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USB 2.0 Extension Cable - A-Male To A-Female - 9.8 Feet (3 Meters)
An Amazon Brand. ...
AMAZONBASICS4.87878733USB 2.0 Extension Cable - A-Male To A-Female - 9.8


USB 2.0 Extension Cable - A-Male To A-Female - 9.8 Feet (3 Meters)

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9.8 Feet

An Amazon Brand.

  • One 9.8-foot-long (3 meters) USB 2.0 A-Male to A-Female high-speed extension cable
  • Extends your USB connection to your computer by 9.8 feet; for use with printers, cameras, mice, keyboards and other USB computer peripherals
  • Constructed with corrosion-resistant, gold-plated connectors for optimal signal clarity and shielding to minimize interference
  • Features shielding that provides protection against noise from electromagnetic and radio-frequency signals, keeping your signal clear with less loss of bandwidth for higher performance
  • Typically, the Male A connector plugs into your computer and the Female A connects to the cable you need extended. Check your device manuals to make sure this is the connector you need
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Top Reviews
Inexpensive; yes, but definitely not ""cheap"".
by Valued Customer on March 16, 2017
Verified Purchase

I originally purchased this to use with a keyboard that had a very short cable. I ended up just using a different keyboard before this arrived, and I liked the keyboard so much that I'm just going to keep using this. I do, however, play my Xbox on my computer so I don't disturb others here in the house. The wireless adapter for the computer is being used by someone else, so this extension was just what I needed to stay connected to my computer without having to be so close to it. My tower is on the floor a bit of a distance from where I sit, but that's not an issue with this extension.I have purchased many cables before, and they would always fall apart after a few months. A few years ago, I began purchasing these AmazonBasics cables wondering if they would be any better. So far, every single cable by them I've purchased still looks and performs like brand new. Even the HDMI cables, which usually break off at the end with other brands; they are still solid. Now that I have this USB extension, I'm going to buy a few more to sort of custom install in some of my custom furniture (usb ports in the coffee table to charge and connect to the tv without always having to move the tv, etc) throughout my house. This and all of the AmazonBasics cables are simple, inexpensive, but not ""cheap"". Keep up the good work!

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High quality extender!
by Valued Customer on March 05, 2018
Verified Purchase

Great extender allowing you to attach shorter USB cables to devices that may not be in immediate reach or require you to otherwise crawl around every time you want to attach/detach the cable. I use these at both my work and home offices where I can keep the extender hooked up to docking stations or desktop computers but not clutter up my immediate workspace. I can then just hook chargers and other items to extender without having to shift anything around. Although this cable does not support USB 3.0 speeds for charging nor data transfer, it works perfectly for any of your USB 2.0 needs!

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Makes using a flash drive w/ a TV so much easier
by Valued Customer on July 09, 2017
Verified Purchase

I use a flash drive to play a lot of movies and shows on my TV and got so tired of having to reach behind the TV to plug in and remove the flash drive. So when I saw the extension cable I knew I needed one. I'm so glad I got this. It makes it a hell of a lot easier than having to carefully reach behind the TV. I just plugged this in and ran it behind my entertainment center and through to where my cable box sits. I've been very happy with AmazonBasics items and this is no different. I ended up getting a second one for another TV.

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by Valued Customer on July 11, 2017
Verified Purchase

These extensions cords are perfectly amazing. Great for lazy activities like: laying in bed and not having to be on the edge of the bed to charge your phoneIt's nice to actually lay in a normal and comfortable position and be on my phone before bed. (Even if that's a no-no).Before this cord I had to sit on the floor in front of my big screen TV (don't get too close to the screen!) in order to play my Playstation with my charging controller. Now, this extension cord allows me to comfortably remain a couch potato while I relax and play my games. I know how utterly pathetic this sounds but it's true! We all need time to relax, right?I highly recommend this amazing product! Seriously!

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Great USB Extensions for a Variety of Used
by Valued Customer on December 04, 2016
Verified Purchase

I have purchased a variety of AmazonBasics cables from micro USB, to high speed HDMI, to USB 3.0 and they are all great and have held up to time and a lot of use.I use these cables for a few different things. Sometimes I'll extend USB ports from my computers to desk, I have some extending my phone and tablet charging cables, and I have one extending the USB port on the back of my television. It has worked great and as expected for all these uses.The cables feel durable and haven't failed me yet. I also haven't had issues plugging them into anything or plugging things into them whereas another USB extender I had actually got my charging cable stuck inside and broke it when I tried to remove it. They work great and for the price they are easy to recommend.

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This cord is one of my favorite things in my bedroom
by Valued Customer on December 01, 2017
Verified Purchase

This cord is one of my favorite things in my bedroom. I have an alarm clock in my bedroom with a USB plug, but with just the regular length charger, I am hardly able to use my phone in bed. And if I am using the phone and forget it is charging and roll over in bed, the alarm clock comes flying off my night stand and causes a huge problem. With this extension cord, I am able to 'anchor' the extension cord to the drawer of my night stand, and then there is still plenty of length to reach my bed. And with the extension cord, if I do forget and foll over, it is anchored to my drawer so the charger just disconnects from the extension cord and NOT from my alarm clock. It has been a lifesaver! I use it every single night and i haven't had a single issue with it. Would highly recommend!

