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MS-80B Standard Function Desktop Calculator
This general purpose desktop calculator is perfect for home or office. Solar Plus power works even in dim light. 8-Digits (16-digit approximations) Tax and Currency Exchange function Silver-metallic finish Large easy-to-ready Big Display Constants for , - , x, Independent memory Mark-up percent, /- 3-digit comma markers Solar Plus with battery ...
CASIO4.6562532MS-80B Standard Function Desktop Calculator


MS-80B Standard Function Desktop Calculator

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1 AAA batteries required. (included)

This general purpose desktop calculator is perfect for home or office. Solar Plus power works even in dim light.

  • 8-Digits (16-digit approximations)
  • Tax and Currency Exchange function
  • Silver-metallic finish
  • Large easy-to-ready Big Display
  • Constants for , - , x,
  • Independent memory
  • Mark-up percent, /-
  • 3-digit comma markers
  • Solar Plus with battery back-up
    • Two-way Power: Solar and Battery
    • Large 8 digit display
    • Desktop calculator
    • Tax and Currency conversion, Function and Command Signs
    • On and Off buttons, Profit margin %, /-, Key Rollover
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    Great basic calculator (and it does have an off button and a back space/erase key!)
    by Valued Customer on June 21, 2015
    Verified Purchase

    I just received and used this calculator, and it's a steal. It replaces a much pricier�HP 12C Platinum Calculator, which I'd gotten about five years ago when I needed the more advanced functions. I'd bought two of the HP 12C's, to have one as backup, and they were nothing like the 12Cs of before - the keys malfunctioned on both of the 12Cs within just 25-50 uses (sticking and more often, not registering at all) and there was no easy fix. I've been tolerating them for the last few years, assuming that was just how calculators were made these days, but finally had enough.I just need basic calculator functions now, and for that, the Casio MS-80B is perfect. The interface is incredibly user friendly, the keys work flawlessly (so far), the display is large and clear, and the solar power is a bonus.I also wanted to clear up several question re: the MS-80B's keypad functions. This model does indeed have both an 'off' key and a delete/backspace key, which prior reviews said this calculator doesn't have. The picture currently displayed on Amazon's official product page (as of this review, 6/21/15) is wrong and shows model MS-80S, which lacks these two functions. It's possible that prior reviewers got the wrong model (?).The MS-80B has both an off key and a delete/backspace key, which sit on the top row of the keypad. The backspace key looks like a right-pointing arrow. I've attached a photo of the MS-80B so you can see for yourself.In sum, this is a great basic calculator, for an amazing price. I did a quick search of the other basic models available on Amazon, and this appears to be the best in terms of value, build, and reviews. I can't speak to its long-term durability, but for this price, I don't think you can go wrong!4/7/16 UPDATE: This calculator is used at least weekly and is still going strong. I especially love the large buttons and display, and the solar power. I highly recommend this calculator for anyone who doesn't need advanced functions - from a quality perspective, it easily outperforms my high-end financial HPs (the HPs look more premier, but as I mentioned previously, the models as currently made fail quickly).

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    AMAZING! Calculator.
    by Valued Customer on June 01, 2015
    Verified Purchase

    I am writing this review not only for this calculator but for its predecessor, the Casio MS-80V which I have owned and used for 32 years and it has been used every day and has not failed. AMAZING! The battery or the solar panel has never failed and all the buttons and functions still work! If this is indicative of the future performance of this new model the MS-80B, which I have owned for about a week, I am certain that it will be a great product alsoand it certainly seems so! I give both of them 5 plus stars and highly recommend the purchase of the new model. What product made today lasts without fail for 32 years!?.Buy several of this new model before they run out and especially at this price!

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    by Valued Customer on October 16, 2013
    Verified Purchase

    This is a great simple calculator. Numbers are displayed large and bold. The buttons are plastic and click when pressed (so you don't have to press down on rubber like those crappy dollar store calculators). It also displays comma separators at the thousand and million mark. I haven't had any issues so far with the battery. The Tax+/Tax- feature is programmable (local sales tax where I live is 7% - I updated my calculator to that instead of the standard 5%). It bothers me a little that you can't input numbers quickly, though. If you're using it too fast, it'll only pick up every other number. Other than that, great product!

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    My favorite calculator
    by Valued Customer on December 11, 2017
    Verified Purchase

    I use this calculator every day. Everything works, the big numbers are sharp and easy to read, the keys are comfortable, it's stable on my desk, and it's a good size. It has auto-shutoff after 6 minutes, but I use the Off button to prolong battery life. Though it's a reliable 5 star calculator, the user manual could be easier to read (larger) and explain the key functions better.

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    Calculate THIS: Casio 'MS-80B' Mini Desk Calculator [with ON/OFF buttons]
    by Valued Customer on July 28, 2015
    Verified Purchase

