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Pok And Eacute;Mon Sun - 3DS
Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon will launch in the US November 18th, 2016 exclusively for the Nintendo 3DS family of systems. Embark on a new adventure as a Pokemon Trainer and catch, battle, and trade all-new Pokemon on the tropical islands of a new Region and become a Pokemon ...
NINTENDOPok And Eacute;Mon Sun - 3DS
Pok And Eacute;Mon Sun - 3DS
Pok And Eacute;Mon Sun - 3DS-2
Pok And Eacute;Mon Sun - 3DS-3
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Pok And Eacute;Mon Sun - 3DSPok And Eacute;Mon Sun - 3DS-2Pok And Eacute;Mon Sun - 3DS-3Pok And Eacute;Mon Sun - 3DS-4
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Pok And Eacute;Mon Sun - 3DS

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Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon will launch in the US November 18th, 2016 exclusively for the Nintendo 3DS family of systems. Embark on a new adventure as a Pokemon Trainer and catch, battle, and trade all-new Pokemon on the tropical islands of a new Region and become a Pokemon Champion!

  • Pokemon Sun will launch in the US November 18th, 2016 exclusively for the Nintendo 3DS family of systems.
  • Embark on a new adventure as a Pokemon Trainer and catch, battle, and trade all-new Pokemon on the tropical islands of a new Region and become a Pokemon Champion!
  • Games in 2D. Some areas also playable in 3D. Games sold separately
  • Rated E; Everyone w/ Mild Cartoon Violence
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Massive Change to the Pokemon Formula
by Valued Customer on November 18, 2016
Verified Purchase

Huge changes to the pokemon formula since Pokemon X And Y, no longer as it's strictly battle and collecting focused (although still present) as they added variety of mechanics to switch things up a bit and to bring more variety in gameplay. Changes include:1. No HMsNo longer do you have to carry around a HM slave (s). This has bothered me in the past games as I have to restrict 1 or 2 slots out of my party of 6 to help traverse certain areas of the world. In the place of HMs there are Pok?� Rides where you can ride pokemon interacting with them on the world map, some you may not be able to access until you've completed mission within the game.2. Is it super effective?No longer do you have to look up guides online (unless it's your first encounter) to tell if a move is super effective or not very effective against the pokemon you're up against. After you battle a pokemon once, the game will tell you what moves is super effective or not in the battle menu once you encounter the same pokemon the second time.3. No Traditional GymsNo longer do you have to battle your way through gym after gym to prove you're the best out of brute force.There are 4 islands in the game, each of which are controlled by 4 Island KahunasTo get to them you have to get pass Trail Captains and Todum PokemonTrail captain will give you quizzes, side quests to complete, and/or fight in traditional battlesTodum Pokemon. Basically typical pokemon you find the wild, but significantly stronger and have grunts that help them battle.4. Rotom Pok?�dexTypical pokedex, but with a face and personality attached to it.5. Alola FormsBasically different forms of pokemon you seen in previous generations. Either it's there physical form that is different and/or the pokemon's typing6. Z-MovesWith a Z-Ring and a Z-Crystal you can use a pokemon's ultimate move once per battle. It's not like Mega Evolutions where it stays constant7. QR Scanner.You can now scan QR codes to get event pokemon. Also if you scan a random QR codes it will give you 10 points. Once you reach 100, you are able search an island for a rare pokemon. Each scan also gives you random trivia about pokemon8. Battle RoyalA 4 player free-for-all where the battle ends after all of one's pokemon trainer's faints. They tally the win-losses of each trainer and the one with best stats at the end wins9. Hyper Training.Once a pokemon reaches level 100, they can go through hyper training which can improve a Pokemon's IV10. Pok?� PelagoYour PC Box now has functionality to it. It's like a day care sort of thing, instead of just depositing your pokemon, you can passively train them in the PC or have them search for items11. Festival Plaza.An online mode where you can battle other trainers and trade with them. You get festival coins for each interaction which you can spend on clothes, shop or upgrade your pokemon's stats. There's also missions you can undertake to get more coins.12. Night and Day phase, New PokemonPokemon Sun goes the traditional time route while Moon does the opposite. In Pokemon Moon if you're playing in the daytime, the game will consider it night time in-game. Some events also play out differently like different Totum Pokemon on the same island/trailIn traditional Pokemon fashion you can only get some pokemon in each version so trading is required either with a friend or if you own both versions. Also some pokemon evolve differently in each version now. I'd say some of overall models of new pokemon are better looking than the last batch in previous iterations of the pokemon series.13. Auto RunYour run is as fast as a bike now, and it has unlimited use. You can now move in all directions instead of the traditional 4 and it feels very fluid14. No RodFishing is now dedicated to specific regions in the world. You cannot fish wherever you want anymore.15. Photo TakingYou can now take Photos of pokemon in the wild.16. Team Skull and Aether FoundationTeam Skull is the new antagonist group like Team Rocket, but they have a new style to them as they try act gangster-ish with their animated hand gesters/movements. They have more personality and have a darker tone to their backstory and mission.Aether Foundation is the opposite of Team Skull as thier mission is to cure injured and hurt pokemon. The group is also conducting research on the Ultra Beast (Pokemon) which is a good mystery story in and of itself.17. Graphical UpgradeGame looks better than the last, although there are some pixelation around the edges still. Models look more realistic than before, and the battle animations are more visually impressive. There are some framerate issues on 2v2 battles for some reason, but then again I own the launch 3DS. You may not have the issue if you own the New 3DS? It's a turn-based system so it doesn't really matter much in terms of gameplay, but the slow down is noticeable-Returning mechanics:Pokebank return, you can now transfer all your pokemon to Sun and MoonClothing Options: Although more options are available, it still feel very limited.Mega Evolutions return, but none for new pokemon from what i've discoveredPokemon Refresh: don't remember if it's in the last game, but you can groom your pokemon in your partyIf you discover more changes, please put in comment below.Overall, love the changes to the traditional formula as it gives the Pokemon Series a nice refresh and is more streamline to play.

