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Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Camp Dutch Oven - 6-Quart
An Amazon Brand. ...
AMAZONBASICSPre-Seasoned Cast Iron Camp Dutch Oven-6-Quart
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Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Camp Dutch Oven - 6-Quart

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An Amazon Brand.

  • 6-quart pre-seasoned cast-iron camp Dutch oven for cooking over a campfire or in a fireplace
  • Heavy-duty cast-iron construction for optimal heat retention and thorough, even heating
  • Loop handle for a steady, secure hold when lifting or carrying, even when wearing thick oven mitts
  • Oven-safe to 400 degrees F; suitable for all cooking surfaces; hand wash only (NOT dishwasher safe)
  • Backed by an AmazonBasics limited 1-year warranty
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Top Reviews
Worked great while camping
by Valued Customer on June 22, 2018
Verified Purchase

We used this Dutch oven for the first time last week. We had never cooked with one before but had great success. Our only fail was cinnamon rolls. They only burned because we used too much heat so I suggest following directions on how many coals to use. The only other suggestion is to season it before you use it. I know it is preseasons, but it really needs a proper season prior to use. I have no complaints for my fist oven!

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Decent for camping, heavy duty but lower quality
by Valued Customer on March 02, 2018
Verified Purchase

I have several cast iron pans including the Cuisinart Dual Dutch Grilling Pan, several Outset Inc pans and several Lodge Cast Iron pans. Probably about 10 in total. As a Chef, I tend to be addicted to the cast iron since that's what my grandmother use to cook.Hands down, the Lodge Cast products are top notch. You can feel the difference in the materials, the fine craftsmanship and the distribution of heat. The are made in Tennessee and worth every penny.Although the AmazonBasics cast iron pan is heavy. I just didn't see the quality in the product. The camping Dutch is fine for camping but I would not buy any of their other cast iron products. There is nothing on the box or in the packaging that states where the product is made, but I can somewhat guess by the quality. The pN just might be to have for the cooking tripod we have so it might have to rest on a grill or rocks surrounded by the fire. At the time of this review there was no product page to see the specifications. It weighs about 17-18 pounds with lid. The base pot opening measures 12.75 inches across and has a low profile of about 6.125 inches.The pan needs to be seasoned, I would recommend the oven to do this before taking it camping, just seems like it would be easier. It can be used in the oven up to 400 degrees.Overall it's a decent pan, good enough for camping by most standards.

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Exceeds expectations
by Valued Customer on March 08, 2018
Verified Purchase

A well designed Dutch oven for camping but works well in the kitchen or onthe BBQ. After scrubbing with plain water and seasoning one more time perthe directions I cooked Pork ribs in the oven. Despite having sugary BBQ sauce stuck on the bottom after an hour in the oven it cleaned up without any problems after a 30 minute soak in hot water. I re-oiled and seasoned again before making beef stew the next day. This time cleanup was a breeze.Use a nylon brush or sturdy vegetable brush to get into the texture.Perfect for camping. Big enough to cook a meal for six hungry people. The feet are 2 inches tall to sit atop a bed of coals without crushing them.The lid has a tall lip to keep the coals in place without sliding off or getting in the pot when lifting the lid. The lid has a sort of flange thatfits down into the pot for a better seal. See images. Steam does escape abit. I had to spin it half a turn or so to get the fit just right to keep the steam in. Not enough to knock off a full star, maybe 1/3 of a star. In reality this can be a good feature but I don't think it is intentional as itisn't mentioned in the directions.It is designed for camping but, as you can see from my pictures it does fitin the oven and on my gas cooktop despite the long feet. It is thickenough to be sturdy but not so thick you need a crane to move it around.The pot is wet in my images. What you are seeing are water drops not imperfections. The pot and lid are very well made.

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Awesome and pretty serious pot
by Valued Customer on July 15, 2018
Verified Purchase

Frying up some chicken in this Dutch Oven as I write this review. No, really! I have no issues with this cookware at all. It's perfect for what we need and it's got that coolness that cast iron pots and pans tend to have. It also has tiny legs but they don't cause us any problems when we put it on the stove. It's also pretty easy to maintain so long as you remember that these do not get cleaned with soap and water. Recommended.

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Very High Quality and Great for Outdoor Cooking
by Valued Customer on March 19, 2018
Verified Purchase

I don't like cooking outdoors nor do I like camping. My husband, on the other hand, is a fanatic. He's also a huge cast iron cookware fan. This definitely isn't something you can take backpacking and camping with you in that way as it's large and very heavy. With that being said, if you have a camper or drive to your campsite this is great. My husband loves using it to cook with. He made stew in it the other night and it really did come out delicious. I know it says it's pre-seasoned but he insists it should be seasoned properly anyway to ensure longevity. Overall it's a high quality piece of cookware that makes cooking for a large group of people easy and once seasoned properly caring for it and cleaning it is as easy as any other cast iron cookware.

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Heavy-duty pot with well-fitting lid
by Valued Customer on April 01, 2018
Verified Purchase

This is one heavy-duty pot with a well-fitting lid and strong handle attached to the pot. I'm looking forward to trying it out while camping. The feet appear to be firmly affixed to the bottom and unlikely to break. There are a few tiny chips around the top edge of the lid. The only change I would make is in the stylish handle on the lid. It's a bit small when I'm wearing a heavy oven mitt. I'm afraid I might drop the lid. Well, I would also change the packaging. This came in a box, and the legs had broken through a little, so they packed it into another box with half-inch Styrofoam all around. Then they packed that into yet another box!

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Sturdy dutch oven that works really well for cooking stew
by Valued Customer on April 11, 2018
Verified Purchase

Sturdy dutch oven that works really well for cooking stew, cobbler, and large cuts of meat. I didn't use it camping just inside the house, but I had no problems with it. It was packed very well for shipping and arrived with no issues. It also seems to be very well constructed, the lid fits well, the handle is sturdy, and the feet well balanced. It has a good weight to it and the preseasoning worked well.

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by Valued Customer on March 05, 2018
Verified Purchase

This is awesome, awesome, awesome. These are the best to cook in when camping. this one is made really good, it has the handle and peg feet under it to allow for heat circulation and to put charcoal under it. What a great way to cook when camping. There are tons of recipes online to use this and they all turn out great! This thing is great quality and very heavy duty. LOVE IT!

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