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HERO (2018)
With a touch screen and durable waterproof design, HERO makes it easy to score awesome shots of any adventure. Or use it to capture everyday things from creative new perspectives. Your moments move right to the GoPro app and transform into amazing videos, automatically (1). Wherever life takes you, capture and share your story with HERO. (1) ...
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HERO (2018)

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Gopro HERO

With a touch screen and durable waterproof design, HERO makes it easy to score awesome shots of any adventure. Or use it to capture everyday things from creative new perspectives. Your moments move right to the GoPro app and transform into amazing videos, automatically (1). Wherever life takes you, capture and share your story with HERO.

(1) QuikStories requires the GoPro and Quik mobile apps, available free for iOS and Android. To create a QuikStory, your HERO must be connected to the GoPro app.

  • 2-Inch Touch Screen - Quickly switch between modes, frame the perfect shot and check out your footage on the 2-inch touch screen
  • Waterproof Durable - Built tough and waterproof down to 33ft (10m), HERO goes where your smartphone can't to capture every adventure with no worries
  • Voice control-control your Hero hands-free with simple voice commands Like GoPro, start recording and GoPro, take a photo
  • Wi-Fi Bluetooth - Connect to the GoPro app to control your camera remotely, check out your shots and share your favorites on the spot
  • Auto Offload to Your Phone When Connected to the GoPro App - Your footage moves to the GoPro app which creates fun, shareable videos for you-automatically
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Really liking the GoPro Hero 2018 after being disappointed by the original GoPro Session from 2 years ago
by Valued Customer on April 07, 2018
Verified Purchase