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Pretty Okay Game
by Valued Customer on June 02, 2017
Verified Purchase

Pokemon Sun was okay. Although I started playing in December I beat the pokemon league in May because there wasn't THAT much motivation to get back to itand I still have yet to collect the legendaries and defeat Red and the gang and that sort of thing.Now the game itself is quite easy. It was interesting of them to give you a Rotomdex; that is, Rotom is essentially your Fi or Navi or Midna if you're familiar with Zelda games-but that feature also made me a little lazy. Every time I turned on the game Rotom reminded me of where to go since he even has a map with the destination written on it! That's very coddling in my opinion, and while I become familiar with almost every city and route in other pokemon games while playing through, I still don't quite remember where things are in Sun and Moon because I didn't have to. They point you there anyway. So I will spend about five minutes flying on Charizard from place to place until I realize that I should probably take the ferry/ship to another (guessed) island because what I'm looking for isn't here.The best part of the game to me was Team Skull; they were really funny in the sense that Game Freak knew how lightly the ""bad guys"" are taken by the players anyway so they took the liberty to show that through their lines. That being said, because of Team Skull's humor I saw early on that Aether Foundation was suspicious. Skull was too non-threatening and disorganized to be the true threat, so even if Aether acted like perfect citizens something felt off. There's also questions I had about the deeper motives behind Aether funding Skull; I believe there's always something deeper when money is involved between two parties. Then the leaders of those two parties blindly jump into another dimension together with these strange pokemon they've barely seen? And one is older, has more influence and power than the other? But I keep that to myself.Also, although the dimensional lore and such is being expanded through the events and tidbits from this game, the plot is basically oriented around Lillie. That's not bad at all-you don't have to be the main/most important character all the time, but yes, Sun and Moon is Lillie's story which can be summarized as""Mom, what are you doing?""""Mom, STAHP!""And Lillie learning to stand up for herself and stop being a helpless child all the time. Although my character is friends with her and was a catalyst for her growth in the series, I am not attached to her (Lillie) as a player of the game. Maybe if she were in some other series she'd be more interesting to me? I don't know. Gladion and Hau were rather one-dimensional too but still nice to have as companions. (It wasn't anything as disarraying as having four friends constantly skipping and flocking around you and calling your name in circles like in X and Y.) But anyhow, I like them more than Lillie. Hau never gets flustered when crazy stuff is happening; he really keeps his cool and remains positive, and Gladionhe's so afflicted and standoffish it's funny. But on a deeper note I approve how he got away from his mother and made his own path when she was losing it. Unlike Lillie, he didn't wait around for anyone to save him while suffering in the meantime. He took type:NULL and got OUT of there! That's my boy. I really like that.Anyhow, moving on to the soundtrack: it's not bad at all. Until I went to YouTube looking for the songs I liked, I never knew that there were two versions for most of the songs, so I suppose every time I've picked up Sun I've only played at night (I highly favor those compositions over the day version anyhow) and missed the daytime renderings. The music is fine but to me the routes used a lot of the same songs around the same places so I didn't differentiate them as well as I would other Pokemon games. And although the music is objectively decent, I only have about three that I regularly go back to actually listen to out of affectionDEFINITELY not the wild pokemon song though. The totem pokemon version makes it better but the original makes me angry for some reasonWhat I don't like is the new menu for handling pokemon. In many ways it's