is more clear. For some reason the plastic part of the connector is just a bit thicker than it needs to be (seems to be a common theme for a few people) so taking a nail file and trimming the top part of the plastic just a little bit will fix that problem quickly. Only do that if yours seems to not connect properly though. Other than the the only complaint I could see would be that the headset does fit fairly snug on your head. So if you have a larger head this headset might feel a bit too tight. Could probably fix that overnight by leaving it wrapped around the arm of your chair or couch. I haven't had any issue like that with the headset. Overall i've had the headset for far longer than 6 months now so it's already far outlasted the standard microsoft brand headsets i've been buying for the last 5 years. If anything that alone makes it worth the 6 bucks I paid!

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Worth the Price! Great for gamers of any age.
by Valued Customer on August 26, 2015
Verified Purchase

We received the headphones right on time. However the did come in a white box so not in the original package. Other than that the headphones work great! They are quality headphones and at $10 I think we got a great price. My son uses these to play his Xbox Live with friends. He says that they have good quality as far as the sound goes. He can hear the other players clearly and they can hear him through the mic. The headphones aren't too big or too small I say they are the perfect size for a person with a smaller to medium head. I'm not sure how they would feel on a person who has a larger head, they might be a little snug. Other than that we found no problems or issues with these headphones. They work great and come at a great price.

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Great for it's purpose: JUST in-game chat. No game audio.
by Valued Customer on January 20, 2013
Verified Purchase

Well, it is what it is - a $5 headset.Keep in mind, this is NOT a $100 pair; it does NOT transmit any game music or sound effects through it. ONLY player chat!So whereas you can hear and be heard by other players while you use this mic, you will still need to have your TV audio turned up - perhaps a tad more than usual, since now you have a barrier over your ears - to hear all of the goings-on of the game.But that being said it's $5.Great buy for the price, if you are short on cash and just want to hurry up and get the capability of teamchat in some online gaming. CAN'T COMPLAIN, going into this purchase with that in mind.The connection to the controller is one of the best setups I've seen - perfect fit (though a reassuring snapping 'click' to hold it in place would be nice but unless you're really getting physically worked up while playing, you should be A-Ok). The volume control, mute, on/off buttons are Very intuitively placed and easily accessible without taking away from other controls while playing.Pretty comfortable and lightweight; doesn't squeeze too tightly.Though after an hour or two of playing, yeah - you'll get a little sense of that compressed-earlobe feel for a minute or two. I've felt much worse though, from much more expensive pairs.One con to note:Though it's sensitivity and clarity is great while I have the TV on average-to-low volume (usual) occasionally when no one else is home, I like to turn the volume of the TV up a little more so I can hear more sound effects - like footsteps, which in first-person multiplayer, can Really help your game. When I do, I have been told that my mic is picking up the background sound of the game coming from my TV, too - which from my own experiences, can be Really annoying to other gamers, because it's practically constant [delayed] background noise from someone else's gaming experience, while you're trying to focus on your own.But all-in-all. it's FIVE BUCKS.If you're not looking for Bose-quality surround sound audio, and understand that this is a low-budget, chat-only headset. you'll be easily impressed with this mic.I debated giving it five stars, simply because of the super-cheap price. But eh. I think four is quite fair though.

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by Valued Customer on August 05, 2018
Verified Purchase

It's hard finding a decent headset for 360. This loooed promising, however, after trying to use this on 3 different remotes and never getting sound from the headset or voice from the microphone we started the return process.I'm not sure if the one we got was defective but I have one bummed 9yo.The headset is decently made. The cord is a little flimsy and may be where the problem lies. If we decide to order another I will update as to if we have the same issue.

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Get your kid the headset. That's how s/he will learn to communicate and pass his/her future interviews.
by Valued Customer on February 02, 2015
Verified Purchase

Got 3 sets. All three work great. The cushions on the ears are comfortable and soft. The volume is adjustable. Great deal.Contemporary playdates (for kids) these days apparently include Xbox 360, Minecraft, and either yelling at the console to communicate with the player at another house, or sending annoying slow incomplete text messages ORand this is the choice these headsets provideeasy, quiet, communication. So let your kids learn how to communicate via headset. It's not like they will learn how to talk on the phone any time soon. Give them a shot at passing their first interview, working as a team, working on a project, collaboration, overcoming obstacles, etc etcIt's cheap enough, and it works. Just get it. Or better get 2, because there inevitably will be a family who will not buy one for their kids, and their kid will happen to be your kid's best friend.