2 years back I bought a GoPro Session. I didn't like it for a bunch of reasons (no touch screen, no mobile app to sync photos/videos, terrible editing software, issues transferring photos/videos off the camera, no removable battery, hard to add music, confusing super tiny interface for changing settings etc.) And it was $399! So definitely wasn't happy with the experience and didn't buy another GoPro. So then I see GoPro release this new $199 camera, GoPro 2018 and decide to give it a chance. And wow was I pleasantly surprised! All the things that sucked in that original GoPro Session have been fixed and they even added voice commands that work really smoothly. It's literally like the exact opposite experience! So anyways, I'm not sure if the best option is to buy this one instead of their top of the line GoPro Hero 6 for $200 more but I do know that I am super happy with my purchase and loving the experience. Oh and I signed up for their GoPro Plus $4.99 a month service thing, that has been very useful. Oh and that auto video creating option as the files automatically transfer to the cloud when I plug it in is so cool. I just bought the 32 gb memory stick and that basic selfie/tripod stick thing to start. Ok you get the picture, I would DEFINITELY recommend buying a GoPro!Update: 4/28/18 - ok thought I would update my review since I've now had it for more than 3 weeks.So far everything is working out great! no changes to my review and I will update my review after say another month of using it.Update: 5/19/18 - have had it for about 2 months now and going good. I like to use the 1440 setting instead of the 1080 for video recording, both come out really nice but the 1440 is just so good. It takes up more space on the memory card but well worth it. The only I might do differently is buy a 64 gb card instead of the 32 gb. I might also buy an extra battery. The thing I like so much about this thing is how insanely portable and rugged it yet the video and picture quality is so awesome. In terms of accessories, I'm still good with the basic tripod, it fits nicely in my pocket and is a great holder for it. So yeah still working great. Video and picture quality is great, the interface is super easy to use (on the phone and the app) and it's never not worked and I've been using it almost every other day. Oh and yeah I've used it a lot more in water since my last update. lol it's definitely waterproof without any case. Also it is indeed very sturdy. I've dropped it, my kids have run over it, and it has been tossed all over. It kind of makes it more fun in a weird way. You can just hand it off to your kid and it won't break (and believe me kids break everything) or you can go running around with and not have to be extra careful. Ok I will try and update it in another month or two after so more use but i can thoughtfully say now that the GoPro Hero is well worth it and I have not used their other models like the GoPro Hero 5 or 6, so i can't speak to them. Sorry one last thing and this is meant for parents. Give the GoPro to your kids for the afternoon and say just go off and fill up the memory card with lots of different videos and photos. You will get some of the most precious and genuine moments you can possibly imagine. I don't know if it the portable size or how the tripod makes it look like a mini movie camera, but our daughter came back with heartwarming footage that we will show her years from now when she has her own kids. Ok lol sorry I know most of you don't care about all that, but hopefully I covered the quality part of it.Update: 6/8/18 - ok i don't know if i should keep providing updates or this is useful, but i have some more feedback. As you can read from above, I like to start slow with buying accessories for any device to make sure I am first happy with the device itself. So now that I am happy with the GoPro Hero, I have ventured out and found another useful accessory, besides the basic gopro tripod, that is inexpensive ($19.99). The accessory is basically just a sleeve with a lanyard in three different colors (i got the blue one because well i like the color blue and it looks fun especially in water). On Amazon it's called ""Accessory Cover Gopro Sleeve plus Lanyard"". Honestly though, i pretty much buy everything off of Amazon, but in this case (not sure Amazon likes me saying this part) but I bought this accessory and the tripod off the GoPro site because they give you 20% off if you have the GoPro Plus $4.99 membership. Anyways, it's a just a few bucks, so probably can do it off Amazon to make it easier, especially for returns. Ok enough about that sorry. So the ""GoPro Sleeve Plus Lanyard"" is such a basic accessory but man it's super duper useful. Combined with the tripod, it's the only accessories I think I need and they both are cheap (I know people buy the one that hooks to the chest and all but I don't use that). Anyways, it's perfect for when you're in the water because the lanyard can be secure around your neck or wrist. And since fun moments to capture kind of pop unexpectedly, I use it to keep it around my neck so I can quickly turn it on and capture what's happening (especially easy because if you hit tap the record button on stop it just starts recording without having to push anything else). And I know this part is subject, but there's something just fun about having it in the sleeve (especially in blue, but i'm partial to blue), you just look at it and you kind of want to grab it and start shooting something. I just recorded my daughter riding her bike for the first time (without training wheels) and it came out great. Again easy because of the sleeve+lanyard. Also, for traveling, you can pack the GoPro Hero + sleeve And lanyard + tripod literally in your coat pocket. Ok so sorry that was a lot of typing about a $20 accessory that is basically just a sleeve and lanyard, but I just found it super useful and thought I recommend that people first start with the tripod and sleeve+lanyard before spending too much on accessories. Oh and also, if you're wondering if you should buy the high end version instead, i'm not sure what the answer to that is. I am super happy with the quality of the video and pics on the