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All In One Travel Carrying Case For NEW 3DS Or NEW 3DS XL - Black And Red - 12 Game Holders - Charger Pouch
We're On The Case! - Presenting The Next Generation Of Evolved Travel Gear - You Asked, And We Listened; This Bigger Case Will Hold Your Wall Charger Even More Games Along With Your Console! - Rigid exterior and all-around, built in, supersoft interior pouches will gently, s
TECHNOSKINTravel Carrying Case For NEW 3DS Or NEW 3DS XL - B
Travel Carrying Case For NEW 3DS Or NEW 3DS XL - B
Travel Carrying Case For NEW 3DS Or NEW 3DS XL -2
Travel Carrying Case For NEW 3DS Or NEW 3DS XL -3
Travel Carrying Case For NEW 3DS Or NEW 3DS XL -4
Travel Carrying Case For NEW 3DS Or NEW 3DS XL - BTravel Carrying Case For NEW 3DS Or NEW 3DS XL -2Travel Carrying Case For NEW 3DS Or NEW 3DS XL -3Travel Carrying Case For NEW 3DS Or NEW 3DS XL -4
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All In One Travel Carrying Case For NEW 3DS Or NEW 3DS XL - Black And Red - 12 Game Holders - Charger Pouch

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Video Game

We're On The Case! - Presenting The Next Generation Of Evolved Travel Gear

- You Asked, And We Listened; This Bigger Case Will Hold Your Wall Charger Even More Games Along With Your Console!
- Rigid exterior and all-around, built in, supersoft interior pouches will gently, securely, and stylishly swaddle your system and accessories in safety

Main Features
- Stores up to 12 DS/3DS game cartridges
- Enough room on the inside to comfortably stow away any generation DS console, wall charger, up to 12 game cartridges, and extra styli all at the same time without crushing or constricting each other
- Adjustable and fully detachable shoulder strap allowing fashion-forward versatility; wear it as a clutch, wristlet, shoulder, or crossbody bag
- Beefier design made for that extended weekend vacation or convention getaway when you want all your accessories at hand
- Roomy build gives your 3DS accessories a nice place to bunk together while they're resting at home

Additional Included Features
- Advanced hybridized construction: we gave this case a hard, rigid plastic skeleton and wrapped the outside with durable synthetic nylon material to increase protection performance while keeping weight to a minimum
- Have peace of mind that this 3DS case is backed by lifetime, hassle-free, replacement

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  • HUGE STORAGE: Stores your 3DS system, a 3DS charger, a whopping 12 DS/3DS game cartridges, and 2 styli
  • TOUGH EXTERIOR: Surrounded by a lightweight, sturdy, nylon material with hard plastic core that easily shields your console from daily wear
  • LUXURIOUS FEEL: Soft, scratch free, micro fiber pouches sewn directly inside the case safely hold everything you will need on your journey
  • EASY CARRY: Adjustable, fully detachable shoulder strap to wear it as a clutch, wristlet, shoulder, or crossbody bag
  • VERSATILE OPTIONS: Comfortably carry any one of the following DS systems - NEW 3DS, NEW 3DS XL, 3DS, 3DS XL, DSi, DSiXL, DS Lite, or DS
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Top Reviews
Nearly perfect.
by Valued Customer on June 26, 2017
Verified Purchase

So this case is darn near perfect. My New 3DS XL fits perfectly.The good:Stylus storage is out of the way (doesn't impact any other usable space), but convenient.Charger storage is a big big plus (and can easily double as storage for plenty of other things instead of the charger. I use it for my extended battery. But you could fit other games and plenty of other things in there too).It fits TWELVE games. This was a huge plus for me. Most cases only fit 8 games and I wanted room for more plus room to grow. This is perfect for that.It also has a shoulder strap. There were others that met some of my desires, but none that I could find had a shoulder strap. I don't want to carry it on a belt loop (too heavy) or in my hand.The bads:I really only have three-ish minor complaints-The case's ""spine"" is not very flexible. I'm sure with time it will wear and be moreso. But for now it does not lay flat when opened. I'm sure if I bend it backwards for a while that'll be fixed. But still, it is odd for a case that I'd want to open all the way to look through my games to not be able to open all the way easily.The zipper's ""closed"" side hangs out loosely. You can tuck it in. But it seems weird to me. Maybe it has something to do with my next complaint. (See pictures)The ""About the product"" says under ""Easy Carry"" that it can be worn as a clutch or wristlet I'm not sure how you'd manage that. The shoulder strap that comes with it is fairly long (see picture) even at the shortest possible length. But maybe that weird zipper strap has to do with turning the shoulder strap into a much smaller loop.In the end. I love this case. It really is as close to perfect as I could find. The others I would give 2 or less stars (seriously, who wants a case that can hold 4 games? Or that has no way to carry it besides in your hand?). Not a reason for docking the star, but: some more colors would be nice. I'm gonna see if I can put some patches or pins on it or something to customize it a bit more.I rely heavily on honest helpful reviews when I shop and I want to help others make an informed decision as well. If you think my review is helpful, please comment or click �yes below.

