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Ipod Shuffle, 512Mb, White, MA133LL/A-MA133LL/A
The iPod is the industry standard in portable MP3 players, the iPod Shuffle allows you to add a random element to your playlist. ...
APPLEIpod Shuffle, 512Mb, White, MA133LL/A-MA133LL/A-MA


Ipod Shuffle, 512Mb, White, MA133LL/A-MA133LL/A

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1 CR2 batteries required.

The iPod is the industry standard in portable MP3 players, the iPod Shuffle allows you to add a random element to your playlist.

  • Plays Music two ways: sequential order from first song to last or random shuffle mode
  • Holds over 120 songs at near CD quality
  • Up to 12 hours of continuous playback with rechargeable lithium-ion battery
  • Superportable at 0.78 ounce and just 0.33 inch thin
  • Automatically shuffles and syncs music from your Mac or pc
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Five Stars
by Valued Customer on January 26, 2015
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Basic and Bare Bones But Does The Job!
by Valued Customer on June 10, 2010
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I had both this Apple iPod and a Creative one at the same time and although I eventually spent most of my time with the Creative one because of the much better sound quality and the added features like a display so that you know the name of the track that you are listening to etc I have to say that for a bare bones iPod, this one does its job in that it provides decent audio quality for the price that you pay and it works well for a jog or a workout when sound quality may not matter that much. When listening to both the Creative Nuvo and this iPod it was clear to me that the Creative sound card is much much better resulting in a clearly obvious better sound quality; for both, I ditched the headphones provided for over-the-ear noise reduction ones from Sony and I found that I enjoyed the music immensely more this way.I've always thought it a shame that both Creative and Apple couldn't work out a deal between themselves for example for Creative to provide the sound cards and for Apple to use its vastly superior marketing apparatus to provide the best of both worlds for the consumer i.e. excellent sound quality and ergonomic design at a good price. Instead just like PAL versus NTSC and Betamax versus VHS we get lower quality just because a smaller guy goes up against a corporate behemoth.In summary, this Apple iPod is about as bare as can be features wise but it certainly does its main job as a music player well enough with decent but not great sound quality and useful but not optimal headphones.

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