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.Mac Retail Box 2003 OLD VERSION-M9036Z/A
From the Manufacturer Revolutionize the way you use the Internet-and your Mac. Expand your Mac experience with an annual membership to .Mac. A powerful collection of software and servi
APPLEMac Retail Box 2003 OLD VERSION-M9036Z/A-M9036Z/A


.Mac Retail Box 2003 OLD VERSION-M9036Z/A

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From the Manufacturer

Revolutionize the way you use the Internet-and your Mac. Expand your Mac experience with an annual membership to .Mac. A powerful collection of software and services, .Mac lets you access email, contacts, and calendars from anywhere; protect your Mac against viruses; and back up important files to CD or DVD. You can create a custom Web page using your own movies and photos in a few clicks. And because .Mac is seamlessly integrated with Mac OS X, it's exceptionally easy to use.

One membership. Tons of uses.

.Mac Mail. World class email service.
Get your own Mac.com email address with 15 MB of IMAP storage, so you can access it from anywhere.

HomePage. Easy, elegant Websites.
Publish your iMovie creations and your iPhoto albums to the Web in just a couple of clicks and host your own ad-free Website.

Virex. Industry-leading virus protection.
Virex detects and repairs infected files and continually updates your Mac to protect it from new viruses.

iDisk. Your hard disk on the Internet.
Get 100 MB of storage on Apple's servers and access your files from other computers, even Windows PCs.

Backup. Indispensable backup software.
Schedule backups to iDisk or back up files to your iPod, a FireWire hard drive, CDs, or DVDs so you always have copies of important files.

.Mac Address Book. Online contact management.
Access contacts wherever you are, and synchronize changes with your Mac OS X Address Book.

iSync. Synchronize your personal information.
Keep iCal calendars, Address Book contacts, and Safari bookmarks in sync between your Mac computers.

iChat. The best way to IM.
Instant message with any .Mac or AOL member using your .Mac account name and iChat.

iCal. Online calendar sharing.
Keep your calendar automatically updated on the Web for friends, family, and colleagues to see.

.Mac membership. Designed to grow with you.
Enjoy exclusive products, software, and other services as they're added.

It's everything you need, all in one place, and built just for your Mac. Can't wait for the boxed version of .Mac? Sign up for an account now at www.mac.com and start enjoying your year of .Mac tools and services today.

  • 15 MB IMAP email account (with a mac.com email address)
  • Easy-to-use Web page builder for easy Web publishing and hosting
  • 100 MB of online server space to store and transfer files
  • Backup software-archive important files to iDisk, CD, or DVD
  • Virus protection via McAfee's Virex software for all .Mac users
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.Mac for Mac
by Valued Customer on June 07, 2004
Verified Purchase

I have been a .Mac member since its inception. To fully appreciate the benefits, you really need a high-speed internet connection (DSL or Cable.)Benefit: An email account with a 15 MB storage limit. (with a mac.com domain name.) You can access mail by using either a web browser (at any location with Internet access) or through any POP-3 mail application (such as Apple's own mail application, Eudora or Entourage.) You can purchase additional email storage space and additional email accounts for other members of your family.Benefit: Your own private iDisk. iDisk is an online disk drive. Initially, you start with 100 MB of iDisk storage. (If 100 MB is not enough, you can purchase additional space.) iDisk will allow you to backup your important data or share photos or other legally obtained data. You decide what data is public and what remains private. You can build web pages and publish them, because .Mac also acts as a web hosting service.Benefit: Software downloads; some full applications, some demos - all conveniently accessed from your iDisk (or conventional download, if you prefer.)Benefit: .Mac also offers a number of discounts.Other bebefits include an online calendar, data synchronization among multiple computers, online technical support, online tutorials, in the Learning Center and Virex antivirus software and its frequently updated virus definitions..Mac is definitely worthwhile. The only thing you really need to decide for yourself, ""is it worth the price of admission?"" My answer is a hearty ""YES!""

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