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Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Pizza Pan
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AMAZONBASICSPre-Seasoned Cast Iron Pizza Pan
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Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Pizza Pan

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An Amazon Brand.

  • 13.5-inch pre-seasoned cast-iron pizza pan for baking pizza to delicious perfection
  • Heavy-duty cast-iron construction provides optimal heat retention and thorough, even heating
  • 2 loop side handles for a steady, secure hold when lifting or carrying
  • Oven-safe to 400 degrees F; suitable for all cooking surfaces; hand wash only (NOT dishwasher safe)
  • Backed by an AmazonBasics limited 1-year warranty
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Top Reviews
No more carry-out
by Valued Customer on July 14, 2018
Verified Purchase

Perfect PizzaMade a pizza and it came out perfect, beautifully browned with a crisp bottom. When it came out of the oven it was just like carry-out, except it was hot.Even though the box said pre-seasoned, I seasoned the pan before using it. I also used a pastry brush to spread a little olive oil on the bottom before placing the dough and put it in a 400 degree F oven at the lowest rack position. 25 minutes later the kitchen was filled with the wonderful aroma of a pizza shop.I worked in restaurants and bakeries and this pan produced the same quality crust as a pizza stone, but was much easier to use with no need for a peel or semolina that will get all over the bottom of the oven.I made a scratch dough using a Bobby Flay recipe from the food network, but I don't see why this pan wouldn't work just as well with a frozen dough.The pizza lifted right out of the pan with no problem, I put the pizza on a large cutting board because I didn't want to cut it in the pan. After cooling, the pan cleaned up good as new with a little soap and water.I can't think of anything I don't like about this pan. Amazon did a great job and I would recommend this pan to anyone who wants to make authentic carry-out pizza at home. I imagine this would also be a great pan for calzones, I am going to try that when the weather cools down.

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Five Stars
by Valued Customer on June 24, 2018
Verified Purchase

Love my pizza pan makes making pizza a breeze!

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Makes crisp pizza and is good for keeping pizza warm while serving.
by Valued Customer on May 27, 2018
Verified Purchase

I make a lot of homemade pizza, and usually bake it on parchment on a pizza stone. I got this so it could be used to serve the pizza as well. I preheat the pizza pan as well as the pizza stone in a 425 degree oven. I slide the pizza in while it is still on parchment. The pizza on the stone cooks faster than in the pan, but the crust of both come out equally crispy. Aside from speed, the advantage of the stone, is that the size and shape of the pizza don't matter, whereas the pan limits the size. The advantage of the pan, is that once the pizza is cut, I can serve it in the pan which keeps the pizza warm. So it is helpful for serving, and does a good job for cooking, but not as fast as a stone.

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This Pan Made the Best Pizza I Ever Made
by Valued Customer on March 11, 2018
Verified Purchase

I am a huge fan of homemade pizza, and I am a huge fan of cast iron. Before this fabulous pan came along, I had been experimenting with making deep-dish pizza in a cast iron skillet, and it was very very good.Because this pan is wide open, you can preheat it before dropping the dough in, and this is a good thing. I preheated the pan, I dropped the shaped dough into the pan and let it toast in there for a minute or so. Then I added tomato sauce, pepperoni, caramelized sliced mushrooms, little mozzarella balls, and grated parmesan, and cooked it at the hottest temperature my lovely old Wedgewood stove has, until the cheese had melted and the pizza was a mass of bubbling temptation.Divine. Possibly the best pizza I ever made and I've made some pretty outstanding pizzas.

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Still looking for best recipe but works very well
by Valued Customer on February 28, 2018
Verified Purchase

I'm still in the trial and error portion of my learning curve. I initially figured this was just something to cook frozen pizza on, instead of a tray or something. It wasn't until I started looking around on the internet and saw that people actually bake pizzas from scratch in these, and that got my attention.I've done pizza from scratch for probably 40 years. Yeah, we do delivery sometimes, and frozen, but I still like to toss a homemade one in sometimes. But I've generally just done my homemade crust in a cookie sheet and put everything on top of it and tossed it in the oven.This gives a whole new dimension, and, unfortunately, more work. But work sometimes pays off, and when i actually get this thing mastered, I think this will pay off as well.Some places mention heating the oven, while using this on the stove top and beginning to cook the crust. I found that the instructions to heat this up in a 500 degree oven for 10 minutes or so, then put the crust in it, put it back in for a few minutes, and then remove to put toppings on and return to finish baking worked best.I'm a huge fan of Pastorelli's pizza sauce, and this works out pretty well for the crust. But my normal crust is a thin crust pizza, and this is more work than needed for that, the cookie sheet actually makes things easier for that recipe. This, however, lets me try to make something more approaching a pan style crust, thicker, bigger edges. My son hates that (even thin crust, he tosses the edges after eating right up to them) but I love a good pan pizza once in a while. And this will ultimately let me try to approximate that at home.So if you want something more at home than the ""take and bake"" or frozen type things, and have a bit of a sense of adventure (or just love to cook) then this may be something you'll want to invest in. I have to say, I'm still trying to ""get it right"" but even my mistakes taste better than the frozen things we'd normally do at home if we want a pizza on the weekend

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Couldn't be better
by Valued Customer on March 12, 2018
Verified Purchase

A little on the smaller side for a pizza but - if that doesn't bother you - it's great! Heavy and pre-seasoned. The handles are a nice touch as well. It's decently heavy so you'll need a pretty hardcore pizza peel if you go that route.

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