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USB Charge Cable For Nintendo 3DS/DSI/DSIXL
Gen USB Charge Cable for Nintendo ...
GENUSB Charge Cable For Nintendo 3DS/DSI/DSIXL
USB Charge Cable For Nintendo 3DS/DSI/DSIXL
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USB Charge Cable For Nintendo 3DS/DSI/DSIXL

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Nintendo 3DS

Gen USB Charge Cable for Nintendo 3DS/DSI/DSIXL

  • USB Charge Cable for Nintendo 3DS/DSI/DSIXL
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It really seems best used when the 3DS is in standby mode to
by Valued Customer on January 19, 2016
Verified Purchase

There are a lot of reviews talking about how these cables to not work for the Nintendo 3DS. I ordered a pair, and then read those reviews, and began worrying, especially after finding out that this product is somehow not eligible for returns. I cannot find anything that says clearly why, but Amazon (after ordered) denotes it ineligible for return.I find that it did work with my 3DS, under certain circumstances. In my experiences, this will only charge a 3DS to full. Once full, the charging light will begin to blink, and if the system is open/awake, it will not show as connected. It really seems best used when the 3DS is in standby mode to charge. This is fine for me. It is a short cable (3-feet in length) and does not give a long reach to play while plugged in, anyway.I was seeking something to replace the included charger specifically for travel purposes, where I bring a USB brick adapter and prefer to charge items via USB, needing only one base. For that, this will work [for me].

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Should come default with the handheld systems.
by Valued Customer on April 28, 2016
Verified Purchase

Gone are the days of charging a device with a built in power pack. Today, everyone needs USB! I never quite liked the built in power pack charger that comes with the hand held systems. I didn't actually know that a USB charger existed until I did a search on amazon, finding this lovely gem.The cord isn't quite as long as the Nintendo charger, but what better can I say that this works? Now I can charge my system virtually anywhere; computers, laptops, car usb spots without an adapter, and yes, even in the grounded power as long as I have my usb to power adapter - which in this day and age most people have at least a dozen laying around the house.A good buy. It works.

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Leave that bulky Nintendo Wall Charger at home, and use THIS
by Valued Customer on October 25, 2015
Verified Purchase

Convenient as can be. I have a 6-port USB charger that I plug all my devices in such as, PS Vita, Fitbit One, iPhone 6+, Samsung Tablet, Bluetooth Speaker, you name it! The convenience of having a USB cord for devices that previously had a large wall adapter is great. Now I can leave that bulky, gray Nintendo charger at home and use this cable exclusively, saving space while traveling!The cord is good quality. It doesn't feel cheap and is about 3 feet in length. Despite what other reviews say, the cord fits snugly, and it doesn't stop charging if you wiggle it left to right. The 3DS XL charges while powered on, in games, sleep, etc.I recommend this product.

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Works Great; But One Wore Out
by Valued Customer on June 10, 2014
Verified Purchase

I have bought three of these cables and used them for about a year. They work great especially considering the 3DS technically uses 5.2V versus USB 5V. I had some issues with similar cables for the DS but these always work with all of my USB devices.These are fantastic for travel where a PC or tablet device or other USB charger will be handy and carrying the Nintendo adapter would just waste space. Also, the Nintendo adapter bundled with US devices doesn't work with 220VAC.The only issue I had was early this year when the USB end of the cable broke out due to stress during a business trip. Looking at it more closely the strain relief on that part of the cable only really mitigates side to side motion and not pulling directly on the cable. It might be possible to improve it but all and all it is a design flaw worth noting.

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It does charge my 3ds
by Valued Customer on December 26, 2016
Verified Purchase

But, I'm not entirely sure about this product.After using this, my OEM charger stopped working. I don't know if this caused it or not but this still charged my 3ds. Now, it's possible that I used the wrong transformer, or it's possible that my OEM charger (refurb) was bad. But this product DID do what it said it would, and this isn't just a cable that you have lying around cough thanks nintendo cough So if you're going to buy it just be careful that you get the voltage and amps right, just in case.

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by Valued Customer on June 15, 2016
Verified Purchase

Absolutely a must have for traveling. This is much easier to pack and carry than a 3ds charger, plus it plugs right into a multiport usb charger. Works perfectly and takes up much less space. I use this at home and traveling. I use desktop usb chargers with multiple ports both at home and work so being able to charge my 3ds from usb is so much easier. When I travel I don't take any wall warts, just my usb charger and the cables for my phone, tablets, 3ds,etc. Much less space is required.

