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Ipod Shuffle 1 GB Metal (2Nd Generation) -MA564LL/A
Apple iPod Shuffle - Using either witchcraft, fairy dust or highly gifted engineers (we're not sure which), Apple has created a 2nd generation iPod Shuffle of an almost impossibly small size. Only slightly bigger than a U.S. quarter, this teesy-weesy device packs 1GB of storage space. Enough for up to 250 of your favorite songs! Apple also ...
APPLEIpod Shuffle 1 GB Metal (2Nd Generation) -MA564LL/
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Ipod Shuffle 1 GB Metal (2Nd Generation) -MA564LL/A

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Apple iPod Shuffle - Using either witchcraft, fairy dust or highly gifted engineers (we're not sure which), Apple has created a 2nd generation iPod Shuffle of an almost impossibly small size. Only slightly bigger than a U.S. quarter, this teesy-weesy device packs 1GB of storage space. Enough for up to 250 of your favorite songs! Apple also attached a clip to the back of the Shuffle, so you can wear it anywhere for skip-free music playback. Perfect for working out or just walking down the street. Unit Dimensions - 1.62 x 1.07 x 0.41 (inc. clip) Unit Weight - 0.55 oz.

  • iPod Shuffle holds 240 songs on 1 GB of storage
  • Download songs from the iTunes Store, import songs from your CDs, and sync them to your Shuffle
  • Thumb-friendly, circular control pad makes navigation a breeze
  • Battery indicator light features three levels-green (full), amber (low), and red (empty)
  • Measures 1.62 x 1.07 x 0.41 inches (WxHxD) and weighs 0.55 ounces
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One of my favorite purchases ever
by Valued Customer on February 27, 2017
Verified Purchase

I've had a lot of regrets over buying electronics, whether they were junk or whether I just paid way too much for it. This was a real win for apple, an excellent product at a very affordable price. I've owned mine for years, even put it through the washer once. It still works great. In the world of cell phones, I don't use it nearly as much. But the occasional jog or backpacking trip, this thing beats a cell phone hands down. My battery life is still surprisingly good after years of use, though it doesn't hold the charge well anymore when sitting. I upgraded to various versions of the nano (I own the newest one) but this shuffle is still my favorite.

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Stopped working but figured it out
by Valued Customer on August 14, 2016
Verified Purchase

Happy with product. Came brand new and quick. Only problem possible is ,it doesn't click into charger as tight as a friends does. After a few days it stopped working. The red light just kept flashing. So downloaded new updates for it. Still didn't work. So restored it. I thought I lost all my songs since it was still working funky. Only played 4 songs that I happened to put on that morning out of 220 songs! So I removed the I tunes app and reinstalled it and started over. It seemed to help. I reloaded songs and seems ok. I am very computer illiterate so hope this helps if another person's stops working or has that red light flashing deal! I figured it out and was sooo happy to have my songs back. I run ,so running with no music can be quite blah! I will let you know if it happens again. Haven't gotten to listen to it too long after I fixed it. So not sure if it is fixed for good!

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Made by elves in oak trees.
by Valued Customer on February 25, 2007
Verified Purchase

Apple seems to have taken over the universe with their products. The industrial design is so sleek and innovative, their pods are irresistible. This Shuffle is equally amazing. I never saw the point of a shuffle before. No screen, small in size but not ""that"" much smaller than a pod with many times it's capacity. Seeing someone using this shuffle, though, just blew my mind. It's the size of a postage stamp and just clips on your pocket or belt. It's metal and so does not have the scratching issues. Once docked in iTunes, you can set it to automatically reload itself with random tunes or only to select your highest rated songs. There is a switch on it to hear your songs consecutively if you prefer. The sound is amazing and the ear buds have been improved I am told. It is so small, you can buy a tiny leather case and clip it to your key chain. I imagine if Star Wars was made today they would be fighting with iSabres, flying in skyPods and Luke's name would be Steve. (The force seems to be strong with this one.) For perspective, I am not an Apple zombie, and in fact just bought the Toshiba GigaBeat instead of the 5 gen iPod, which has caught up and passed Apple in innovation on that one. For now.CONS: As usual, you are forced to buy accessories that will be necessary. The dock only charges from your usb port so to travel with it you really need a wall charger adapter. There is no carrying case included at all to throw the pod into with the charger and earbuds for transport. Useful service time is 12 hours they say, which is understandable since the battery must be tiny; but still you must remember to charge it daily.

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5 stars for simplicity
by Valued Customer on September 14, 2007
Verified Purchase

My IRIVER was stolen so i bought this.The most attractive feature about this is the clip and its simplicity.You really need to accept the fact you will need to change the way you store music on MP3's to own this.1 GB is more than enough space if you need to fish through the files to find the song you want without a LCD screen.Music quality is the same as any other player on the market. The cradle/charger/file transfer station is a nice component that uses the earphone hole.Again, its a bit of an adjustment since it doesn't have LCD screen, but once you are adjusted, you'll find its small size and large clip nice to have if you need your hands while exercising.