convenient but I dislike trying to move a pokemon in my party and then remembering OHHH, I have to go out of my way to press Y to move this fool! On the bright side, I really like the options they give you when your party is full. You can exchange pokemon and items back to the PC all in one go!HMs: It's sort of convenient to not have to have an HM slave to perform all of the functions you need to get around the terrain, so I think it's an interesting system them procured over in Aloha. Definitely enables you to have only who you trained to be a warrior with you while you're going.Alolan forms: Pretty cool; it brings out observations that we can see in the real world. Not all squirrels, even though they're all squirrels, occur in the same appearance throughout regions or the world. So that makes it a little more interesting, though I won't comment on Dugtrio nor Golem's alolan formor whatever random stuff they did there. And the oricocos! Oh my god.All in all: not bad. I really didn't want Solgaleo though. I can only remember him as ""Nebby"" (should name him that for kicks!) and if only they had given us the choice to catch him or let Lillie have him! He iS hers. Honestly it would be gold to see a girl as clumsy as Lillie have a magestic pokemon like Solgaleo as her starter pokemon in Kanto. They deserve each other; she saved him from his demise and they went through a lot together as a team already. I really, really wasn't interested in having him becauseyou knowI'm not a fan of legendaries anyway. I was more excited when I accidentally stumbled upon Tapu Lele the other day. Though the nature of the guardian pokemon rub me the wrong way toogoing around on MY island punishing people as you willwho gave you the right?! Just kidding. I just don't really connect with legendaries in general. And I think she would feel better with him as her partner as her mom rehabilitates. And it was interesting for them to make a legendary that evolves too.That about wraps it up! Pokemon Sun and Moonpretty okay game, I won't lie. I wasn't motivated to do any more that I had to, though.

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Pokemon At It's Best!
by Valued Customer on April 27, 2017
Verified Purchase

POKEMON! Who doesn't love it? This game is great! It's super addicting. My husband and I bought each other the opposite games and both games were phenomenal. I would recommend buying one and using the online trade feature to get the game specific pokemon. The only reason I would buy both would be to get both legendaries because that can be a little more difficult. The Sun game functions in time with your 2ds/3ds clock. The Moon will be night time in the game when it is daytime according to your 2ds/3ds clock. The animation is so much more entertaining than previous games. You get a new main plot behind that game full of classic battles and other fun challenges. You can really customize your character. I don't want to say too much and spoil it. If you love pokemon you will love this game!

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Worthy of Carrying on the Pokemon Brand
by Valued Customer on September 11, 2017
Verified Purchase

As an original Pokemon player, I've grown and experienced it all. And while it'll be easy to simply say Sun and Moon have completely departed from the series and created something revolutionary and new like Nintendo has tried to market this generation as, that simply is not the case. Yes things feel fresh up to a point; there are no gyms, no established Elite Four, and a few other minor differences, but at the core of it you still are going from city to city challenging trainers to battles. This is what Pokemon is at it's core. You can call it Island Challenges if you want, but they are still Gym battles. The biggest inclusion are the Z Moves which function as a last ditch super power up move. We see this in many games, but not yet in Pokemon, at least not until this year.Pokemon Sun and Moon are great games that are great games because it follows the traditional formula which made Pokemon a household name. All they did was simply tweak the names and paths you go through and that is how it feels fresh. Game Freak has had a successful track record and this generation continues it.