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Mine has worked perfectly!
by Valued Customer on December 04, 2015
Verified Purchase

I've had this cord for around a year now and I have come back to by another one. It is a great value and is holding up great. I've charged my 2DS, 3DS XL, and New 3DS XL using this cord and from power supplies such as wall chargers, car chargers, USB hubs, and portable power packs. All of those sources have worked without issue. Also a cord like this is much less bulkier than even the stock Nintendo chargers that are themselves pretty small.Please note that when I purchased this cord, it was sold by ""TekBotic"" and they do not seem to offer it anymore. I assume that like many generic items, the quality will depend on the seller that you purchase it from. Time will tell if the next one I buy will live up to the quality of the first.

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Does exactly what it's supposed to do
by Valued Customer on January 31, 2014
Verified Purchase

I got this since I already have a portable USB battery charger. This is significantly smaller than the original power brick, making this ultra-portable. I am a college student and I carry my laptop with me most of the time, so it's nice to just plug it into a free USB port if I need to. This is wonderful to have.Please note that this cable is not a data transfer cable. This is a power cable. Plug it into a laptop, computer, or tablet, and it will just charge the device. It will not even be recognized by the operating system. If you want to transfer data, just get an SD card adapter (most laptops these days have one built in).Long story short, if you don't like the large wall charger that comes with the 3DS, you can't a get much smaller or lightweight charging option than this. Get yourself a nice USB portable battery and USB cables for all your portable devices, and you'll only have to carry a single power brick. Your back will thank you.

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Blinking charging light could mean a faulty cable!
by Valued Customer on January 26, 2015
Verified Purchase

I too was having issues with getting the cable to charge my 3DS XL. Even when plugged into a quality 2 amp charger, the 3DS would only charge when sleeping or turned off (charging light would blink on and off if the 3DS was on and charging at the same time). I found it strange that there were many reviews that never mentioned this issue, and thought that maybe some of us were getting faulty cables. So, after sending back my original cable for a refund, I went ahead and ordered another cable to test my theory. Sure enough, my second cable works exactly as advertised and charges my 3DS XL when it's on, sleeping, or off! It even works with my Anker Astro E3 external battery as well!Basically for some reason the product has pretty bad quality control (hence my deduction of one star), and if the cable you receive is giving you these charging issues, you most likely received a bad cable. So if this happens to you, don't throw it away! Contact Amazon in order to get a replacement; there is a high chance the next one you get will work perfectly.

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Really like having a N3DS usb charger
by Valued Customer on March 24, 2015
Verified Purchase

Really like having a N3DS usb charger. Got this for my ""new"" 3DS since it didn't come with its own chargerand I didn't sell my original 3DS. No issues, plugs into an USB adapter/outlet or directly to the PC. Charges flawlessly.Also, haven't had any issues letting it charge while playing either.except if you plug it into a cradle charger(for the original 3ds) and try to game with the cradle on. But that's a bit uncomfortable and not sure if any would want to let it sit in the cradle AND play it. I tried doing this by accident somewhat. Left my original 3ds in the cardle and opened the screen. The red light started to slowly blink. Once you take plug the charger directly to the handheld instead of the cradle, the blinking stops. Thought I'd mention this. Not an issue for me personally.UPDATE: It's been about a year since I've bought it, and I've noticed the protective black plastic around the wires are coming apart at the top and bottom of the charger. Not the worse that could happen as it still works, but knocking a star off due to this issue as I'm worried it may not last another year or so. Also, I don't twirl the wire like some like to do with their electronics, so not exactly sure how it could be coming apart except from normal use(plug the plug in and out).

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Best option for charging 3DS
by Valued Customer on December 19, 2016
Verified Purchase

I recently bought my first Nintendo product, the 3DS, and had no idea that it didn't come with a way to charge the unit. Instead of forking over money to Nintendo for a wall plug that should have came with the system, I bought this. It charges the 3DS with no issues. You get the added benefit of being able to use the cable with an external battery for gaming on the go.

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Works perfect with New 3DS XL, use PC/Mac USB port and not plugin charger!
by Valued Customer on April 17, 2015
Verified Purchase

I bought this for my New 3DS XL as I will be traveling internationally and discovered at the last minute that the Nintendo plugin charger is only rated for 110v. I know there are mixed reviews on the compatibility with this cable and the New 3DS XL but I think a lot of that is due to what the cable is being plugged in to. I would recommend leveraging this cable with a USB 2.0 or 3.0 port on a PC or Mac, this will work. All plugin chargers are a little different and there is no guaranty. It works great for me!

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