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XF400 Professional Camcorder With Battery Pack BP-828 And 256 GB Memory Card
Canon XF400 Professional Camcorder With Battery Pack BP-828 And 256 GB Memory ...
CANON3.6666666XF400 Professional Camcorder With Battery Pack BP-
XF400 Professional Camcorder With Battery Pack BP-


XF400 Professional Camcorder With Battery Pack BP-828 And 256 GB Memory Card

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***FREE CANON Battery & Memory Card
Canon XF400 Professional Camcorder With Battery Pack BP-828 And 256 GB Memory Card
  • 8.29 Megapixel 1.0-inch 4K UHD CMOS Image Sensor
  • 15 x Optical Zoom Lens
  • 5-axis Optical Image Stabilizer
  • XA25, XA20, XA10
  • Ideal for DSLR and interchangeable-lens cameras and high performance camcorders
  • Up to 60MB/s write speeds for faster shot-to-shot performance and up to 90 MB/s read speeds for faster transfer
  • High performance SD card with both video speed Class (V30) and UHS speed Class 3 (U3) ratings for capturing 4K UHD and full HD video
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You can get a better camera for less cost
by Valued Customer on July 09, 2018
Verified Purchase

I'm not entirely sure how to feel about this camcorder. I'm a newbie in photography, period. I've been searching for something to record at weddings, I was previously only doing photos but now I have enough help to add video to the mix. Amazon landed this one on me so I figured I'd give it a try.Off the bat the thing I'm most pleased about is how it handles low lighting, because weddings are pretty much nothing but low lighting once you're at the reception. So far I've done two weddings and both turned out lovely in the video.However, like I said I've done some research and I had my eye on camcorders that were less expensive and had more features. Faster focus, better color, better custom options, etc.

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Great Professional Camera
by Valued Customer on April 18, 2018
Verified Purchase

Although I don't film myself, a good friend of mine does it for me and my business. This includes my webinars, podcasts, and video courses. Since he has a lot of experience filming me and others, I let him use this camera to record my material for several weeks. This review includes his feedback.This camera represents a huge upgrade from my previous camcorders. I do a lot of web broadcasting and webinars for my online business as well as having shot a documentary a couple of years ago and I have been using mostly amateur equipment from Canon, namely the Vixia series from a few years ago.Canon is a name I like and trust and am familiar with their camera's operating system. First, this new camera is heavy. I wasn't used to the weight of the camera, but really it is intended to be put on a tripod to film.So if you want a camera that is portable for long term shooting and moving around this is probably not the camera for you. It does come with a handle for shooting which is nice. That handle contains a cold shoe as well as two XLR audio inputs and some internal microphones. There are two channels of audio input as well as a 1/8 in input on the camera itself in case you don't have the handle attached.However, once you mount this camera on a tripod you can really see the features come to life. The Canon OS is pretty much the same as the Vixia's so it was easy to navigate the various aspects of the camera from SD card formatting, media viewing, microphone adjustments etc etc.It comes with two SD slots (you need to have High Speed and High Capacity cards to enjoy the 4K shooting). The video has automatic mode and manual mode. The manual mode has a ton of settings on it from shutter speed to F-Stops. You can easily change the �gain or exposure in manual mode, too.Although manual is great for true experts, I will say the auto mode does a pretty good job of balancing in whatever light conditions you find yourself in. The camera has assignable buttons too. You can take photos at the touch of the LED screen (which is sizable) which are stored in the SD card and can be taken while filming (that is pretty standard on a Canon Camera).The picture is clean and crisp (so much better than my 5 year old Vixias, which you might expect). The lens seems really sharp and the focus ring on the camera is really nice, since I didn't have one on the amateur grade cameras. I am happy with the camera. It works well in the studio since I don't have to use it off of a tripod very much. The handle would make for some interesting moving shots though if you needed it for that.I am excited about this �professional grade camera. Canon has treated me well in the past and I am looking forward to some more professional looking webinars in the future. When I am ready to shoot my upcoming video series and even a documentary, this is the camera I am going to use!

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Not bad
by Valued Customer on March 09, 2018
Verified Purchase

Came with battery charged at about a quarterConnect either net or wifiThe zoom in and out on the side moves faster then top of the handle. The one on the handle goes slower for a more dramatic effect.The handle does come off.It doesn't use a typical full size HDMI cord. Should use type C and not A which is typical for most television sets.Network-To access the camera via its own network it uses wpa2 encryption and creates it's own network. I would strongly suggest of changing the default pw from 12345678.