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Yes, But How About The Sound
by Valued Customer on May 11, 2007
Verified Purchase

I agree that this is a delightful little postage stamp size thingy. It's a low cost gem that holds lots of music, and plays it very nicely. Actually the only thing I have to add beyond other reviews that I have read (who actually is going to read all of them) is a comment on the sound quality.I bought mine, and walked around with it for awhile, and thought, gosh this is great. After a bit I got a little out of sorts about the fact that you don't have a menu to go exactly where you want to go. So I bought the big 30g ipod. My big surprise was the infinitely better sound quality of the big iPod. I used a good pair of Sennheiser earphones on both of them, and there is utterly no comparison. I listen to classical music and I do like to be able to tell the difference between a flute and a flugelhorn in the orchestra. This little iPod has its place, but if you really want top notch sound it just won't do. One big problem is the striking lack of bass. I had assumed that although this unit lacks the bells and whistles of its big brothers it would still push out the same sound as the more expensive ones. Wrong.Some reviewers deplore the lack of a video screen and menu on the Shuffle iPod. That's like buying a Corolla and complaining that it doesn't have the features of a Lexus. You get what you pay for.

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WOWnice and neat
by Valued Customer on January 07, 2008
Verified Purchase

If you just need an mp3 player (or more specifically an iPod) that just plays your songlist then this is it. there is no screen to select the song you want, so you either play the list of songs stored on it straight or shuffle them (hence the name). When you are finished with that list, create a new list on your computer and upload it. This is something you need as your secondary iPod or give as a gift to someone who does alot of work or jogs alot and needs the distraction but won't have the need to search for a specific song. The ear pieces are comfortable and audio quality is WOW.

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Reliable and small, excellent product!
by Valued Customer on July 19, 2012
Verified Purchase

My wife has been using this iPod for years now and it still works just like it did on day 1. Even the battery life has maintained throughout the years. While we have since purchased other Apple MP3 products (iPhones and iPods) we still manage to use ths one because of its size and weight.I would recommend it to anyone who is looking for a lightweight music solution - great for runners and active people!

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by Valued Customer on November 11, 2006
Verified Purchase

I bought a Nano 2 months ago after owning an IRiver for 4 years. I loved the Nano until my wife ""borrowed"" it so I decided to order the shuffle. I ordered it on September 30 and got it this past week. A long time to wait but I thought it was only $80 so I could wait. I charged it on Tuesday night and added a bunch of songs to it. I have used it quite a bit since Tuesday and still haven't re-charged it. I really do like it as it is small and clips to my clothes. Wed, Thur and Fri I ran with the unit and it has been great. Today I spent the day getting rid of leaves in the backyard for about 2 hours and it clipped to my jeans and never fell off. I have to say though I really liked having a screen. I will keep this one for use when working out or mowing or whenever I don't need to change songs. I will be buying either another Nano or possibly a 30gig IPOD.

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Ipod shuffle is great
by Valued Customer on March 28, 2007
Verified Purchase

This product is amazing ! The clip allows you to clip the ipod to your shirt or pocket and you can easily transfer your cd music or downloads from the internet. The shuffle feature mixes the songs so its like having your own private radio station. Good music quality and it only has to be recharged after about 15 hours of use. This is the neatest product I have purchased in a long time. I use it to work out and I'm working out a lot longer since I'm always listening to great music. Well worth the money. The only drawback to this product is you have to watch what accessories you buy since most are geared toward the generation one products.

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Amazing Little Machine
by Valued Customer on June 16, 2007
Verified Purchase

I loved the First Generation iPod Shuffle, which I bought in March 2006, but this one is even better. There was absolutely nothing wrong with my old Shuffle, but when I saw this 2nd Gen version, I said, ""I'm in!"" The only thing I didn't like about the 1st Gen was its lack of a good way to attach it to clothing, belt, etc. I use my iPod mostly at the gym, and since I walk briskly on the treadmill, the Shuffle was always bouncing around at the end of the lanyard. I finally found an arm band made for itthat's the other problem with the Shuffle: lack of accessoriesbut after 45 minutes or so of a brisk workout, it made my arm sweat and irritated my skin. So the addition of the clip to the 2nd Gen model made it a no-brainer for me. And it's been worth every penny!If you don't care about all the bells and whistles on the larger-capacity, higher-priced models, this is a great choice. And Apple has doubled its capacity but only increased the price $10not bad for a great little machine.

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The great IPOD shuffle
by Valued Customer on June 07, 2007
Verified Purchase

The item is not mine and I don't use it. HOWEVER, I purchased it for my lovely wife for Mother's day and she simply adores the thing. She is out every morning, walking and listening to her Shuffle, I have never seen her so happy. It holds up to 240 songs,is small, lightweight and easy to use and the audio quality is terrific. You get everything you need to start enjoying this little gem right out of the boxnothing to do really but charge up the battery, and download some of your favorite songs (either with Itunes or something similiar)and hit the road. I don't know much about the other IPODS but this should be all 95% of us need for some companionship while exercising or whatever. Enjoy

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100% Satisfaction
by Valued Customer on July 06, 2007
Verified Purchase

I recently purchased the Apple 1 GB iPod Shuffle AAC/MP3 Player Metal (2nd Generation) and have to say I am 100% satisfied. This little thing (and I do mean little) is fantastic. It will hold 240 mp3's and is so lightweight you can clip it anywhere or even just let it hang around your neck from the earbuds wire. It sounds great too. It took me about 20 min to add 150 songs through the I-tunes software. I would recommend this to anyone.

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