Hero, especially because of the price being $199, but I have seen friends videos and pics off the Hero 6 and I won't lie it's pretty incredible and yeah it's better than the Hero quality, but it's also $399. If this is your first GoPro Hero (like me, well I had the Session like I mentioned earlier, but that one is sort of a different model and as I mentioned I didn't like that one), I would recommend starting with this one. The good thing is they are all the same size, so all the accessories will transfer over if I decide to upgrade in say 2 years. Ok so to finish off, I am still super happy with the GoPro Hero and I've been using it literally daily/every other day since I bought it.Update 7/5/18 - ok I've now had the GoPro Hero for 3 months. I'm still going strong with just the two basic accessories (the basic $29.99 tripod and the basic $19.99 sleeve + lanyard). We have started to bike around the local forest reserves so I've been thinking about getting a bike mount, but haven't pulled the trigger on that one. Ok so in terms of updates, I would definitely recommend getting an extra battery especially for trips. For day to day use I don't find the need for the extra battery. But vacation trips, it was definitly a mistake to not get an extra battery as we couldn't get back to the hotel or a charge point. Anyways the batteries are relatively cheap and super tiny so doesn't add to travel bulk. The picture and video quality continues to be just really awesome. The versatility of this thing in terms of going from a water enviorment to a more rugged one where it has to be able to take a fall and not break and do so in a manner of that is truly portable and easy and quick to operate is what makes this thing so insanely useful.On the negative side, I have noticed that once in a while I have to swipe one extra time on the touch screen to have it react. Minor and infrequent event, but worth looking into by GoPro. I'm not sure of th cause, maybe it happens if the screen is grimy or something, not sure.Anyways, overall, still loving it and with summer here it's use has gone up to every day usage. Oh and last thing, my daughter dropped it down a flight of stairs last week and literally nothing happened to it. They should make my car out of this stuff.Update 7/14/18 - oh forgot to mention, MAKE SURE you buy the memory card recommend by GoPro (SanDisk Extreme?� 64GB microSDXC or the SanDisk Extreme?� 32GB microSDHC. Here's the link to it on Amazon -?�SanDisk Extreme 64GB microSDXC UHS-3 Card - SDSQXAF-064G-GN6MA [Newest Version]). The reason I say to make sure to buy the right memory card is because I have two friends whose GoPro was freezing and it turns out it was because they didn't use the GoPro recommended memory card. Apparently it's a high speed card that the camera needs.)Update 7/22/18 - have a noticed a few times that the audio stops playing when replaying the video on the camera itself. i went to settings and hit the reset settings option and then it worked fine. it automatically restarted the camera and in like 20 seconds it all was fine. i have just recently started changing it from 1440 to 1080 so that i can change the field of view to narrow and medium as that can get better footage when you are up close to things. On 1440, the only option is wide. It's just that the video quality looks so good on 1440 that I usually end up leaving it on that setting. oh my son was running with the gopro on the little tripod accessory and ran into the wall and lol he was fine most importantly and the gopro was fine as well. if you get the chance, go down a water slide with it, you get some awesome footage. again would like to reiterate that to start one of the coolest things about the gopro is it's portability for when you go on trips, so i would highly recommend not going overboard on buying accessories to not only reduce cost but also to ensure you can easily pack everything without too much bulk. so pretty much the gopro hero + 64 gb memory card (specific one required,?�SanDisk Extreme 64GB microSDXC UHS-3 Card - SDSQXAF-064G-GN6MA [Newest Version] + 2 batteries + mini tripod thing + sleeve And lanyard thing.Update 7/25/18 - Ok I swear I am not trying to test if this thing will break lol. But I was chasing my 2 1/2 year old son down the street and I had the gopro hero in the mini tripod in my sweatpants pocket (it holds better in the back pocket of jeans btw) and it fell out and wam it slammed on the concrete. I was like oh @#$. I looked down and the edges around the square lens cover thing was dinged up pretty good but interestingly enough the lens cover didn't get scratched at all. So then I turned it on to check if something inside broke. But everything was fine. So yeah it's pretty tough. anyways so just a recommendation, if you are wearing more loose fitting clothes like sweats, the gopro hero might fall out of your pocket but if you have jeans on it's totally fine. My wife asked me why don't I just use the blue sleeve + lanyard thing because that can connect around my wrist. i just like alternating between the mini tripod handle thing and the sleeve + lanyard mostly because I find that the camera moves around less when i use the mini trip handle grip thing for obvious reasons. so now that I know this thing can take a serious hit with no damage, might hook it to the front of my daughter's bike wit this?�GoPro Handlebar/Seatpost/Pole Mount (GoPro Official Mount)?�but then i saw it was $56 for the mount and that seems kind of pricey although the reviews are good on it and it definitely fits the need. But as I have mentioned in my many comments above, i don't recommend buying tons of accessories right off the bat. Think about it for a while and see if you really think you need instead of just going out and spending too much on accessories. If you find yourself consistently riding your bike (two times doesn't count!) and holding the gopro with one hand as you ride, then yeah start looking into the mount for that purpose. After owning two basic accessories so far (the basic tripod and the basic sleeve + lanyard, i can tell you that while the gopro accessories are not cheap, they do feel really solid and good quality like the camera itself).