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by Valued Customer on January 09, 2016
Verified Purchase

I love this case. I have a DSi so smaller than 3DS XL but still a good fit for the case. You can fit two extra styluses and 12 games PLUS the charger. I was having trouble gauging the size before I bought it so I uploaded pics that show the size. Worth the price. I agree with other reviewers that more color options would be nice.

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Well Made
by Valued Customer on March 11, 2016
Verified Purchase

Ordered this on January 1 for the newest 3DS XL in the house and have been using it ever since it arrived.I'm very impressed with the quality and thoughtfulness of the design.HERE'S WHAT YOU GET- THE OUTSIDE - the outside is attractive. Red and black with one small symbol on the front. Nothing gender specific.- the outside material is thick-ish and feels tough. Certainly I haven't seen any wear after two months of dragging it around and leaving it on the floor.- the zipper is sturdy and allows you to entirely open the case so you have access to everything.- there's a really solid carrying strap. It's woven and sewn. It hooks onto the two rings on the side using metal hooks. The hooks rotate are easy to slip on and off. The strap is adjustable and the boy and I have carried the case with the strap wrapped around our wrists, over a shoulder, cross should, long and short.- THE INSIDE - everything inside is as well sewn as the outside.- you get two pockets, a place for pointer sticks, storage for games.- the inside fabric is soft and is double thick. By which I mean that it's folded double.- the inside fabric is a dog-hair magnet :)- both pockets have sturdy velcro that isn't just going to unstick and drop you gear to the ground.- the back pocket is fits the XL and regular 3DX generation very well. It's attached to the back of the pack.- next to the big pocket, on the left, are the two pointer holders. They hold the thinner XL stick and the fatter previous gen one too.- on the other side of the case (front side) is the smaller pocket and the game holders.- it's suggested that you can carry your charger in the smaller pocket but you can put one of the micro-game holders in there, or something else, if you want.- the games are held in place with a stretchy netting that's sewn onto a sturdy cloth surface (like all of the soft black internal material. There's not much stretch to the net so it can be a small struggle to get the games out - but better that than having the games just fall out. This just won't happen.- there is room for 12 games which is probably enough space for most people. I like the use of the black netting because it allows you to see what the games are.Highly recommend. Not cheap but what you get is also not cheap. This is a well made case and I'm happy I made the purchase. The way it's constructed gives the 3DS protection if it's dropped. I really like that it's designed so that nothing is going to fall out if I or other family members are a bit careless -assuming they close the velcro.

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A Case With a Purpose
by Valued Customer on June 29, 2015
Verified Purchase

This is my second case from Technoskin. The first was their other streamlined offering. I would consider this case a more deluxe offering.The outside of this case resembles those nicely padded CD cases, black with some red accents and a strong zipper.The inside is lined with a soft fabric. It has a soft padded pocket, sized for a 3DS AC adapter, slots for twelve DS/3DS games, loops for two styli, and a soft padded pocket that can accommodate a 3DS, 3DS XL, or New 3DS.If you are going on an extended trip this is a great case. With ample game space, room for an AC adapter, and a long shoulder strap, you can comfortably carry everything you need for extended play and not be worried about that flashing red light during an epic monster hunter battle. In fact, I no longer need to leave an extra AC adapter at work.