    This Casio MS-80B portable desk calculator is one nice little piece of home officeequipment. We'll start with the statistics and then head down for a brief review ofthe MS-80B.Width: 4-1/16 inchLength: 5-3/4 inchHeight: 3/8 to 1-1/8 inchKeys: 1/2 by 7/16 inch (Number And most function keys)""On"" / ""Off"" ButtonsLarge 8 Digit Display [ 3/8 inch height digits ]2-way Power, Solar and BatteryTax CalculationsCurrency Conversion3 Memory KeysProfit Margin Percent CalculationSquare Root KeyKey Roll Over3-Digit Comma MarkersI like the low key, muted gold, color of the calculator and how easy the buttons pressdown under very little pressure from the fingers. The display sits at a nice angle onthe desk and the numbers are a large 3/8 of an inch high which are easily read from2 to 3 feet away.The face-plate on the keyboard area is metal and provides a nice contrast to the plasticdisplay area that tilts upward from the keyboard. I could easily see the LC (LiquidCrystal) black digital-like numbers even under a bright fluorescent lamp on the desk.The display is not back-lit so you will need an external light source to use the CasioMS-80B.All I had to do to start using the calculator was sit it in the sun for a few hours and, voila,let the calculating began. Of course, not like the calculating on the 'Game of Thrones'series; but calculating for you and me so we can balance the finances and do the taxes.This model does have separate ON and OFF buttons, yet it will power off after a fewminutes if left unattended or blatantly ignored. By the way it is the Casio Model 'MS-80S'that does NOT have an OFF button. The 'MS-80S' is almost twice the cost.I do not see any obvious way to replace the battery on this unit. There are two visiblescrews on the back of the display and, I assume, two screws underneath the rubberpads on the back of the base.Overall, a very nice portable desk calculator for home or a small office. I like the looks,the feel, and the price of this solid unit and that is why it gets 5 stars.-NOTE 08/18/2015: The calculator pictured on this Amazon web page is for the 'MS-80S'and is featured as a ""Tax"" calculator on this Amazon page:Casio - MS-80S Tax and Currency Calculator, 8-Digit LCD MS-80S (DMi EA.

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    Almost identical replacement for my trusty MS-80TV
    by Valued Customer on March 10, 2016
    Verified Purchase

    I've had a old MS-80TV for years and absoutely love it. The simple layout, large screen, even the feel and 'clack' sound of the buttons. This MS-80B is almost identical except for the addition of three extra buttons on the top row (off, square root, etc.) It may sound silly to be so excited about a cheap calculator but this has really become our go-to. I got tired of my wife 'borrowing' mine and bought several so we could have them in multiple places around the house. A great little calculator for simple computation!

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    100% pleased!
    by Valued Customer on November 11, 2017
    Verified Purchase

    I am 100% pleased with this calculator. It has two rubber feet on the bottom so it says put. The large keys and angled screen are easy to read. It is solar AND battery operated, so it may be used in low lighting. It has the tax- and tax+ keys, which are pretty cool. These could have been on every calculator I've ever owned, but now I know what they are and find them useful. It's a great, inexpensive product that meets my needs. Don't hesitate to purchase this calculator.

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    by Valued Customer on September 11, 2015
    Verified Purchase

    I needed a few cheap calculators for my office. These were cheap and Amazon seemed to have plenty in stock. So I ordered them and waited anxiously for delivery. When they arrived I opened the package like Christmas morning and began trying to spell words upside down with the numbers. It was awesome! I then did extensive testing on the accuracy of the calculations. 4x4=16, yup. 5+5=10, yup. Then I got zany and started adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing 4 and 5 digit numbers. I had Siri on standby to verify the arithmetic and guess what? These calculators were spot on! Word cannot describe my how completely satisfied I am with these calculators. Satisfied, completely and utterly.

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    Great little desk calculator!
    by Valued Customer on January 25, 2018
    Verified Purchase

    After almost two decades, my desk calculator from Office Depot finally stopped working. This replacement is very nice for the money. I wish the angle was more pronounced for better viewing, but the new products all seem to be about the same as this one, unfortunately. However, the large numbers (for older eyes) makes up for the lower angle. The bottom really needs four non-skid bumpers, but there are only two so I have to add my own to keep the thing from sliding all over when in use. That is the only reason I didn't give 5 stars.

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    I had an older, slightly larger version of this
    by Valued Customer on January 16, 2017
    Verified Purchase

    I had an older, slightly larger version of this and really preferred it. The buttons on this one are just placed slightly differently (due partly to the fact that this one has an 'off' and the other didn't), so I continue to make errors, thinking I've pressed a decimal, when in fact I've pressed the equal sign instead. I'm sure I'll get used to it, and there's absolutely nothing wrong with it, I just really miss the old one (which only died because I slammed it on the desk while completing the FAFSA, ha ha, and not at all because of its durability).

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    Very Nice for the Price
    by Valued Customer on November 17, 2015
    Verified Purchase

    My calculator just came a few days ago. I read something in another review about the % key not working properly. I was having issues in entering my state tax until I read directions on how to set the tax key. I discovered that it was set to 5% and I had to change it to my state tax rate, which unfortunately is NOT 5%. Now it works just fine. The keys are a nice comfortable size and the calculator is heavy enough so it stays put when I am entering numbers. I have been using a cheap little give-away calculator. This Casio is very nice for the price. It feels luxurious to me after what I have been using. I would recommend it.

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    this is possibly the greatest simple desk calculator made
    by Valued Customer on November 22, 2014
    Verified Purchase

    I bought one of these years ago at a store on a whim. Turns out, this is possibly the greatest simple desk calculator made. The quality of the buttons, the display, the battery - everything is great.A year or so ago I came looking to Amazon to pick up a few more (because people always steal mine), and they only had ""newer"" models. The newer calculators in the same line are NOT as good. I gave my wife a new one and she kept stealing the original.So today, while stealing my calculator back yet again, I do another search. Low and behold, here it is!Insta-buy.(It's not a magical calculator or anything, but it goes to show how many corners are cut for most things like this.)

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