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I've used it several times as so far I love it. I don't need 4k for anything so
by Valued Customer on March 30, 2018
Verified Purchase

I've used it several times as so far I love it. I don't need 4k for anything so its no loss. Charging the battery made it get hot so you may want to consider getting a dedicated charging station. I do love the USB-C cord. The instructions are a little simple so hit up YouTube reviews of the GoPro 5 or 6 to see the functions.No clear way to insert the battery. Of course I got it wrong the first time and spent 10 minutes trying to pull it back out without damaging anything. Now that its in its staying. For some reason I spent 20 minutes looking for where to stick the microSD card. Not sure if I'm duh or its just not clear.The quality is fantastic. Once I tinkered with photos and videos and saw them on my monitor they are fantastic.Only works with wifi on my iPhone 7 Plus. For some reason the bluetooth wouldn't connect at all.

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Finally Bought a GoPro!
by Valued Customer on April 16, 2018
Verified Purchase

Okay, so I must admit I jumped at the chance to own a GoPro when the new hero came out for $199! Honestly, it is a fantastic deal on a very good little action camera. The ability to aim and frame your shots is amazing as is the highly responsive and intuitive touch screen control. The video and image quality is very good, but it does struggle in dim and backlit situations. Images are surprisingly sharp and white balance is almost always perfect, which was a pleasant surprise. Overall I love almost everything about this camera with one exception the battery life is abysmal. I do some time lapse photography and can barely manage to eek out 2 hours with this camera (the Sony as50 that I also use runs for 3.5+ hours). You can buy extended battery packs, but they double the size and require a case to get wet. Other than the battery life, this baby is a winner!

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by Valued Customer on April 30, 2018
Verified Purchase

Was always looking to get a go pro just for fun and family vacations but they are expensive.. when I saw this one I jumped on it.. doesn't have all the extra unnecessary stuff an amateur will not use.. easy to work with.. fun..

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Crisp And Clear Video and Sound
by Valued Customer on May 20, 2018
Verified Purchase

We love the GoPro HERO. We had looked at GoPros for a while and decided on this one. We like to take it with us when we go fishing out on the boat, fourwheeling with the ATVs, and biking on the trails. It has been great in all situations. The video is crisp and clear and the sound is wonderful. It was well worth the buy!

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Great little camera. Great audio and video for a $200 GoPro.
by Valued Customer on June 05, 2018
Verified Purchase

I've been using the original Hero (2014) for many years now, and it has served me well. I wanted to step up my game from 720p to 1080p so I bought the Hero 2018. Great little camera. Limited on functions, but I only need it for 1080p 60fps and it does that very well. I know there are cheaper cameras out there, but I prefer GoPro so that's what I stayed with. No regrets.

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perfect for my trip to the Philippines
by Valued Customer on May 03, 2018
Verified Purchase

perfect for my trip to the Philippines. can't wait for more adventures. love the new cheaper option as the other models were always too expensive to buy

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Perfect for travel.
by Valued Customer on April 08, 2018
Verified Purchase

A friend of mine had amazing photos and videos from a trip to Tenerife, she said she used the hero stating the only thing it lacked was a screen to preview the photos. The new hero has a screen! I tested it inside, i have a cropped lamp. Wide angle table shot. Then outside in low lighting without WDR setting (should have with as the quality would have been better). Anyway- wide- medium- and narrow same shot all 10mp. This camera is perfect for my travel needs, i ordered an additional battery and an aftermarket waterproof selfie stick/tripod that allows for good camera stability. Also very happy with the insurance option, i think it's worth the additional cost to protect this small investment.

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by Valued Customer on June 03, 2018
Verified Purchase

Awesome camera work s perfect for our Belize Trip. The voice activation is so easy to use when recording or taking pics you don't have to reach for the button just say �go pro take a pic. The go pro app automatically takes your clips and makes you a movie Without any cables or any downloading. Highly recommend!

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by Valued Customer on May 13, 2018
Verified Purchase

Solid action cam and puts out GREAT video and sound footage! Image stabilisation is awesome. Didn't need a gimbal for my mountain bike trip in Park City, UT. However it eats batteries even with voice activation off, screen off and wifi off.

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Very pleased
by Valued Customer on July 13, 2018
Verified Purchase

Not sure why there are so many negative reviews of this camera, it worked flawlessly on our Caribbean vacation. No leaks, good photo and video quality in the water or on land.

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An excellent multi-purpose camera
by Valued Customer on August 05, 2018
Verified Purchase

I bought this camera as part of a sale expecting to eventually be able to do some cool stuff with it, far from everyday use, but boy was I pleasantly surprised. This camera is useful as everything from a wireless dashboard camera to a chest-mounted POV camera for countless tasks, and coupled with the app which shows you everything the camera sees in real time on your phone, it makes a great endoscope to look in high places or underwater. The app also allows you to record the camera remotely, starting or stopping recording from a distance using bluetooth, and even importing footage from the camera on-the-go.Accessories for this camera are widely available. A pack of 50 is selling now for less than $20, and includes nearly all of the essentials for shooting in any scenario. Batteries are cheap as well, with a pack of two third-party batteries with a charger selling for a little under $20 as well.For a camera with such a (relatively) low price, my expectations were greatly exceeded. Compared to the GoPro Hero 5 or 6, this camera only lacks GPS and 4K video, which most beginners can do without. This camera is fantastic, and can be useful in ways you won't expect.

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