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Great case - plenty of room for games and console w/hard shell cover on it
by Valued Customer on February 26, 2018
Verified Purchase

She's only been using it a few days, but my daughter loves this carrying case. Her 3DS XL fits great in it, even with�RICHEN Plastic Hard Shell Case for Nintendo New 3DS XL LL (Genius)�on it. She only has a few games so far, but she loves that she can keep them together with her DS and charger. The quality seems to be good and I'm really happy I found this because it's exactly what she needed. It sure beats carrying everything around in a Christmas gift bag, which is what she had been doing. ;)

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The Perfect Case
by Valued Customer on January 03, 2018
Verified Purchase

I absolutely love this case for my daughter's Nintendo 3DS XL game. Nice quality and perfect size! I only wish there were more color options. The inside pockets for the charger and device are perfectly sized and placed and their are plenty of slots for game cartridges. I especially love the long strap because it can be worn cross-body style which makes it easy for her to keep with everything when we are traveling. FAST delivery from Technoskin. I would definitely purchase from this company again!

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Everything fits perfectly!
by Valued Customer on December 11, 2017
Verified Purchase

Love this case, not as bulky as I initially thought it would be. It's durable and well made, well worth the price! Everything fits perfectly and it's doesn't seem overstuffed once everything is in its place. Came in a nice box and didn't have any funny smells once opened. Hoping it will keep my son organized with his 3ds xl. I'm going to buy another for my daughter, this is perfect!

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Overall, very satisfied
by Valued Customer on January 15, 2016
Verified Purchase

When I had my Gameboy SP it was a pain carrying everything but this product does as intended. It is refreshing to see a case that can handle everything. To the people who complain that it is too large, don't buy the product! I would say it is about the size of a small purse/handbag and it is actually smaller than the bag I had for my Gameboy SP so I am very happy. The material on the inside is very soft and it does fit my New 3DS XL with the HORI clear protective case.I wish the strap was smaller or that there was a handle on the side but that is just my personal preference. It would be extremely easy to replace it with one of my own since there are rings attached. It would be great if it was offered in different colors too.It can be a little tricky fitting in the charger. I was able to get it in the pouch with the cord wrapped around the adapter but it does making zipping it up a tad bit difficult. My recommendation would be to wrap the cord around the adapter and then when it is in the pouch push it off to the side so it doesn't bulge and it will not be tangled.The only con i didn't like was that the zipper does hang over the outside of the product but you can tuck it into the case so it is not as obvious. I will probably just sow to the interior of the case when I have time.

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Sturdy, well-done case!
by Valued Customer on December 31, 2017
Verified Purchase

Fantastic case that works perfectly with my New Nintendo 3DS XL! It holds the system, charger, and games very nicely (so happy to ACTUALLY be able to have a case that can hold the charger as well) and the strap is really nice and long to use cross-body. The material is of nice quality and the zipper is sturdy and good. Really happy to have brought this and really happy to have had it shipped to me so quick! The case definitely lives up to it's description!

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Would recommend! High quality and came fast!
by Valued Customer on October 14, 2017
Verified Purchase

Durable, well made, dependable, fashionable and came fast!Pros: The style is convenient and the games are held securely in a fabric folio.The flap on the right can hold a 3DS XL and the flap on the right can hold a charger or a set of headphones.Pockets for storageStrap for carrying like a messenger bag or a purseCons: None so farOverall: This is the best bag I have ever had for a Nintendo handheld system ever and it doesn't take up too much space.

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Great case for a great price.
by Valued Customer on April 10, 2016
Verified Purchase

It fits everything I need without any hardships. It is able to hold 1x AC Adapter, 12x DS/3DS game cartridges, 2x Stylus Pens, and 1x Any 3DS model (including New 3DS XL). The trick to getting the AC Adapter inside the pocket, is to wrap the cord around 3 or 4 fingers. The mesh sleeves make sure to hold the game cartridges in place and they feel very secured. I was primarily looking for a carrying case that would have the space for the AC Adapter, and I am very pleased with this choice.

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Fantastic case, by far my favorite.
by Valued Customer on December 12, 2016
Verified Purchase

I'm very particular on what I want, and won't settle for something that'll get me by. I looked at A LOT of cases and am thoroughly pleased with this case. It's almost perfect. I bought a ""New"" Galaxy 3DS XL. I wanted nothing to do with almost every other case out there that uses elastic bands to secure the console as I think after a while they would leave marks. So not only do I get a nice, secure pouch for my console. But I have a spot for my charger as well. Lastly, I love the game storage. It's very convenient without taking up much space and let's my organize them at the same time. It has 12 spots for cartridges and while I can't quite fill it up, my game collection is slowly but surely growing. As long as I own my 3DS, I'll own this case to go along with it.

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