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Works Great!
by Valued Customer on August 27, 2016
Verified Purchase

I use this extension cable to connect my laptop to our printer. For some reason the printer is finicky when it comes to an extension cable, the first ones I bought from a different manufacturer would not work. It was very inconvenient to print but then a week or so ago I thought I'd give it another try and ordered this cable and I was glad I did. I was pleased to find that my laptop recognized my printer and vice versa as soon as I plugged it in using this extension cable. I am particularly impressed with the female socket on this cable, it is much larger and better protected than the previous cables I have purchased. I am so happy with this cable I can give it no less than a full five star rating.

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No more wories with my flash drives!
by Valued Customer on July 27, 2016
Verified Purchase

I have a desktop Dell pc which I use most of the time - to play games and other things. I also have a Macbook and an iPad mini but I don't use those a lot, especially the Macbook. I am not really that computer-savvy but I can function ok.On my desktop pc, I have been using the 2 front usb ports mostly and I keep getting these messages that my usb stick will work faster if I plugged it on a faster port. I did not even know I have one of those so I had to look up my manual and found that I have 2 extra usb ports in the back of the tower. Plus a lot of things I don't know I can always find answers in Google or YouTube tutorials!I checked here at Amazon and see if there are extension cables I can use because I m not going to go through the trouble of turning the tower around and reaching at the back of it to plug my flash drives every time I needed to - which is almost all the time.Well, these 3-foot extension cables are just perfect! 3 feet is enough to reach from the back and around to the front where I can plug my flash drives in and the price is not too shabby either.Problems solve and no more messages!

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Easy to use USB extension cable
by Valued Customer on May 29, 2016
Verified Purchase

This USB extension cable is well built, sturdy enough to be looped and moved around constantly, and so forth. The only issue I had with this cable, but I was able to resolve it by adjusting some of my connected peripherals, was connecting the USB male side of the cable. There is a raised/bubble like sticker with the Amazon logo on both ends on the cable, this sticker was limiting my ability to get the cable connected into the backside of my desktop. Other than this minor issue, the overall quality of the cable is great. No longer having to reach underneath your desk to connect a flash drive, camera, smartphone, or any other gizmo or gadgets that connect via USB makes it very convenient. Definitely recommend this to anyone that needs to have an easily accessible USB port at your desk.

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These are the cables you need
by Valued Customer on February 06, 2014
Verified Purchase

I am using several of these 10' extension cables for keyboard, webcam, iPod, Kindle Fire, external hard drive, and headphones and mike and they work exactly as they should. The connectors are solid and reliable and the cables themselves are sturdy, flexible, and well insulated so there's no problem with worrying about damage.DEVICE CHARGE TIMES: I have never noticed any difference in the charge time for iPod or Kindles with these longer Amazon cables so they are serving their purpose well. They deliver full a full charge.CONNECTOR RELIABILITY: I have never had a problem with male/female connections slipping apart with these cables; they fit firmly together and they stay together. For safety's sake, one thing I do with ALL extension cables is to make a simple overhand knot with the two ends before connecting them together. This will guarantee they will not pull apart even if you trip over the cable.Overall, it's an excellent cable. In the past, I've paid twice the price for half the length and I'll never do that again. I'll always buy these Amazon Basics.

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this is pretty good. I plugged it in the back of
by Valued Customer on December 03, 2016
Verified Purchase

this is pretty good. I plugged it in the back of the setthen used the other half for my camera, my external drives to view pics on the tv. My tv doesn't play my videosbut for picture showing and really anything USB with the TV this is great..much better than constantly going behind the TV and hitting my hand against the wall to try and plug the things into the usbGreat product. I bought it for the tvI'm sure this is great for computer or any usb. I never knew they made something like this..pretty cool

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Will not buy again
by Valued Customer on September 19, 2017
Verified Purchase

I got this for my boyfriend's headset as that cord was too short for his needs. This cord wasn't working on any of his ports at all, then he tried one that his mouse was using and the lights came on, but he couldn't hear or use the microphone. He unplugged and plugged it back into THE SAME PORT and the sound came on but no microphone. He tried a third time again, same port, and then the microphone started to work. After all that we went about 2 hours using his headset until the microphone muted on accident and then would not unmute at all. He tried to unplug and plug back in and then the earlier problems repeated. So basically we can never use the mic button to mute/unmute and never unplug this cord from his computer. Also the packaging was just a manilla envelope and the cord unlike the pictures other reviewers left of them receiving it in a small thin box. I'm not too happy about any of this. I am not requesting a new one as I don't want to deal with any other issues and I am not asking for a refund seeing as how we can tinker to get it to work, but my issue is that we shouldn't have to jump through these millions of hoops for a simple cord that I probably should have just gone to an actual store for.

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