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Home Cleaning Kit
Samsung Vacuum Home Cleaning Kit includes convenient fittings to clean furniture, stairs and windows. ...
Samsung52Home Cleaning Kit


Home Cleaning Kit


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Samsung Vacuum Home Cleaning Kit includes convenient fittings to clean furniture, stairs and windows.

  • Accessory Kit for Samsung Canister and Upright Vacuum (VC-F700G; VC-F500G)VU7000; VU4000)
  • Compatible with the following models: VU12F70SHBC/AA; VU12F70SHAF/AA; VU12F70SHDC/AA; VU12F40SBDD/AA; VU12F40SBBT/AA
  • Also compatible with: VC12F70PRJF/AA; VC12F70HNKC/AA; VC12F70HNHR/AA; VC12F50PRJC/AA; VC12F50HNDU/AA
  • Convenient Fittings For Cleaning Furniture; Stairs; and Windows
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Five Stars
by Valued Customer on October 13, 2017
Verified Purchase

The quality of the kit components was satisfactory! Amazingly this kit was still available also!

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It's good when tools do the job
by Valued Customer on October 30, 2014
Verified Purchase

Nice set of attachments that work as stated on my Samsung 1300W. I really like the window attachment, it is designed to protect blinds while cleaning them, I have a large, very good, very old 8' aluminum venetian blind and right now it is cleaner that it has ever been. I was always concerned about keeping the blind out of the vacuum for fear of bending or damaging it and hand cleaning really did get all the parts. The little brush area at the tip gets where it needs to go including the top and bottom of the blind. The pet hair attachment got dog hair off the bedside rug but needed to go one way, side to side across the rug, it would not slide back and forth. But it worked quickly, the little rubber dots on the bottom do move the hair within range of the vacuum and dog hair was gone with one pass on most of the rug. The stair attachment is shaped like a corner, so the stair corners clean quickly on my wood stairs. I didn't use the upholstery attachment as I have leather but it appears to be as well designed as the others, I will try it in my car, but I will probably need the pet hair attachment for that too!

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