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Seems shorter than previous games
by Valued Customer on May 02, 2017
Verified Purchase

Overall it's a pretty good game, though the story seems a bit short compared to others. The Generation V games seem to be the longest in the series in terms of time to complete, Black 1 And 2 and White 1 And 2, and in terms of scope and size of the map as well, although Generation IV Heartgold and SoulSilver probably come very close. I've been playing Pokemon since Blue for the GBC. It's unfortunate Pokemon games in general do not carry over many features from previous games, Generation VIII games (Sun And Moon) don't have swarm battles, triple battles, and many other features from the Generation VI games.I dislike the fact Sun And Moon do not have the full National pokedex so you can't actually ""catch them all"" although the Pokemon bank does - I suspect this is a ploy to get more subscribers to that service, which is also excellent by the way.The graphics, controls, etc are all fantastic, cannot find a flaw with those at all, although the 3ds does appear to lag when there are double battles, although only slighlty - and I do have the ""New"" 3ds. The online features are pretty awesome, too. Wonder trading is still my favorite part of the new pokemon games, it's almost as addictive as gambling.

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which seemed pretty nice at first
by Valued Customer on February 01, 2017
Verified Purchase

Despite the game introduced many improvements to a pokemon game, such as removing HMs, having more narrative oriented first playthrough, balance patches, and graphical improvements, I found the game a bit disappointing for following reasons.First, the volume of the game was bit small. For XY, this was acceptable as it was the first 3D game for Pokemon and the developers had to create new 3D models for 720 pokemons. However, Sun/Moon reuses the same 3D models of XY but still has very small volume. Gamefreak only added a handful of new pokemons and the second playthrough was not very intriguing as it was just catching Ultrabeasts.Second, the narrative oriented play, which seemed pretty nice at first, became painful when you replayed the game. You cannot skip what you have already saw before. Especially, at the end of the first playthrough, you have to go through about 30 minutes long, un-skippable in-game cinematics. There really isn't much to engage with, but you just hit A button to go through all the dialogues.Third, the balance patch was pretty incomplete. It solved few problems but left a lot more problems untouched, such as Garchomp's strength in the meta game. And gamefreak just avoided balancing or adding you mega evolution by restricting the types of megastones you can get from the Sun/Moon. This almost felt like having the 10-20% of content cut. I really hope gamefreak rather patch the balance more frequently as they could send out patches through nintendo e shop. The meta is already stale and I think the pokebank will not change much as the untouched overused pokemons are just coming into 7th gen, gutting all the 7th gen pokemon except for a few.The game should had presented more contents and better balance.

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Overall a great game, if you like Pokemon just get it and try to look past team lame
by Valued Customer on December 26, 2016
Verified Purchase

Pros:HM moves abandoned for dedicated Pokemon that are not in your party for utilities like fly. This is implemented well, what they should have done from the start.TMs can be reused over and over, not new to this game but much appreciated continuationTotem Pokemon and island challenges are an interesting alternative to gyms. I liked it, but they could have had both in my opinionGame looks great and plays greatPokemon ally system is great for chaining for advanced Pokemon for competitive playThe bean islands are a great addition, I can make mountains of berries quicklyCons:Team Skull is lameMost trainers have 1 Pokemon, I would prefer less trainers with more PokemonToo easyNo mega evolutionAbandoned some nice features like the dexnav

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Awesome new generation of Pokemon and a new region to
by Valued Customer on May 10, 2018
Verified Purchase