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It's an AX40 not a XF400. If you can get past the XF pricing and understand that you'll love it.
by Valued Customer on January 09, 2018
Verified Purchase

Ugh where do i start :( I'll update this but as of now i'm on the fence to return it or not. It says XF400 but its nothing of the sort. It's an XA40 period. There is not a Canon exec. in the world that look someone in the eye and say otherwise. The design, look, feel, menu system and features are all of a XA40. I own a few XF205's and XF305 and two XA30's. The lack of outside buttons and the basic watered down menu items and feature selections in manual scream XA30. In fact it doesn't even have an XF codec nor is the horrible f2.8 constant. It's a variable. BUT with the rumors of the firmware changing some of that and the fact it does a great job in low light with the larger sensor and gives me at least a 10bit 4:2:2 external recording of 1080p although i wish it at least gave me an internal recording of 8bit 422 like the xf's it will do just fine. It's small doesn't have a 3-ring rocker and screams consumer does perform very very well. I just think it should be at the XA price tag and not the XF. Hopefully, the firmware will change all of this :|

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Beautiful Video - Problem Software
by Valued Customer on December 20, 2017
Verified Purchase

Here is my quick list of issues with the XF400. I have owned the XF300 for 5 years and what I really wanted to buy was an updated 4K version of the XF300, but maybe Canon sees that form factor as a dinosaur and is going 100% DSLR-sized video. In any case, all of my listed problems with the XF400 are not issues with the XF300, so I'm calling them out.1) White balance can not be changed while recording. That's just stupid. Not only can I do that with the XF300, I can do it with the Sony AX53, and the Panasonic WXF991K will even do it through the iPhone app.2) No robust Look control like the XF300 has. You can choose between 3 different Look configurations, period. The XF300 had infinite possibilities that you could create and save to the SD card. The XF400 has 3, and one of those is the all but worthless grayscale/B And W.3) Even on �fast' the manual focus ring is really slow.4) Too few functions that can be assigned to the custom buttons. Why do I have to choose from only a dozen functions for my custom buttons? Most of that dozen are not what I need.5) The custom dial And button only work in one chosen shooting mode. Why not allow it to be assigned one function for EACH recording mode? As it is, if you change to a different recording mode it no longer does anything.6) The LCD has no way to adjust its color balance. Mine is over saturated and does not accurately reflect the recorded video. The actual recorded video looks much more color correct on my calibrated display than on the XF400's LCD.7) Using a lanc controller makes it impossible to change between MF and AF while recording UNLESS you have a lanc controller with an AF/MF switch. Again, not a problem with the XF300 and the exact same lanc controllers.8) HDMI out would only output menu graphics NO VIDEO.So, #8 was the deal buster. I'm replacing the camera through Amazon, and I'll see how many of the above items are still present in the new camera. I have my fingers crossed that many were manufacturers defects, but the software limitations obviously aren't.Hopefully, a positive update is forthcoming.UPDATE #1 (16 Jan 2018):The replacement camera sent by Amazon fixed issue #8. Apparently there was a problem with the codec used in the first batch of XFs.All other listed issues remain, though #6 is less significant since the color looks much better on 2nd camera's LCD.I attended CES and was fortunate to find a Canon product manager that was eager to hear about the issues I was having. I sent him an updated list and now have my fingers crossed.UPDATE #2 (4 Mar 2018):I received a reply back from my contact at Canon and he told me that he personally passed my issues on to the XF product managerFWIW.My 2nd XF400 is working really well. It still has the issues I originally listed (minus 8), but I've found ways to work around most of them so that what I'm left with is the most beautiful picture I've ever seen at anywhere near the price. (I still dream about the day when I can move up to a C200 with servo lenses.) For those who care, I would say the best accessory you can get for using this camera on a tripod is a really good lanc controller. Of course the $2K one Canon made would be sweet, but seriously? The one I recommend is the Manfrotto MVR901EPLA.

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So far, so good. I like this camera.
by Valued Customer on December 14, 2017
Verified Purchase

After reading the comment from the person giving one star because the HDMI did not work upon receipt of the camera, I immediately hooked up a monitor to my brand new XF400 via HDMI. It worked just fine.I have been over and worked with all items in the Menu and the function areas and find the menus well thought out, and easily accessible. I'm used to all three rings on a professional camera, but don't think it will be hard to adjust to the iris and shutter settings in the Function area of the LED> The ""Gain"" had me a bit startled. It's called ""Exposure"" in the manual. I would have appreciated having ISO settings. That's the reason for the four stars instead of five. Why the XLR ports are labeled right to left is beyond me.Number 1 is on the right.The 15x zoom and wide angles are both excellent. I haven't tried the extra zoom capability yet. I will, when I go into the field with the camera for the first time - hopefully tomorrow.This is four days later, and I've put the camera through some of its paces. Noise starts at around 30 db on the Gain control, so avoid that. Look 1 is standard setting, and looks pretty good, if you don't want to color grade. Look 2 is Wide DR, which applies a gamma curve, allowing for a wide dynamic range. Look 3 is B And W, and I don't think I'll ever use it.I don't think it's fair to compare this camera with a Canon C300. The difference in price is huge. That being said, I would have liked more customizable button options, such as turning in and off zebra and peaking. The only option I like is to be able to pick which sound channels for what mics.I'm a little worried about the gate. It opens by activating a spring with a slider. What happens if the spring fails for some reason? I'd rather have a completely mechanical gate, one where you simply slide the door back to access the SD cards.The shape of the camera is a bit awkward. The microphone holder unit sticks up. I have a case that works, but it's not padded, and I'm looking for another, more protective one. Probably, I'll have to take the handle unit off and store in next to the camera body in a wide, padded bag.I very much like the focusing capabilities, where I can choose where to focus. It's very similar to my Canon 70D. I find the focus is fast when I opt for that setting in the menu. Still more work to go. I'll keep you posted.

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