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A lot cheaper than the official Xbox or brand name
by Valued Customer on March 08, 2016
Verified Purchase

A lot cheaper than the official Xbox or brand name headset mics you can buy. Cheap enough to buy a couple, which I did, in case once breaks. Be aware though, that this type of model does not offer ingame sound through the headset, only voice. The game sounds will still come out of whatever output your TV uses, so this is not a solution if you don't want to hear your kids game anymore. If you want a headset that plays both voice and gameplay sounds at once, you'll have to look elsewhere.

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Great started headsets for kids.
by Valued Customer on November 01, 2015
Verified Purchase

These are very inexspensive and the audio quality seems good with no static or unwanted noise. They are also very convenient due to the fact they plug into the Xbox controller and do not require additional batteries. I bought 2 pair for my 9 and 11 year olds. I would rate them a 5 but the solder points inside the headsets are very small and eventually the wires get pulled loose at the solder points. First set lasted about 8 months.. but I'd rather buy 8 or 9 of these for the same price as 1 of the name brands. Plus for young kids learning to use something for the first time, they have done well with these. Also I will mention using 2 of these in the same room, the kids have not mentioned needing to be a certain distance away from each other in order for them to work properly.

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Not worth the price
by Valued Customer on February 20, 2017
Verified Purchase

Microphone doesn't work too well, neither do the headphones. Sound quality is subpar. I bought it because it was cheap, but should have just spent a few more dollars for something that will work or looks good.

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Grrat Quality and Comfort At A Fraction of the Cost
by Valued Customer on July 16, 2015
Verified Purchase

I definitely have to give this headset 5 stars based on the overall quality for price paid. I have always bought the high end headsets for my son and they always ended up broken so I decided to go for a cheaper pair and give it a go. I am extremely pleased with the durable design and the sound quality of the headset. The microphone works great for him to interact online while gaming on his Xbox 360. The headset provides much comfort as well for endless hours of gaming with padded ears. I definitely recommend these to anyone in the market for a set and not wanting to waste paying the high cost for other brands that always end up broken a few months later.

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they are very comfortable and nicely padded
by Valued Customer on March 02, 2016
Verified Purchase

This is the 3rd headset I have had to purchase for my son to play his Xbox games. Mostly because 7 yr olds are hard on these sort of things and the plastic covering over the wires are a little on the thin side. It tends to crack or separate around the area that attaches to the connector. Lets be honest I didn't expect high quality headphones here for under $10. However, they are very comfortable and nicely padded. I like that they are oversized. Makes it easier for the headset to stay on my little ones head. Also the mic is adjustable. This time I was prepared and used a little electrical tape to add support and protect from fraying.

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Great deal!
by Valued Customer on February 18, 2016
Verified Purchase

I ordered this headset for my son. He plays xbox 360 and he had broke the headset he had for years. This headset works great for listening and talking to other gaming members while your playing. It also works great while listening to music through the 360. My son is not easy on anything and they have held up great since he got them for Christmas. I expect they will last a long time Save money and get a great product at the same time, by buying this Insten Headset with Mic for your Xbox 360!

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He was pretty carefull with the item
by Valued Customer on January 07, 2016
Verified Purchase

I purchased this at the request of my son at the end of August 2015. He was pretty carefull with the itema boy and his XBox! anywayat the end of December he came to me and asked for another, different headset. This unit was coming apart. Where the plug to the xbox controller isthe wiring that goes from the controllerplug to the headset right at the plug wire intersection all the wire casing had come off , at length of about 3/4"" and the mic stopped working. Raw wiring in my opinion is never a good thing even if the unit worked. He was not abusive to it at all. Will I buy it again. Absolutly notespecially since when I made the request to return/exhchange it to the company INSTEN said it was past the time to return it and closed my request. I wouldn't have asked if he had abused it and it was his faultbut it was a product defect. Wiring should not be exposed to anyone let alone kids! if that is an issue the company should improve the durability in that area. This product lasted about 120 daysmaybe. If what you want is a throw away itemthis is fineyou will throw it away.

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