Pros: Awesome new generation of Pokemon and a new region to explore. I play these games for exploration so I absolutely loved this. But I'm giving it only 4 stars because there are a few issues, some of which were fixed in USUM so if you haven't played either, I would advise you to buy the Ultra versions. I think that the character development/story is better in this game, but the rest of the gameplay is better in USUM. I won't give details about the story though - no spoilers.There's so many cool new pokemon, but a lot of them seemed to have ridiculously low encounter rates so that in a casual playthrough you might not even see them. This was the case with comfey, passimian, stufful A lot of the pokemon that showed up in the trailers ended up being really hard to find. This is a new region, I don't want to be running into zubats, tentacool and diglett everywhere.This game is for the 3DS but doesn't take advantage much of the 3D feature. I personally don't care but, just so you know.One issue with both this game and the Ultra version is that sometimes, if a lot is going on, battle animation will lag on the 3DS. I wonder if it's because they're planning to base their Switch game off of the same code?Anyway, tl;dr if you are new to Alola, you probably want to get USUM instead of this game. USUM is basically this game but with a slightly different story, postgame, more features, and more balance in terms of wild pokemon.

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the best game in generations
by Valued Customer on June 25, 2017
Verified Purchase

late to the program here, but i haven't had time to play it i didn't buy it. i absolutely love this game, and it has possibly beaten pokemon gold And silver as my favorite pokemon game. i love alola, the alolan forms, the trial setup, and especially the fact that pokemon are finally integrated into daily life: your mom has a meowth, and there are pokemon npcs everywhere, from snubull to mimikyu. and you can hear pokemon cries mixed in with the soundtrack, which itself is amazing.my absolute favorite thing: the plot. no spoilers, but this plot actually had substance, as much for kids as for adults, as well as complex morals and touching on a family subject that isn't talked about ever, when it should be. i actually didn't get gen6 because i felt pokemon was going downhill in gens4 and 5, aka pearl/diamond/platinum and black/white. i just didn't enjoy them as much, they were too easy and simplistic, and i was done playing with them in less than 50h. also more than a few of the pokemon designs were unoriginal or even downright ugly (i'm looking at you, garbodor), which i still feel in sun And moon but the alolan forms helped a lot with that, along with creating less new pokemon and bringing back ones we hadn't seen in a long time, and the ultra beasts which i was leery of but turned out great. strangely for islands, you hardly spend any time in the water, which is a shame.trainer customisation is great, i really didn't like the bobble-head look of x/y. and pokemon ride! best idea ever. i realllly want them to bring back having your pokemon walk besides you. pokepelago and pokerefresh? more awesomeness.my faith in pokemon and nintendo has been restored. i might even get sun And moon2, depending on what they do with the plot and new content.

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By far the best Pokemon Game since the originals
by Valued Customer on December 11, 2016
Verified Purchase

By far the best Pokemon Game since the originals. I own two 3ds' and since I bought both sun and moon I run them on both. The graphics cause the original 3ds to lag some, however they're still amazing graphics and great games! I also really love the new regional variants they introduced here. I haven't beat the games just yet, because I've also been working but I look forward to playing the end game as well, after having heard good things about it as well!Minor downside if you ask me is the tutorial (wish there was an option to skip or give a condensed version) and cut scenes are a tad on the long side. However, they are enduring to the story lines!

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by Valued Customer on March 11, 2017
Verified Purchase

Although I've been a Pokemon fan for a long time this is my first time playing a handheld version of it. I haven't before because I didn't like the chibi graphics it has had in the past. I will defiantly play future versions if they continue to be of this quality or better!The story was interesting but I could guess the ""plot twists"" a mile away. In spite of that I did have a lot of fun playing, I'm still attempting to ""catch 'em all"" even though I've completed the story :)Some of the new Pokemon have become apart of my favorites!

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Great new addition to the Pokemon line
by Valued Customer on April 07, 2017
Verified Purchase

What can I say? Great new addition to the Pokemon line. I've been playing these games since Red/Blue first arrived and I had started to get a little weary of the same formula. Now, I'm not one to suggest that GameFreak/Nintendo changed it up greatly, but it was a very pleasant discovery to learn that this game had changed the rather predictable pattern of the past games. The new features are pretty awesome and as a pokemon fan, it was a lot of fun. If you've never played a pokemon game and want to, either this or Moon would be a great starting point. Hours of fun. If you're like me and have played all the previous pokemon games, you can look forward to some well-thought and cleverly designed features that really are enchanting and add new play-ability to the franchise.

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